Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome to our weekend!

Good morning! Our weekend in Big Bear was waaaayyyyy too short! (Aren't most weekend trips?) But I want to share it with you - so here we go! How about I show you our campsite first and then our coach?

Here was our spot. Right on the edge of the lake!
It's spots such as this one that really spoil you!

Our view walking up to the door of the coach. Rough life!

The deck. We couldn't be out here the first night - 
the wind was blowing so hard! (hence the tipped over 
table in the background!)

From the deck looking back. It was a very nice spot.

Our view from inside! 

Look at the top of that heater. I'm surprised it didn't blow over too!

Come on in! My In-Laws describe these kind of coaches like this -
"Cocktails for six, dinner for four, and sleeps two". 
And that describes it perfectly. 
But every once in a while one of the boys will be on the sofa bed.
The entire kitchen and sofa wall is a pop-out.
We have two more dining chairs to match that fold 
and they are stored under the bed. 
Now that it is just the two of us, I have more 
storage than I know what to do with! 
YES! I have empty cabinets in the bedroom!

Our home away from home. Jorja just had to be in the picture. 
Which surprises me because she really hates the flash. 
Harley is just sitting at the door looking out.

The kitchen. I've cooked up many wonderful meals in here. 
If only we had room for a dishwasher drawer! 
Now that would be awesome! 
I am not one for paper plates.

The dining area. This table is cool, you just pull it out 
and it gets plenty big for four people to sit at! 
(Like my fancy water bottle for the puppies?
They drink from a rat bottle so they don't get water 
all over their face! Hanging it on a hanger was the only
 way we could think of to hang it.)

I have pictures of Mark's folks and both the boys. 
That way they are with us no matter where we may roam.
And my cute little iron birds I picked up in Durango last summer.

This is the cooktop under the Corian cut-outs. 
Gives you much more counter space. And my cute chickens.
No, none of this stuff is out when we travel. 
Only the coffee maker stays put.
But it literally takes me two minutes to pack it away, 
and two minutes to unpack it and set it out when we 
arrive at our destination. I do it every time. 

OK, on back through the HUGE bathroom. I forgot to take 
a picture of that.  The door on the left beyond the 
refrigerator is the toilet area. The sink and 
counter and BIG shower are on the right.  The shower 
has a skylight in it so there is always wonderful 
light. It's a wonderful bathroom.

Looking from the bathroom into the bedroom. 
The head of the bed is a pop-out.
Closet all across the rear of the coach. We have a queen bed. 
You can kind of see the pocket-doors by 
the bathroom counter in the bottom right of the picture. 
There is one on each side of this opening for privacy. 
Yet it's nice and spacious when they are open. 
There is also a pocket door on the other 
side of the bathroom into the kitchen/dining area.

The other side of the bedroom. It's such a nice big space.

All right! Let's get on with the JEEPIN'!!! YAY!

Time to let some air out of the tires!

One happy man!!

Here are Joy and Dale. Joy is my friend who has got me 
hooked on scrapbooking and crafts. This woman is a 
seamstress beyond belief. And creative? Oh my! 
I will post some of her beautiful creations. 
You should see what she gave me for my birthday!! 
But that is another post entirely!
We are going to the Artistic Affaire Printemps the last 
weekend of May together. I can't wait!!

And here are Duane and Sheryl. 
These two couples are our RVing buddies, our Jeepin' buddies, 
and our Harley Buddies. The 6 of us have more fun together. 
We are so Blessed to have them to enjoy our good times with. 
At this stage in our lives, it's awesome to just pick 
up the phone and say "Hey! Want to go here?" and just take off! 
We will be going to Sturgis, South Dakota this summer 
with both of them too! I am soooooo 
not a fan of Sturgis, it's a little more rowdy than I like, 
but it is an experience than all Harley riders must have. 
Plus, I want to see the country between here and there, 

Happy Birthday to me!

Mark surprised me. We had dinner at a local Mexican food restaurant, and while we were sitting there drinking Cadillac margaritas and chowing down chips and salsa, in walked my cousin David who lives in Big Bear. What a nice surprise! And a few minutes later, both of our sons walked in too! They drove all the way up to surprise me. It was awesome! We had dinner and then went back to the coach for cake and presents and a campfire! 

So I would definitely say that I had a wonderful birthday! It just doesn't get better than that!
And thank you to everyone who emailed me birthday wishes. It was sweet of you. I don't think I've ever had so many people tell me Happy Birthday! Very awesome.

Hope you enjoyed my trip! Everyone have a great day!!!




Joyce said...

Wow-that is quite the home away from home! It all sounds like fun to me. We love to camp but don't do it with as much style : )

Happy Belated Birthday! How fun to have your sons turn up. Sounds like a great weekend!

Melissa Miller said...

Happy birthday Karen!

What a beautiful lake.
I'm glad you had fun!

Have a wonderful day.
~Melissa :)

Shonna @ The Shabby Queen said...

Happy Birthday Karen!
It looks like it was a wonderful weekend for you!And girlfriend your rv is beautiful!What a great camp site you had too.You have it so cozy!How nice you have some great friends to share in it with you.
Happy birthday again!

Calming Scents said...

I love your RV, your site looked awesome. I'm glad you had a great birthday and what a blessing to have such friends.

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
That is the prettiest campsite I've ever seen. I like that everything is level and paved. What a great deck too. Thanks for the tour of your gorgeous coach. I would get in it and never want to go home...unless I had that gorgeous home you live in, too. lol. I'm so glad you had a great birthday with all your friends, and that your sons showed up to surprise you. Like you said, it just doesn't get any better than that.
I cracked up at the dog's water bottle. Never thought of doing that. It would sure keep the mess off the floor and not have a bowl to get knocked over.

Cynthia said...

Hi Karen,
Wow! This looks so nice and the RV is fab. You can just swing by and pick me up now! hehe. Hey when you come to SD, you might as well go a little farther to WI. We're not that far from there. Cute pic of you too, Cindy

April said...

Happy Birthday Karen!

You are soooooo wonderful to leave such sweet messages for my friend Emily......I can't believe how many fabulous ladies I have met blogging......YOU ROCK!

Theresa said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Birthday to you and me:) Love your home away from home, beautiful view! I will be following your blog. Have a great day! I love getting new blog friends. Theresa

grammy said...

Hi, I came over from Dawnies. I am a Colorado Grandma who loves to camp. We have a trailer (which is a huge upgrade from our pop up tent trailer :o) I fell in love with that camping spot you were at. Did you have reservations? IT is getting so you have to reserve around here and that is kind of frustrating. We like spur of the moment trips. Fun to meet you.

Christine said...

I am so burning our camping tent!

Your home on wheels is beautiful! And what a spot you guys found to!

You live the life my friend. Looks and sounds like so much fun! Happy Birthday to you!

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Sweet Karen...sounds like your birthday and your trip were phenomenal! You deserved it too! ;) ~CC Catherine

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Karen!!! Mine was the 7th!!! Amazing....I've ventured from yout 1st. tablescape and am reading your blog through...
Thanks for your lovely comments. I almost keeled over when you said a lot of your flowers had already bloomed. We just had our last frost, HOPEFULLY, 2 nights ago!xoxo~Kathy~ Oh!.. your friends.. they even LOOK fun! Ha!