Friday, July 3, 2009

Red, White and Blue . . .

My yards are looking sparse for blooms by now, so this is what's left. I guess when we start looking, there is more than we think . . . 

Red . . .

White . . .

and blue.

Red . . .

The sun was just coming up . . . white . . .

and blue.

Then I looked up. We all have lots of blue! YAY!

Let's go on inside -


What are the odds I'd find these three bobbins out of the 
entire basket of them, in the colors I wanted? 
Everything was brown, pink, green . . .
I found these at one of the antique stores I 
combed through while in Montana! 
The guy in security at the airport was not impressed
by my treasures. He made my carry-on suitcase, 
(which I specifically brought to bring my finds home in) 
go back THREE times through X-Ray.
How embarrassing!

Come on through the kitchen . . .

Connie - do you recognize the bear you 
gave me for my birthday one year? :)

Who doesn't love the Goose Berry Patch cookbooks?

My lifeline recipe file . . .

Nothing says summer like a big bowl of cherries!

Table is set. Have a seat!

I made a trip to Home Goods yesterday. Ummm . . . I can't 
tell you what exactly I got 'cause if my husband reads this - 
I'm dead. Let's just say the only pieces of these 
four place settings that I had in the hutch yesterday 
morning, was the four blue salad plates under the bowls.
Well, and the napkins, glasses and silver of course! (hehehe)
TOO FUN!!!!!

Love the mercury glass votive holders.

Salad plate

dinner plate

the salad plates that inspired it all . . . (love you Honey!)

And the bowls. I love it all together!

This sure was fun to play with. Too bad we don't get to eat here - we'll be over at our friend's Dale & Joy's for a BBQ and a nice relaxing day! Brauts on the BBQ, shrimp cocktails for appetizers, fresh summer fruit, nice bottle of wine - and that's only what I'm bringing. Who knows what other yummy things Joy'll have out. 

I will have to keep reminding myself of the DIET!! Ugh. What a way to ruin the party . . .   
Oh well! :) I've lost 8 pounds and have 7 more to go. And a month long vacation in there to survive. We have my nephew's wedding on 9-5 and I do NOT want anything to jiggle when I get out on that dance floor!  :)

Everyone have a wonderful, fun and SAFE Independence Day!!

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Ginger said...

I love your red, white and blue theme. Your table looks so inviting and pretty and I have a sneaky feeling that your hubby isn't going to care at all what you bought at Home Goods. lol.
Have a great time at your friend's bbq.
It sure doesn't look like you need to lose any weight, from the pictures you've posted.

blushing rose said...

Beautiful presentations ... Happy 4th ~~ TTFN ~Marydon

Cindy said...

Oh Karen,
Your table looks so pretty! Don't you just love Home Goods! I love all your pretty kitchen touches and the patriotic decor looks terrific! (I haven't used that word in ages, don't know why it popped in my head) You lost 8 lbs? That's great, now fill me in on the diet secret when you get a chance, because I need to drop a few and all of a sudden it seems harder than it used to be. I loved your bear tips too! I wouldn't want rattlers either, I know there are some in Wisc. but I have only seen pine and bull snakes around us. Oh, look at me ramble, but I love talking to you! Someday for sure we really have to find a way to get together! Have a wonderful 4th with your friends, hugs, Cindy

Sandra said...

Wow! Your tablesetting is beautiful!
I wish we had a Home Goods in my area. :)
Happy 4th of July to you.

Allidink said...

Viva la Homegoods! LOL. I love the tablescape! So cute and festive!

All the best,

Really Rainey said...

What a beautiful patriotic post! Thanks for visiting... I have always wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty too... go back to my blog if you get a change I posted a viedo of the reopening today... thats most likely as close as I'm gonna get...
Happy 4th!

Theresa said...

Love all your red, white and blue... flowers, decorations and the table, ooohh-la-la how gorgeous! I am back from vacation and have stuff everywhere. Gotta get busy:( Happy 4th of July!

fiberdoodles said...

The plates are so pretty and everything looks so festive. I hope you have a wonderful 4th!


Brenda said...

Gorgeous plates! We don't have Home Goods. And I'm constantly seeing goodies from there on blogs. Sigh... You have beautiful red, whites and blues. And happy 4th!

Elyse said...

welcome home and what a lovely post. homegoods is such a great place. i walk in and seem to wander around in trance-mode!

wtg on the weight loss. i just joined curves. now if could just walk away from the cookies!

happy 4th!


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Everything looks wonderful - inside and outside! I'm sure you'll get much enjoyment from those dishes (and they'll be used all year round too!) My husband doesn't seem to care about my dish habit -- as long as they've got food on them! LOL!

Shellmo said...

That's it - I'm hopping in my car and coming over to your house for dinner! LOL! It looks so darn inviting at your house! I LOVE home goods too (I don't tell the hubby when I go there either.) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

P.S. My email is shelleyupnorth at gmail dot com. :-)

Nancy said...

OOOH what beautiful REDS, Whites, and Blues! From the flowers to the table is all beautiful! nancy

diana said...

i love the display you had set up in your home. so cute. and of course, the dishes. all so lovely. sounds like you had a nice 4th planned. hope it went well.

AMIT said...

Beautiful flowers.I just love it.

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