Monday, April 13, 2009

Feelin' pretty darned proud of myself. . .

A few posts ago, April from Deltakids had commented to me with 
"You must be the most organized person I know!" While I was flattered, 
I responded with "hardly!" and then proceeded to tell her about my walk-in pantry. 
Now, being I have gone into many a house and office, and professionally 
de-cluttered people, this is a big deal to me to admit I actually have a room 
in my house that looks like this. 
(Have I mentioned Clutter Busters yet? It was about 8 years ago, waaaaayyyyy 
before all the HGTV shows, and my friend Kim and I had a BLAST! 
but that's a whole other post . . . )

Yup! Hidden within the bowels of my laundry room . . . 

(It's bigger than it looks)

Right on in through that door directly across from the sink . . .
there lurks my dirty little secret!

My walk-in pantry. 
Well, I've made it my walk-in pantry because for some reason 
I need more room than just the ones I have in my kitchen.

You see this mess right as you turn the corner. Except there used to be more! 
I didn't take pictures at the very beginning, before I decided to post my messy pantry.  
So I missed a step. What the picture doesn't show was I had the wine rack 
pictured below right there against the blank wall on the right. 
Yup! You had to turn sideways to walk in. It was a DISASTER! 

And it was loaded with these and MORE! 
We had boxes and carriers of wines we have purchased from all of over California.

Food and who knows what else was on the shelves on the left . . .

this was straight ahead . . . look I'm even showing you the floor!

and this was after you turned right and is back under the stairs. (I didn't even know it went back this far when we bought the house. I made the mistake of opening the door to see what was in there and all her JUNK and I mean JUNK fell out.  Literally! I just closed it back up again and prayed it would be gone by the time escrow closed.) 
While the pictures don't look nearly as awful as it was - 
they do pretty much show it all.

Now why I needed all this stuff . . . who knows. It is all my china, my crystal, 
my electrical appliances, decorative stuff, serving stuff, paper goods, food . . .  
but I thought I needed it all.

Well! LOOK OUT GOODWILL!!!!!  I tossed and I boxed and I cleaned 
and I organized, for HOURS and hours . . . 
and now . . . if I do say so myself - it looks pretty darn good.
 Course me living here and having to face it every time I went in there 
makes it just that much more enjoyable now that it is finally done.

And here it is. Can you tell I like the color apple green? 
Found those containers at target! Isn't it pretty!!??!!!
Go ahead, go on around the corner . . . 

Now I know what you are thinking. 
"Why didn't she put those jars back in the box 
that is all the way at the bottom of the stack of boxes of good crystal?!!" 
Well, I was pretty much done by the time I got back to that corner. 
But that is an easy fix that I left for the next time 
I have to get my good crystal out. 
And yes, I am one of "those" people who keep my china and crystal 
packed away like this because I live in earthquake country. And when you've lost 
beloved things in one earthquake, you learn to pack up 
and preserve the rest before the next one hits. 
But I must admit, if I had a hutch on the top of my dining room buffet 
I might be tempted to put some out again. 
I do have quite a few things on display in the built-ins in the dining room. 
but . . . not my good crystal and fine china.

SO! That's my dirty little secret - all aired out and pretty again. Yay!
Thank you April! Without your little nudge . . . :)

Hope everyone has a great day!!




Ginger said...

April needs to come over to my blog and nudge me cause my pantry is a mess. I get it straightened out and I think I have lots of extra room, and then it's cluttered again. I love how yours turned out. Looks pretty nice to me.

Connie said...

This is too funny....I too am supposed to be cleaning up some clutter I can't stand looking at anymore but you got to WORK and I still have my messy computer room. I gotta focus tomorrow and get 'er done!

I emailed Laura to see if we can meet in Dallas in a couple weeks...thanks for reminding me that she was so close.

Love ya, Connie

Shonna @ The Shabby Queen said...

Hi Karen <3
I so enjoyed your blog just now ...It looks wonderful!!too funny come over any time and help me with all my clutter lol..Its way more then I can handle..although my hubby and I did do a little in the garage Sat..Trying to set up my studio area..I will take pics when its done..He would only give much room!!!lol..
~Blessing's Shonna XOXO

Shanda said...

Oh honey, I have one that looks just like that. I am waiting to have a garage sale first before I start to clean because most of it will go. Your's looks so nice and you must feel a great sense of accomplishment to have it done. It does make it more enjoyable to just open the door doesn't it. Mine us a mess and this is a huge reminder. Right after I plany my spring flowers and get my yard in order, I will start.

Hope you cracked open one of those good bottles of wine when you got this all done.

Cynthia said...

You did a great job on that pantry, it looks all fresh and tidy. I know how it feels to get something like that done, you just get a sense of accomplishment. I hope your having a great week in Sunny Ca. Cindy

Shellmo said...

You are making me want to tackle my closets now! Who know what evil lurks there - LOL!!

A Hint of Home said...

You have done a great job organizing the pantry. I recently did mine and have been spring cleaning here. It's so nice to be organized but it's an on going thing, isn't it?
Have agood week.

Jeanneoli said...

I have a very scary pantry myself! We need to gut it and start over. I can't find anything and stuff falls on me...nice.

Shanda said...

Karen, Oh My God, you are so right. That little thing just pooped everywhere last night, lucky everything landed on the floor. Gotta clean that up. I am thinking now, maybe one of those huge bird cages from Pier One or something. I have a smaller cage, its just not a pretty bird cage. She ate right out of my hand this morning, I'm sure she is someones pet and she is lost. Maybe someone will advertise for her and I can return her. I will stress myself out so bad trying to protect her form the cats, They are real devils and will aet her for sure.

Check your local Craigslist on the computer and look in the classifieds on Thursday night for the sales. I look for citywide and neighborhood sales, I hate driving around all over town going to one at atime. I already have to drive 20 miles just to get into a town. The State capital no less but still it takes alot of gas. I am not going tomorrow, instead I am going to a Amish flower auction. I heard hanging baskets are like $5.00, but yiou have to buy 5 or 6 at a time. For that price, thats ok, I can use them.

Better go clean up all that poop, (she pooped like a big ole chicken) little booger.

Cynthia said...

Hi Karen,
Of all the comments I got your's made me giggle! Guess what? It was sunny and 73 degrees here today! It's been wonderful and more of the same tomorrow and Sat. then we go back to the 50-60's which is normal for April here. Have a great week-end girlfriend! Cindy

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

HOW I love it when someone understands the earthquake thing. I always make sure my grandfather clock is bolted to the wall...I probably should do my piano too...that is next. The living room cabinets...I think they are all strapped too. Yep...I understand...completely! LOL

Gosh...I miss my pantry!!! I still have the beautiful glass door with the etched basket of fruit on it...and the grape vines. When you turn on the light in the looks gorgeous!! Now it is in my garage. I MISS that pantry!!!