Thursday, April 16, 2009

tablescapes . . .

I've always been kinda nervous about posting with someone's 
"Daily Dose of . . . something" 
be it Tablescape Thursday, Foodie Friday, Meta Monday. 
I adore looking at them all, 
but just am hesitant about participating. 
So let's call this my version of "Whenever Table Vignette's"

Today I went into my local Goodwill stores 
(yes we have two of located only four cities apart I go to) 
and was once again walking out the doors beaming. 
Check out what I got -

This seems to be a charger. It has burgundy around the edges 
and will make a great serving platter.
And these 6 oversized dinner plates. And how lucky for me that they 
were all yellow-tagged which meant today they were 1/2 price!! 
I got them for 99 cents each!! Yup - the whole lot for $6.93.  

Then at the other store, I walked out with these! 

$ .99 each! Can you believe it? 
I'm kind of on a tarnished metal kick . . . I think it might 
just be a lazy mode of mine.
 I've been pulling out so many things and they are all tarnished 
and in need of polishing and I'm thinking, 
"who me - I don't think so!" 
And I've been discovering things at different places 
and they need polishing too,so forget it! 
I'm definitely into the rustic look!  

I got this at a local thrift store last week for $4. I love, love, love it!

As I pulled my new dishes out of the dishwasher, I thought 
I might as well see how they look with the dishes I intend on 
using them with.  
Well . . . one thing led to another . . . you know how that goes, 
and pretty soon my kitchen, dining room and pantry 
were just a mess. I pulled things out and tried things different ways. 
Then I thought I might as well pull out the camera 
and share my fun afternoon. 

Here we go -

My Mom's dishes. She had two sets of good china - this is one of them. 
My sister and I each got 1/2. I've been adding to mine for 10 years now. 
I had originally bought these chargers to go with them, 
but after what I found today - I like them both! 
I could alternate around the table - 
what do you think?

Probably not the best placemat to pair it with, 
the charger kind of dissappeared, but they were handy.  
This charger is so much smaller, fits in the dishwasher 
and is so much LIGHTER!!! Those big burgundy ones weigh a TON!

My grandmother's every day dishes up on their farm. I only have two plates and two salad plates. They all got divided between all the granddaughters. I have had looking for more, but to no avail. And there is no name! UGH!  I had bought eight of these chargers to go with them years ago. And I use these chargers with my Christmas dishes too. 

This is the cute little salt cellar I placed with it. 
Kind of hard to see the detail but he is a cute little cherub with lots of detail!

These are my dishes that I use during summer. I just love the yellow, blue and white.

A few weeks ago I found this plate. Love it!

Then last week at a little antique shop, I found this teacup and saucer. 
I know, they don't match at all. But . . . 

Along time ago my MIL gave me this cute little breakfast plate, 
bowl and chick. I just love them. 
And when I remembered this white plate . . . 

I paired the blue and white all together and really like it!

My family just left town for the weekend, 
I think I might make myself breakfast in bed and use this.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you! I am going to an estate sale tomorrow that a friend of mine is conducting. But it is TWO HOURS away and I have to leave at 7 am (OK so much for my breakfast in bed!). I'm going all by myself, and driving my husband's big ol' truck, because you just never know what I might find!! (hehehe). 

I'll take pictures!

Have a great evening!



Connie said...

Love that white plate with the blue flowers Looks like you had fun at your house this afternoon. How nice to have the guys away for the weekend. I loved my weekends when Dwight and the boys were away. Connie

~CC Catherine said...

Sweet Karen, you should have linked up with Susan from "Between Naps on the Porch" for Tablescape Thursday with this. It's all so beautiful. If I recognize your stemware correctly, it's LongChamp., is that right? I have the water glasses and love them. All of your dishware is so beautiful! Karen., I wish we lived closer! We are SO much alike! THe teacup and saucer look SUPER together., you made your very own Te`a Mutt! ;) Hugs friend! ~CC Catherine

Cynthia said...

CC is right! This is beautiful and should go on TT with Susan. You have great taste and you also found great bargains! I wish we lived closer too, like a 1500 miles closer. Lol- have fun at the estate sale, I love those. I found some old newspapers recently for 5.00 for the box and just sold them on E-bay for 69.00. Now go have fun hunting for bargains! Cindy

Shanda said...

Good for you. I like when people do their own thing. To be really honest, I am getting so bored with all the same ol same ol and when it's Thursday, you know what some of the blogs are always gping to be about. I have stopped visiting on those days because most of it doesn't interest me and I'm certainly not going to spend the day visiting 75 blogs with all the same thing being posted. It's getting old fast and I and many others have been searching lately for new reading material. I like how you did yours, you have some very pretty pieces and wasn't it fun to play with them. Don't ever be afraid to link up, it can be fun and you will meet so many nice new friends. Your tablescapes is as pretty as I have ever seen.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... first visit here..and I loved every single minute of it! Everything is just ...lovely. It means so much when we use china that has been passed down to us. I have a set of daughter has asked for it. I can't part with it just day I will.
Karen...I must get to know you...we have some neat things in common...Thank you for stopping by. I LOVE your blog...

Ginger said...

Karen, you always find the best deals when you are out thrifting. I love all your dishes and your tablescape. I hope you have fun at the estate sale.

Calming Scents said...

hey you did great! I love all of it, I cant imagine having so many I really need to get out there and start checking things out.