Monday, June 8, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by my new friend  Sharon over at Fiberdoodles and Whimsey! How very fun!

Here are the rules. I have to share with you six UNimportant things in life that make me happy. (SIX? - I could go on and on.) After I have listed my six, I get to TAG six more blog friends to do the same! So here we go.

Anyone who knows me, knows even just a 
few flakes falling from the sky can make me happier 
than almost anything else on earth. 
I made this little guy for my In-Laws last year at Silver Lake.
One of God's simple gifts.

The view of our friend's pond.
Another of God's little gifts. 
And the friendships are God's gifts too.

A flock of geese at sunset. Sigh.
They landed on the San Juan River right behind our campsite.
I was in total awe - never having seen this before.
From our vacation last summer in Colorado!
Another of God's simple gifts.

Opening the curtains on the front of the coach 
and seeing this horse pasture every morning. 
What a glorious way to start the day!
Again, our trip to Colorado last summer.
It was . . . amazing. So simple . . . 

Silver Lake, June Lake Loop, in the Fall.
Every year. For as long as God lets me.
Truly a special place to be.

An Artistic Affaire Printemps.
This one might seem unimportant to many of you. 
It was VERY important to me because . . . 
it isn't the "things" I want to post. 
It is how the things materialized. 
This was one Woman's dream 
of giving other women just like her, 
a day to remember.
And we will. Each of us were gifted with 
wonderful memories of a beautiful, fun, fulfilling day.
It was all of the "unimportant" simple things she did
to make it a day I'll never forget. 
Thank you Kim.
(Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge 
so you can SEE the "unimportant" details 
she graciously bestowed upon us.)

OK so now I get to "tag" six blogger friends! I'm choosing six of my newest blog friends.
I hope they each post their favorite things so I can learn just a little more about each of them.

Here are my 6:

Theresa from The Call Me Ganky
Diana from Sunshine On My Shoulders
Mona from Whisper Sweetly of Cottages
Blossom from Interior Rooms
Chari from Happy to Design
Susan from A Southern Daydreamer

GO FOR IT LADIES! Have fun!I can't wait to see what you do!

Have a great day everyone!




Christine said...

I love all of your six things listed here but that week end away is my fav!!!!! I so wish I could of come to that with you!

Blessings on your week!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Good's already afternoon. I just wanted to thank you for the sweet tag...and I am delighted that you include me as one of your friends.
I just want to point out that you might want to go back and read your post. I think you said "unimportant things" instead of "important".. Please check...
Many I supposed to post pictures? You didn't say.

Theresa said...

I love all of your six things and will be thinking about what mine will be... hmmmmm? Thanks for the tag, I think:) Have a blessed day!

Cindy said...

Hi Karen,
You sure picked some awesome places with such beautiful scenery! You know I'm heheing a little about the snow. I hope not to see any for six months! I hope your life is going well my friend. Hugs, Cindy

diana said...

what beautiful pictures and such lovely things that make you happy. i can see why each one does.

another thing we have in common. when we lived there in california, our favorite area was bishop, mammoth, and on up to the june lake loop area. and then of course, yosemite.

thanks for tagging me. i'll have to think of unimportant things that make me happy. i won't have a problem coming up with a list, it will be coming up with ONLY six =)

A Hint of Home said...

Beautiful pictures and I can see why you love waking up and seeing such wonderful scenery from the trailer.
Have a good week.

Ginger said...

I love your 6 things and the pictures to go with it.

Joyce said...

I love your pictures...I need to go to Montana!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my post. Have a great day!

Musings From A French Cottage said...

Gorgeous photos and wonderful things that make you happy! I was looking through some older posts too and I LOVE that china cabinet/hutch that you refinished. It turned out beautifully. Well done!

Thank you for your visit to my blog and for your very kind comment!

Have a great day!

Elyse said...

hi karen,

what a nice post!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog. yours is lovely!


Connie said... your photos and seeing what you treasure. Wow...that photo of Montana is gorgeous and that cute!

Glad you had a good time at your special weekend. What did you do there?? Did you create things? I was waiting to see what you were up to.

Dallas says "hi!" and he let you blow out his candles this year!! LOL. Dustin moved back home for a short time...yikes....all the stuff!!!


fiberdoodles said...

Hi Karen,

I am so glad to see you played "Tag", wasn't it fun! Your pictures are awesome and I love learning more about you.

Take care,

Shellmo said...

You have a great list! I love snow too!!

grammy said...

Beautiful pictures. I liked all of them. Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment. I don't know why the follower thing would have changed. I didn't do anything (o:

Chari said...

Hi Karen...

Just read the sweet note that you left on my thrifty Thursday post...thank you so much for stopping in for a visit, my friend! I sure do appreciate your sweet comments!!!

Ohhh my...I love your six things! What fabulous photos...I especially liked that beautiful pond in Montana...Oh yes, what a blessing to be able to see that sight each day!!! I loved looking and reading about your "special day"...what a fabulous party!!! I was reading the itinerary...sounded like so much fun! The room and tables were decorated so wonder you felt so special!!!

Well my friend, thank you for tagging me! How sweet to think of me...I'll try to do this fun tag this weekend!

Have a great week, my friend!

diana said...

just wanted to let you know that i posted my 6 UNimportant things. thanks again for tagging me.