Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heritage Treasures

A few weeks ago I went out early Saturday morning  in search of yard-sales. I came up with some of the best things! But the best by far was an old beat-up display box. It was the last yard sale I went to - kinda late in the day - and sitting on the back of the table was this box. It had all kinds of things in it and I looked at the gal and asked "Is the case for sale?" And she looked at it and looked at me and said "Well, I guess so. How much will you give me for it?"

Well. I didn't have a clue. I said "I don't have the faintest idea - what do you think?"

"How about four bucks."


But I did NOT scream that! I very calmly said "OK, I can do that."

I carried my precious old, beaten-up, filthy, dirty glass box to the truck and sat there beaming for a minute or two. I was soooooo happy! I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

Came home and started to work on it. (Why does everything I find have to be so dirty?) Sorry, once again I forgot to take before pictures, but trust me, it was bad! Cleaned it, sanded it, primed it, painted it, sanded it and here it is now. Whoo hoo!!!!

I put precious, precious belongings from my parents and maternal grandparents in it.

One of my first posts back earlier in the year was one about some treasures I'd found in my Mom's things.  A doilie still attached to the ball of thread, half finished. My grandmother never got to finish it. The same with some lace I found, my Mom never finished it.  I haven't figured out what to do with the doilie yet, but Catherine from Catherine's Teacups whom I just ADORE!!!! gave me the wonderful idea that if I ever do finish the doilie, start with a different color, so I'll always know where Grandma stopped and I began. Isn't that a great idea?  Anyhow, this is the doilie. And the lace my Mom was making. A few other things in there are my Mom's watch and her thimble she always used, my Dad's wedding ring, my Mom's little faux pearl bracelet, a Guardian Angel I gave to her to help her through chemo and just some old photos of all of them. That is my Mom as a baby and as a little girl with her folks. A very early picture of my parents back in the early 50's. And a picture of my Grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary.

And a very, very special pair of wings on an airplane propellor, 
but that is a long story for another post.

So just thought I'd share with you. I get to look at this box every day now and once again I ask myself, why do we keep these treasures packed away when we should have them out where we can enjoy them.

So DIG LADIES! See what wonderful, wonderful things you can come up with!





Allidink said...

What a great box. I love that you filled it with sentimental things, I would have too. :)

All the best,

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

That case was a great score! I just love it. I left you a note on my blog, loved your insight on the murals. thanks

Ginger said...

Karen, you find the best things when you are out shopping and searching for things at yard sales. I love the case, and the price is perfect.
That is so nice that you have all those special things to put in it. To be able to display them now is really neat.

Cynthia said...

My dear friend, how would I love to go garage sale hunting with you! That is such a great treasure and the treasure's inside are even better. Hugs to you, Cindy

Shellmo said...

I love what you did with that case and how you filled it with sentimental treasures! Just lovely!

Debilou said...

what a great idea and it looks great,, I would've left without buying and then kicked myself later when I thought of what i could do with it..

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Karen , it was a job with a extreme budget. I am known to take small jobs and I get a lot of them. I don't mind, a lot less stress working with those clients. Thanks for visiting and the sweet note that you left there.

Lori E said...

Thank you for joining in my crazy little world. I am so in love with your display here. You are lucky to have the treasures from family. I do genealogy and have many ancestors documented in my tree but I have nothing that belonged to them but my genes. Mind you they are pretty good genes although a little on the short side.