Thursday, April 23, 2009

Surprise in the mail . . .

I picked up my emails a few days ago, and there was one from Jill, the founder of She told me I had been selected to receive free merchandise because I had shared my scraproom project with them. And sure enough, yesterday I got a box delivered from UPS. 

And here is what was inside!

An assortment of fun things. Chipboard letters and things, rub-ons, paper, decals, 
stickers, embellishments, ten invitations to make! and more.

The invitations are below.

a cute little pencil cup and underneath it, some pretty papers and decals.

OK I admit, I went to the site to try and add up how much it was all worth. And I do believe these are all discontinued product. Like I care? Now I don't know if they did this for everyone - or they do it all the time - and I don't care! All I know is that it sure was fun to receive something for free. Good marketing, because yes, I will tell all of you about it and I will continue to shop from there.  They have an outstanding inventory. And if this is their way of cleaning out their warehouse - I'm all for it!

Just thought I'd share this. I thought it was pretty neat!  



Shonna @ The Shabby Queen said...

Hi Karen <3
Oh what fun you are going to have!! Iam on my way over to the web site!!lol Good for you!! Have a blessed day! XOXO

Shonna @ The Shabby Queen said...

Almost forgot :)...That pencil holder is pretty...I LOVE Ann Griffin <333

Cynthia said...

Hi Karen,
You hit the jackpot there girl! I like to scrapbook although it's been awhile. Thanks for all your nice comments I would have loved to be bidding against you at an auction! Hey, maybe you can share your project on your blog sometime. I know I would love to see it. I heard it was very hot near you, we are in the upper 60's today and near 80 tomorrow, but the big thing is that it's so dry. We need rain bad. You take care girl, and have a lovely week-end. Hugs, Cindy

Ginger said...

Wow you hit the jackpot, and all for free. I love getting things in the mail. That's a great assortment.

April said...

Hey Karen.....I've been missing everbody. Congrats on the fabulous prize!

Please pray for my friend Emily!

Connie said...

What a nice surprise! Can't see what you do with it all. Connie