Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our weekend!

"I don't wanna go home!"

I love, love, LOVE Paso Robles. It is a beautiful RV park, and there is just soooo much to do. And two days just is not enough! 

Here was our spot.

Joy & Dale were right next to us.

We were literally right next to the small clubhouse. 
They had a small wine tasting happy hour on Friday afternoon 
from 4 to 6.  Four local wineries came in and gave free tastings. 
It was fun!

The view from our front window overlooking the park and the valley.

Here we are! I think this is my favorite winery. It is called Grey Wolf. 
It is very small. But it is named after the wolves in Colorado 
I believe the owners are originally from Colorado. 
(GEE! Do you think that might influence me in any way, shape or form?) 
Their wine is outstanding. Not very many wineries 
up there make a Pinot Noir, but they have seemed to capture it. 
We packed our picnic baskets and had a picnic on their patio 
overlooking acres and acres of grapes. It was outstanding! 
I should've shot the picture the other way to show you the view - 
but hey! I'd been tasting! Lucky for Joy and I 
that the guys are the drivers and they don't really do the tasting! 
Maybe an occasional" Oh Honey! You have to taste this!"

And then I promptly forgot about my camera for the rest of the trip. DUH!!!

Joy and I hit two antique malls, brainstormed a little, came up with an interesting idea and I'll be sharing that with you guys later. 

We spent Saturday afternoon in the central park downtown Paso Robles, along with about 2000 other people. There were about 60 wineries there offering free tastings. You were issued a wristband and a glass, and off you went. They had signs posted about "responsible" tasting. It read "swirl, smell, sip and spit" You don't really spit, you just dump the rest of your glass into a dump bucket. That way you don't get plastered. We had a great time! Didn't even get a little bit tipsy - Gee do you think that just because it was 108 DEGREES?  The wine didn't even get down your throat before you sweat it out!!! It was UNBELIEVABLY HOT! And I don't like the heat! But it was fun nonetheless! And the RV park offered a shuttle, so we didn't have to drive or worry about parking.It was great!

And that was our weekend!

Have a great day!



Allidink said...

How fun! We used to take motohome trips all the time when I was little. Now our motorhome just sits and waits for us :( I keep begging my dad to take us on a trip! It sounds like you had a blast! Did you get anything at the antique markets?

All the best,

Ginger said...

It looks like fun weekend. Nice campsite. I am anxious to hear what you and Joy came up with.

Theresa said...

Looks like somewhere I would love to visit! Antique malls are one of my favorites. Beautiful place to park your home away from home. Have a restful evening...

A Hint of Home said...

Looks like you had beautiful weekend for travel. It's always fun to get with friends.
The dishes are so pretty and colorful. Your chargers are to die for.

Shellmo said...

Sounds like a ball! Especially the wine tasting - I would've been there in a heartbeat with my glass in hand! LOL! RVing seems like so much fun - looks like you have a beautiful one! (I've told my hubby when we retire, I would love to go Rving in the winter to warmer places - and then we'll spend spring/summer at the cabin.) I'm living vicariously thru you!

Connie said...

Karen...my dad and his wife lived in Paso Robles for 15 years. Never knew it had such a nice motorhome park. I only visited a handful of times. Sounds like a fun weekend. Wish I liked wine...it just puts me to sleep. Connie

Cindy said...

sounds like so much fun! I would love to drink some wine with you! Although,I could pass on 108 degree heat! GEEEZ, no wonder you want to move to Co. We are going to hit 90 today, very unseasonably warm, but tomorrow back into the 70's. May like weather. Hugs,Cindy