Monday, July 13, 2009

July Birthdays

Allllllrighty then! Birthdays are over until Sept. Whew! Have you ever noticed how they come in clusters? We have five we celebrate in May (one is actually late April), two in July, two in Sept., one in Nov., and one in Dec.

Saturday was my husband's birthday. Happy Birthday Mark. He enjoyed his day and went for an all day Harley Ride down to San Diego with a couple buddies, so we celebrated it yesterday, along with his Mom's. The entire family came up and we went out to dinner, then up to our place for cake and presents. Of course in the middle of dinner came the phone call that a wildfire had broken out about 2 blocks from our house at some stables where horses are boarded. Oh UGH! But it was blowing in the opposite direction, we knew everything was fine, so in between running outside to look up at the hills and the smoke, we kind of frantically finished our dinner and then headed up - hoping we could get to our house. We could; there were a zillion fire trucks - and they did an awesome job protecting the homes in our community. And all the horses were evacuated safely - which was a big concern of mine. By about 10:00 they had it totally out. And then reported it was arson with multiple set points. Now THAT TICKED ME OFF!!! What is it with these crazy people? I mean, what the h#*l are they thinking?

This morning on my way down the hill, the horses were all back in their stalls and pens, grazing and content like nothing had even happened. But that was TOO CLOSE!! They could've lost some animals. And that would have been tragic. Just because of some maniac's fascination with fire. You know how I would punish that person if he's caught? (Well, since it is a little HARSH, I guess I can't better not say it, but I think a lot of you KNOW WHAT I AM THINKING!!!)

Anyhow, on to the birthdays. For the very first time I made "dirt cake". I thought my two little nephews would get a kick out of it, but of course, they'd already had it before. (sigh.) I have a recipe from a cookbook our PTA published when my oldest son was in 2nd grade. I'm sure the recipe has been updated since then (like my nephews telling me "Auntie, how come you didn't put the worms INSIDE the dirt?") Well shoot sakes. Who knew? Never even thought of that! Oh well. . . next time.

Here are some of our pictures.

My two dirt cakes. Boy were they yummy.
And CALORIE FREE!!! (just kidding)

Gramma and three of her grandsons.
My Justin, and our two little nephews.
Looks like all the little one wants is the cake!

My birthday boy. I love this man.

I went out to the Apple store this morning and took another one to one class. WHOO HOO!!!!
I learned a lot! What a productive hour. More on that later . . . but did you notice I had a strikeout up there in some of the text? Yup! Learned how to do it today! YAY!

Have a great day everyone! Hope everyone is staying cool cause it is HOT here in So Cal! 98 last time I checked. :{



Cindy said...

Hi Karen,
Happy Birthday to Mark! Handsome hubby and what a good looking son! I am so glad your safe from the fires, but that is a little too close for comfort. Your dirt cakes are so pretty, I have a cookbook from daycare days with the same recipe. Hey, love your strike out, I need to study blogger a bit more. Now, for that little butt of yours,I can certainly lend you some of mine! LOL- people are probably going to think I'm a pervert. Hugs and stay cool, Cindy in Wisc. (where it is a pleasant 81 degrees with low humidity.) HeHe, just had to throw that in!

Theresa said...

Hi Friend, That was too close with the fire and to be intentionally set... just plain mean! Glad you all were spared and the horses too. Happy Birthday to all! Cute dirt cakes, I have had them but never made them. Have a wonderful evening! Love from Georgia:)

A Hint of Home said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby!
That is too close for comfort. I would be upset, too. I'm glad the horses were ok.
The dirt cakes are just too cute. Would you mind telling us exactly how you put them together?

blushing rose said...

How very scary for you, glad it all came out safely. Happy bday to your gorgeous DH. TTFN ~Marydon

Dawn said...

Hi Karen, wish Hubby a happy one from us. That's scary about the fire. My youngest brother is a firefighter with Cal-Fire. It's bad enough with all the accidental or lightening caused fires. The thought of an arsonist is just sickening. The best thing anyone in dry areas can do is maintain a defensible space around there home/property so the firefighters have a chance to protect it. Keep safe down there. And thanks for the nice coment.

Connie said...

Hey girl! Tell Mark Happy BDay from me! I thought of you last night when I saw the fire on the news and hoped you were okay. It was too late to call otherwise I would have!

Your dirt cakes are too cute! What a nice auntie you are!!

Stay cool! We're trying!

Love ya, Connie

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to the hubs!Can't believe anyone would actually START a fire. What sicks! Glad to hear all is well and everyone is safe . How scary! Your cakes are too cute! I know those were a big hit with the nephews!

Ginger said...

Hi KarenA:
Happy Birthday to Mark. You two make a cute couple.
That is awful that the fire was intentionally set. Not only could the animals be in danger, but the firefighters too. I wonder if these idiots think at times.
I love your dirt cakes. Very creative.
I am in Vegas this week and talk about hot...whew. It was 112* this afternoon. I got sunburned in the pool.

diana said...

sounds like a nice party. and i'm so glad that fire didn't grow out of control. i always kid my family back there that fire is one of your seasons. you have too many of them.

Joyce said...

I noticed the strike out-I want to learn! We just got a MAC and I'm going to do the one to one too....just waiting on our stuff so we can do the transfer from our old computer to our new one.

Happy Birthday to your hubs! Cute cakes : )

Tee said...

Those cakes are too cute!

Cindy said...

Interesting: I copied your 'about me' info and will only delete what is not true about myself...and add a few details.

I been married to a great guy for 28 years (MARK). We have two sons 24 and 27. We have one grandchild, Kore. I was a little league mom for years and years, traveling everywhere to watch both boys play. Our youngest lives at home Oldest is about 20 minutes away. I love decorating, scrapbooking, crafting, thrift shopping, antiquing . . . I am a self-proclaimed BOWL-A-HOLIC - especially red ones! I love my collection of teacups and saucers, and of course teapots(I only have a few). I'm getting into quilting. We love to travel and see this glorious country we live in. My husband does NOT have a Harley. I lived in So Cal until I was 21 and then NE Cal until I was 37. My dream is to live where there are seasons - FOUR seasons, or maybe just a cabin somewhere that we can escape to. (BIG sigh) OK The BEACH! But for now, Phoenix will have to do.

It is amazing how much we have in common. Where in SO Cal do you live? I grew up in Whittier, LaHabra area ~ and of course Disneyland and Newport Beach.

Blessings, Cindy

fiberdoodles said...

Hi Karen!

Thank you so much for stopping by and the birthday wishes! Mother's are so special and I'm sorry to hear you lost yours the same way I lost mine ;( They hold such a special place in our hearts!!

So what is your favorite birthday cake?

Happy belated birthday wishes to your hubby! Justin looks alot like daddy ;) Very lovely family!!

I am right there with you on the fire thing. I am so glad it was not worse than it could have been.

So they sell fat free dirt in CA? I need to visit (lol)

Hugs my friend,

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Thanks for your visit and sweet comments. I loved your cakes! So glad that the fires didn't stop your celebration and everything was ok. Happy July "bee days" -- June seems to be our big month!