Friday, July 17, 2009

One thing led to another . . .

It's HOT outside! So today I am staying inside and getting caught up on some chores. The painters are FINALLY done painting the exterior, so I have privacy once again. I'm so glad. I don't like having workers at the house. But boy! Did we need to be painted! We've been here 6 years, and now the house is 10 years old, and it was overdue! The So Cal sun just fades it so.

Here it is now! Nice and clean and fresh!

This time of the year when the sun moves so far north really takes it's toll on my dining room. There is some shade on that west side of the house, but since I have no blinds on the windows, just some light drapes, and absolutely nothing on the french doors, the sun just BEATS on my dining room table and chairs, and the carpet. I was so afraid it was all going to just fade and look terrible. So about 1 1/2 years ago, I bought a room divider. It's purpose is to block the sun from the french doors.

Normally I keep it here in this corner of the living room -
well, when the Christmas Tree isn't there :)
This picture was taken last fall.

But summer rolls along, and it heads for the dining room.
(And it weighs a TON!)

It works so well. The bummer is I can't lift it
out of the way every night to open the doors.
Only when we eat in there. So for summer - only the windows get opened.
But it is so worth it to save my furniture.

View from the entry

Well, moving the divider left me with a hole in this corner of the living room.

Sorry. I didn't think about taking pictures until I
had already moved the big sofa out into the entry.

So I started to play around. Now mind you, this
is the only room in the house, other than the kids' rooms,
that I can change the furniture around in.

So I came up with this.

Now I know you're thinking, "why didn't you just
push the big sofa under the window and call it a day?"

Well - see that big bush out the window?
That is a Night Blooming Jasmine. It is huge.
And it smells AWESOME!!! Every night when I
open the house, I must open those two windows
so when the sun goes down and the bush blooms -
it blows that wonderful fragrance into literally
every corner of the house. I cannot tell you how good it smells.
You can smell it all the way down to the street.
We'll sit out on the front patio with a glass of wine,
watch the sunset (can't see them from the backyard!)
and just inhale Heaven!! Absolutely DIVINE!
(I keep telling y'all that somebody needs to
come up with blogaroma.)

Anyhow - back inside!

This is the view into the living room from the downstairs
hallway. See? Easy access to my two windows. :)

I love this book on porches!!!

On the mantle ...

I love these textures next to each other.

The entry . . .

I used to have this is the dining room but
she has worked her way out to welcome our guests.

The view from the top of the stairs.

Have I ever showed you up here? Hmmmmm . . .

Well, come on up! Let's take a very quick, impromptu tour.

(Sorry about the glare. Wrong time of day for taking pictures!)
Yes, I am one of those people who likes greenery and florals.
(You either like them, or you don't.
I like them and am over what anyone on HGTV thinks.)
As long as they are good quality.

Every house with this floor plan that I have been inside,
has pictures hanging here. Well, I wanted something different!
I found these three rod iron "things" at Marshalls one day.
I took them into work and had Lucy (the floral guru!) work her magic.
I love the color and the different textures. I think they look great.

As you head up the stairs you see a BIG BLANK WALL!
I've always envisioned a tapestry, but the one I want I can't afford.
So now I'm thinking empty frames.
I have a few small ones in the family room on the mantle,
but I have two really BIG ones that I think would look great here.
My dilemma is - Paint them white? or leave them alone?
But that's another post.

Turn the corner at the landing and you face this niche.
I wish there was a recessed light in it.
It is very tall and very hard to access
That big aqua charger is 21" high
and weighs about 15#!

Continue on up and you arrive at the second
story landing with it's little Juliet balcony.
And I know I've already shown you the book shelves
in a previous post.

This old oak rocker was made for my maternal grandma.
She used it to rock all four of her kids in.
My Mom always had it in her bedroom, and she never told me
the history. When she died, she left it to me, and there
was a note on the underside of the seat with the story on it.
Cool huh?

The pillow was a gift from an old friend given to me years ago
and the bear was my Mom's.

Master bedroom is straight ahead.

Well, that's it for my little impromptu tour. Thanks for stopping by! As for me, I'm off to the fridge to pour me a nice tall glass of iced tea!




Christine said...

Your house is beautiful Karen! I love all your colors...very warm and inviting...and it looks big enough to host a sleep over with you me and Connie too!...LOL

Hugs and have a wonderful week end!

Theresa said...

OMG Karen, let me repeat OMG Karen! Gorgeous home... inside and out! I LOVE it! I want to get a book and go sit in that room with the chair and ottoman with the burgandy cutains:) Your house should be in a book! Can you tell that I enjoyed the tour? Where is your craft room on this tour?

Have a blessed day!

blushing rose said...

I second Theresa's OMG! twice ... breathtakingly gorgeous ... I'm still trying to catch my breath!

TTFN ~Marydon

diana said...

what a beautiful home you have. i love so many things you had pictures of. thanks for sharing it all with us.

and i love night blooming jasmine. when i lived in california, i had bushes both in the front and back and so enjoyed the fragrance that wafted into the home each evening. they don't grow here =(

have a wonderful weekend.

Cathy said...

Wow!!! Your home is beautiful!!! All of the fluffing you did looks amazing!!! Thanks for the tour!!!



Shelia said...

Hi Karen! Oh, I'm just a drollin'! Your home is ever so beautiful! Looks like a movie star's home! Thank you so much for coming to see me and I do hope you'll come back again!
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cindy said...

OMG Karen~
That's not a house, it's a mansion! Absolutely gorgeous! I love the outside and the new paint job, the beautiful living room,and all your pretty things! I really love your formal dining room and the sitting room would be so nice and cozy! I so enjoyed this tour I even had to take a bathroom break and come back to it so I could savor it some more! LOL! Now, I want the kitchen tour, I bet it's gorgeous! Have a wonderful week-end, and stay cool. Hugs, Cindy

Nina Diane said...

you have a beautiful home Karen...

JD said...

Your home is lovely...

Ginger said...

The painters did a great job, the outside looks beautiful. Now the, what can I say. It should be in a decorating magazine. I love the way you have it decorated. Just gorgeous.

Mieke said...

You have such a beautiful home and such a good taste. In decoration magazines homes like yours often seem to be cold as if no one lives there, but yours looks warm and cosy.
About the room divider : is it not possible to put some wheels under it, so you could move it easy ?

Lisa said...

Such a lovely home Karen! It feels so good to get those projects completed, doesn't it? Your screen is outta this world gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

fiberdoodles said...

Hi Karen,

Don't you just love a fresh paint job! It makes everything look so clean and fresh.

Your home is so beautiful! I love greenery too and lots of it. You have a great gift for decorating girlfriend!

Take care,

marty39 said...

Oh Karen, your house is absolutely gorgoeus. I love it. Everything is decorated so perfectly. I love the colors and the softness of the rooms. Very pretty and inviting. Also, I wanted to let you know that the next "Cloche Party" is scheduled for Sept. 11th for the Fall season. Grab the button on my sidebar to remind you and to let your friends know. See you there. Love your home. Hugs, Marty

Allidink said...

How pretty! I love your front yard and the inside of your house! Great idea using that divider to block the sun!

All the best,

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Thanks for your visit! And I'm so flattered -- you are more than welcome to borrow any idea you ever see on my blog - 9 times out of 10 it's something I saw and borrowed as well! We'll just keep passing them along! You have a lovely home - thanks for the tour.

A Hint of Home said...

Thanks for the tour. Your home is just beautiful. Love the LR, foyer, staircase, mantel and windows. You've done a great job decorating.
The outside is just as pretty. The paint job looks great!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks for your kind comments today.

Elyse said...

wow karen, your home is beautiful! i think my little cottage could fit in your living room. it's all lovely and decorated and designed so nicely!

i can just imagine that wonderful scent. hope you're having a glass of wine and enjoying it right now!


jen said...

I enjoyed the tour!! Your home is lovely!! I think that's a great idea to keep the sun out!! We have an unsightly glass slider door that I think I could hide with an old pair of shutters!! Thanks for the if I could just come up with the cash!!


Brenda said...

Karen, what a lovely home you have! And so spacious I would undoubtedly get lost and have to call 911! You have made it beautiful.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Karen, your house is absolutely beautiful. You've done an excellent job decorating it too :)



Shellmo said...

You have such a beautiful home! Looks like a great place for ME TO VISIT!! ha,ha!!! Love that room divider! I need to purchase one for the loft in our cabin.

Nancy said...

Hi Karen, I am glad I came by here today!!! Your house is beautiful!!! Thanks for showing us a little tour of it!!!
Thank you for coming by and leaving me a comment about the soup tureen...I am getting ready to do a floral arrangement in it this week I will post it next Monday.

Come back by and enter a giveaway I am having today and tomorrow. Nancy

grammy said...

What a grand tour that was indeed. Love it all, very beautiful. I get weak at the knees when i think about cleaning it (o: Thanks for the picture tour.

Kathleen said...

Hello, just want to say I think your home is absolutely beautiful! I live in the north of (at the moment cold and wet) England and I envy you your outdoor living. Sitting on the front patio watching the sunset sounds like heaven to me.

Karen said...

Thank you for your sweet comments. On days like this that are over 105 degrees here in So Cal, Northern England with it's cooler climate and rain - sounds like HEAVEN!!!
I'm so glad you dropped me a line! COme back and visit! Karen

Joyce said...

Your home is beautiful and welcoming...thanks for the tour. I feel like I could sit right down with you for the iced tea!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Geez Karen, while you are at it, be sure and pour me a glass of tea too! My little mind is totally blown away by the beauty of your home, (excuse me, I meant to say mansion) that all I can think about is kicking back on that sofa and visiting with you until the night falls to smell Heaven!
I loved this post and I enjoyed my visit. I hope you don't mind another follower because I'll be your little shadow!
I'm sooo glad you found me!
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