Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wild Montana Skies

Ahhhhhhh . . . we're back. (sigh)
I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful Montana is in the spring. Although, I guess technically it is summer, it feels like springtime there. I'm going to take you there now, so sit back, and enjoy the tour. Remember to click on the pictures to make them larger so you can really see the beauty of this place.

Their main house from afar, looking northeast. 
You just cannot grasp how 
enormous the house is, or how many the acres you
are looking at in photographs.

The home on the north and west sides. 
All patio and wraparound deck.

Looking left (east)
I don't like the word "own" . . .  I prefer that 
their land owns them and is entrusted to them 
provided they shower it and every living creature 
who lives and walks upon it 
with their utmost love and care.
 All of their land, up and over and beyond.

Looking right (west)
They have all the land you can see.
Those trees in the distance are a favorite for deer.
And yes, those wonderfully dark clouds gave us a treat!

straight ahead and around the corner - South.
Looking at the master bedroom
They have all the land you can see 
except the far mountains.

The patio looking into kitchen and great room. 
Mark and I stayed in the bedroom where 
the upstairs balcony is. All the other windows are great room.

On over to the right and the wrap around deck.
There is an outdoor fireplace too. (sigh)

The flowers are just incredible right now.

Technically this is the front of the house. It looks south.
This picture was one I took last October.

OK, standing in the front of the house and 
looking south - you see the guest house and stables.

Now I'm standing up at the guest house and 
taking a picture down towards the main house.
The trees along the left side are where the new fishing cabin is.
I guess the only place you can see all four of the homes 
is from the guest house.

Now I've turned to the right and 
this is a shot of their caretakers cabin.
He is a Godsend to them, taking care of everything
while they aren't there, including keeping hunters from 
trespassing onto their land, which keeps the animals safe.
The herds of deer and elk, the occasional moose, 
any mountain lion (they call them "cats" in Montana), 
bobcats, lynx and bear are free to roam where they please.

OK, back down to the aspen grove off their patio at the main house.
This is their view of their pond and the new fishing cabin.

The new cabin. There used to be an old cabin here, 
but it was unusable. So they tore it down and built this.
It is just a little one bedroom cabin, 
with small kitchenette and main room.
They just moved all their furnishings in this 
past week. It was pretty exciting!
Since the main house is so large, when just 
the two of them come up, they can stay here.
It's perfect. 
The building on the left is a HUGE
old chicken coop. 

Closer view. They enlarged the pond and built the dock.

This shot shows you how close it is to the main house.
And yup, they have it all.
If you cut across the field, it's about a 10 minute hike. 
If you follow the road, about 30 mins.
Because of their ranch's altitude, there are 
So I hike as often as I can. :)

Cross this little bridge . . .

Which spans this year round creek which feeds the pond . . .

and you have arrived!

Mike is an AVID flyfisherman, 
which is why they built the cabin by the pond.
Can you see what the door handle is made from? 

The view from the front porch. (sigh)

So that's it for now. I could spend all day on this post, but better make it a few different ones. Wait'll you see OUR HIKE! (whew!) Thought I was going to die. My brain kept telling my legs what to do, but my legs just weren't doing it any more. :)

Hope you enjoyed my little Montana vacation spot. Let me know!



Shellmo said...

Your friends have an incredible place! I love their land - the cabin is STUNNING!!! Can't wait to see your hiking photos!!

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
Oh wow, that place is amazing. I want to be their friend too, lol. Only I would never want to go back to the big city after being there.
You are one lucky gal to have spent some time there!! And it's great that there are no snakes to contend with.
Can't wait to see more.

blushing rose said...

I can see you're going to be lining up with a lot of 'new' friends to visit this gorgeous place.

We enjoyed the picturesque Montana every time we drove across country.

TTFN ~Marydon

Allidink said...

Wow! That is amazing! I have never seen any place like that. It looks like no one is around for miles! Beautiful!

All the best,

Dawn said...

Wow, every country girl's dream! And it looks like the perfect setting for one of those "city girl falls for cowboy" romance novels.

Connie said...

Wow...Beautiful! Looks like a movie set. Happy for J&M to have a place to relax and get away to. Lucky you to get to visit so often. Can't wait to see more!


Mieke said...

To beautiful for words. Thank you so much for sharing, it feels good to know these places still exist.

Cindy said...

Hi Karen,
We just got home last night too and I have so much catching up to do!! These pics are just stunning!!! I enjoyed everyone my friend, sounds like you had a wonderful time! How long were you gone? I guess I have a lot of blog reading to do! Hugs, Cindy

Nina Diane said...

WOW....what a beautiful place and country side...I'm sure ya'll had a wonderful time. I look forward to more pics.

Blasé said...

Nice View!

diana said...

what is there not to love!? it's absolutely breathtaking. what a beautiful place to take a vacation.

how do you know the owners? so they don't live there year around? i try not to let jealousy creep into my world, but i find myself very jealous at the moment. of them and of you for getting to be there =)

Nina Diane said...

Karen, thanks for the comments...we will def enjoy the vacation. And your friend tellng you about givers and takers....yep, that's so true huh?