Monday, June 15, 2009


Oh my gosh! I'm surprised ya'll didn't hear me scream when I saw these!


OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!
I honestly don't think I have ever seen Peonies before! 
They just aren't out here in California. 
Now mind you, it's not like I have been hunting for them, 
but you just don't regularly see them when you walk 
into a florist, let alone a garden center! 
At least I haven't.
I just ran into Trader Joe's to grab some produce
and there by the doors were just bundles of them!!! 
People must've thought I was out of my mind 
because I continued my shopping with my face 
buried deep in 2 bouquets. 
I never knew what they smelled like!
It is very similar to a rose.

Aren't they just GORGEOUS!!!!!

Are they supposed to be this brown on the edges?
I know they will open into a HUGE bloom. 
I am so excited. I bought 2 bouquets.

I was kinda sad when one bloom literally fell apart.

No worries! I saved it! :) well - kinda.

As soon as I got to the car I called my husband - 
"HONEY! You'll never guess what I found at Trader Joes!!!"
His reply "Honey - it doesn't take much to make your day."

NOPE!!!!  :) I am a HAPPY CAMPER!

My only problem now is . . . 
where to put them!

I could be selfish and place them right here next to my chair in the family room . . .

I could be nice, and place them up on the mantle 
in the family room where everyone could enjoy them . . .

I could put them on the kitchen table . . .

Nope - these are going back over by my chair!

Now - the other one is going upstairs . . .

Maybe on my desk, right by my computer - I'm up here a lot . . . 

Or maybe on the coffee table in my workroom . . . 

Or maybe right in front of my FACE on my worktable! HEHE!!!
(Wouldn't get a lot of work done with them there.
I'd just be breathing it all in!)

Oh well! Maybe I'll just carry them from room to room . . .

Thank you for your patience and allowing me to indulge myself in my most favorite flower of all. Kinda silly I've loved a flower all these years, and never even seen a real one before! But a big thank you to Martha Stewart who introduced me to them. 

Have a great day!!!!!


Theresa said...

Well... that is one flower that I know nothing about:) They are beautiful and you could put them in individual bud vases and place one in every spot you mentioned! Have a great evening enjoying your peonies!

diana said...

they are beautiful. i don't think i've ever seen one in person either, but i really don't know all my flowers. why wouldn't they grow in california? i thought just about everything grew there with such an ideal climate.


marty39 said...

Karen, the peonies are just gorgeous. I sure wish we could grow them here, but the desert doesn't make a great place for a lot of flowers. Thank you so much for stopping by and checking on the "Cloche Party". You are correct a cloche is like a bell jar, however a lot of people wanted to participate and wanted to know if they could use their apothecary jars or whatever else they have and decorate inside. I think all of these containers are so lovely and very interesting to see how everyone decorates them and where they use them, so the "cloche party" has now been opened to any kind of container that you would like to use. I sincerely hope you will join the party, it should be a lot of fun and very inspirational with a lot of wonderful creations everyone designs. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

fiberdoodles said...

Karen they are lovely! My blooms have come and gone but they don't look as large as yours. The brown? no I don't think so. I say string them up make a lei and wear them around your neck (LOL). They look great in every room. Enjoy!


Ps: cute puppy!

LdyDy said...

Hi Karen...don't you just love TJ's!! They always have such wonderful flowers there! Thanks for the info on my Salem china. Are you in Southern Calif. or Northern. Just wondering because I am pretty much tired of all the June gloom around here!! LOL! Huggy Hugs!

LdyDy said...

Dumb dee dumb dumb!! I just noticed from your profile your in Southern Calif. LOL!

Allidink said...

Aw yay! I think they look great in all those places. I haven't seen them before either. You boyfriend works at the Trader Joes in Laguna Niguel LOL. I'm going to ask him if they have some there...Cute!

All the best,

Mieke said...

I don't think they should have the brown, that's why one was falling apart, but who cares, they still are beautiful. If I remember well they get the brownish when we had to much rain. We had peonies in our garden when I was a child. For some reason they got out of interest here, maybe because they have to be at least 3 years in the same place before they bloom. I know a front yard where they grow and I'm always happy when I see the flowers, there's something so cheerful and abundant about them...

Blue Creek Home said...

Hi there, I think I found my way here through Roses Cakes and Pearls. I swear reading blogs is a get lost in all of them. Anyway, I am glad I found myself here. I too, love peonies and believe it or not, have never had my own bouquet. I think you might just want to carry them around with you every where you go!! Rhonda

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Karen, I grew these in my yard in GA & they are just beautiful flowers. I must plant another one here at my house, so I can see them again. Enjoy those beauties!

And thanks for stopping by, so nice to meet you. On those 'mater sandwiches, it's just sliced bread (your choice, white or wheat), both slices slathered in mayo (I use light), sliced tomatoes with salt & pepper. That's it, can't get any easier than that. They are yummy!

Shellmo said...

karen - you have me laughing so hard over your "traveling" peonies!! I love these flowers too - I would be selfish and keep them in my reading room - LOL!!

Cindy said...

Hi Karen,
Beautiful my dear, I know how you feel, the little joy's in life can be the best! My MIL has almost a dozen peonies bushes planted 30 years ago and they bloom in wonderous glory!! She sent me a whole bunch home and I wish I would have taken a pic before they died. I forget that some things like that don't do well in too much heat. Thanks for sharing the joy!! Hugs, Cindy

A Hint of Home said...

You're too funny! I would probably carry them around room to room to get all the enjoyment you can because they won't last forever. Can you dry those blooms???

Feedsack Fantasy said...

They are beautiful, love them every spring as one of the first to bloom in May ... the colors are breathtaking. TTFN ~Marydon

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
I've never seen them in person either, but if they smell as sweet as a rose, I would love them. They sure are pretty and I would put them wherever you spend the most time. The guys won't appreciate them as much as you will.

Nina Diane said...

it really made me smile to see you so excited about finding peonies. Besides the fact that they are my fav flower........when I posted pics of my peonies on my blog, you commented about how they are not in CA...and I thought how sad for CA not to enjoy such a wonderful flower. So now I'm happy that you can get them at Trader Joes...yah for Trader Joes!