Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hello from PAGOSA SPRINGS, COLORADO! We are finally here! Four days late but better late than never.

Enough words - (Mieke these are for you!) Here is a little more of what we've been up to. What an awesome, awesome trip so far!


Home for 5 days. Spearfish, So Dakota.
About 15 miles west of Sturgis.
Not in the heart of all the action,
which is what I wanted.

Our first ride took us up to the tiny town of Deadwood.
This poor little town was bombarded with riders.
But they love it!!!
And what a sight to see!

Annette, me and Sheryl.
Where are JD and Pam?

So we stop into this incredibly packed saloon because we are all starving.
Apparently it is the very saloon where Wild Bill Hickok was killed!
Here is the actual chair he was sitting in.

And these were the cards he was holding.
For anyone who plays Poker, you know it is now known
as the "Dead Man's Hand"

Leave it to Annette to drop $20 in a slot machine and win $320!

We went to the Mt. Moriah cemetery in Deadwood.
(I could've walked around here for hours!)

Guess who is buried here?

Well, Wild Bill of course!
And in the plot right above him?
Calamity Jane!! What a pair!

On our way home we stopped at Kevin Costner's
"Tatanka!" Museum of the Bison.
It is an absolute MUST SEE!!!

Anyone recognize these costumes?
Dances With Wolves is my FAVORITE movie.

No, this is not the teepee used in the movie.
The one they used in the film is in Douglas WY. (I will post it later.
Of course I had to go SEE it! TOUCH it!
KEVIN COSTNER was in it!!! Holy Cow!!! )

The absolute main attraction of the museum,
besides all the artifacts and all the history he has
incorporated into the entire place, is the large
multipiece sculpture called "Buffalo jump".
It is outside and you have to walk around this little hill and suddenly!
You see it!
It absolutely stops you in your tracks!
Life size, and just . . . there are no words.

You could've heard a pin drop while discovering this sculpture.
It leaves you . . . in awe of the magnificent animals.
In awe of the people who hunted them.
In awe of how it must've looked, with the hunters
herding them over a cliff to their death.
Until the white man came, and slaughtered both
the red man and beast.

A part of history that is yes, however unfortunate,
necessary for us to be here today.
But, embarrassing just the same.
Why could we not just leave the Indians to live their lives
and move on to another place?
OK, I'm not going to get started . . .

So the next day we were riding along this road when - there!
I see it!!! (enlarge the pictures! Look hard!!)

See it?

Here you go!!

We parked all the bikes and headed on in . . .
(Don't know who any of those people are)
Mark and I. Like his new "rag"?
If you've ever had helmet hair - you'll understand.

I must admit, I was truly surprise at how SMALL it is.
I mean, I know it's huge, but I thought it would be HUGE.
The history book pictures are deceiving.

So - what you need to remember is, this is "Bike Week" in Sturgis, So. Dakota.
500,000 motorcycles descend upon this town.
So does the partying and "interesting" looking people.
So the guys, in fun - bought the girls these shirts.
I will never, ever wear it again.
I kept my vest on ALL DAY to cover it up.
I was so embarrassed just taking this one picture.
There were so many kids around . . .
As for the beer, if you know me - you know that
I HATE BEER! It was Mark's - just a prop for the photo.
But hey . . . once in a lifetime.

Annette, Sheryl and me. Joy didn't go.
And I don't know where Pam and JD were . . .

Onward - we took the walking tour . . . you get the best shots of the faces.

We ended up at the Sculptor's Center.
Below is the original "sample" of what it was supposed to look like.
He (the Sculptor - Gutzon Borglum) had several small "pieces" done
in a lightweight plaster-like material.
During the sculpting, they would raise them up or
lower them down to the man that was working on that portion
of the fine detail carving.
He was told to close his eyes, "feel the way it looks",
and then turn around and carve that feeling into the stone.
It really was amazing!
Once the government took over, they ended it before it was totally complete.

Can you name the four Presidents?

Next stop, CrazyHorse!

Now this is a MAGNIFICENT sculpture.
But it is all privately funded. The family of the man who was asked
to commemorate Crazy Horse is in charge of all of it.
The government has nothing to do with it.
Any donation - big or small is appreciated.
It probably will not be finished in our lifetime.
FYI - Mt Rushmore fits into just the head of this sculpture.
That's how incredibly large this is.

I wish I had a picture of what it will look like.
It is on someone else's camera, sorry.
But he is pointing to his land, and his horse
is beneath him and it is AWESOME!
(When I get the picture I'll post it.)

OK, I think that is quite enough for one day. My gosh, it's NOON!!! I've been at this for HOURS.

I have to take Mark to the Durango airport this evening and he is flying home to work for a few days and then drive back up with the boys on Sat. So I will have three days on my own, and plenty of time to continue to post . . . well . . . after I shop of course! (hehehe)

Everyone have a good day! I have sooooooo much to catch up on! Forgive me! I'll try my best.



Theresa said...

OMG Karen, What a wonderful post! It makes me want to travel there right away:) Miss hearing from you and hope you continue to have a great time and be safe!

Joyce said...

This looks like such an awesome trip...we love Dances with Wolves husband would love to see that!

Glad you are having so much fun....

Christine said...

What a fantastic trip you are on! I loved looking through the pictures! Feels like we are right there with ya. =O)

Shelley said...

This looks like a fun trip! Can't believe all those bikers there! I think Sturgis must be a common city name cuz we have one in Michigan. My hubby wants a motorcycle but I told him he can't have his death machine until he's 75. At that point I might be prepared to be a widow at that age. HA!! Glad you are having a good time. Look forward to hearing more about your trip. You sure do look tough in your biker shirt.....

diana said...

i really want to go up into that area of s.d. it just didn't work out for us this summer - maybe next.

enjoy your time there, i've never been to pagosa. my daughter loves it there as she has visited with her roommate, who grew up there. enjoy every minute.

Lisa said...

Looks like you are having one wild adventure! Thanks for letting us tag along!

Brenda said...

Looks like you're having a fantastic time! The photos are great, magnificent! See ya when you get home.

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
I am so glad you got the coached fixed and were able to get to Pagosa Springs. I know you are looking forward to meeting up with the boys.
I love seeing all your pictures. I would love to go to South Dakota someday and see all the neat things you showed us. I would really love to see Kevin Costners Tatanka museum.
I love the t-shirts you gals are wearing, lol. Biker chicks!!
Wow, Congrats to Annette for her win. I hope she took you all out to dinner. lol
I hope you have shopping and sightseeing while you are there waiting for the guys.

Ginger said...

oops that was supposed to say have fun shopping and sightseeing.

Cindy said...

Hi Karen,
It looks like your having a blast my dear!! How fun to have friends along too. Your pics are amazing! I have been there several times, 3 or 4 I think but its always just awe inspiring! I just loved Deadwood, such a fun little town and the casinos are so neat and I don't even gamble! Well you keep having a wonderful trip and talk to you soon. Love the crazy bitch t-shirt! That is just too funny! I would have covered up too but hey you got a cute pic! Hugs, Cindy

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

We had planned to make this trip soon when Pat died. I am so glad you got to go and experience it with friends. You looked like you were having a wonderful time! :)
Yep..I spotted it in the first picture...Wow...that was so amazing to see in the distance. :) Thanks for sharing!

Mieke said...

I am so happy you take us on this trip with you. It's a good thing you don't show us to much at once, I'm so overwhelmed by your pictures.

Nina Diane said...

WOW...looks like so much fun!! Those pics of the "Buffalo Jump"..just can't believe that. I would love to see that one day. Thanks for sharing all of the pics....

Jodie LeJeune said...

Wow Karen!!!!!!
I am breathless with these photos!!!! What a wonderful trip indeed!!!!! Jealous? Oh heck yea I'm jealous! Here I was worrying about your little broken Coach...I see you managed just FINE! ;)
I love the t-shirt though. Not good around children though...but I love the t-shirt!
Continue shopping and I so appreciate that you take us along with you!!!!!!
oh...Miss Lillian is a doll!!!! I know I'm going to freak when I see all of the other goodies you've found! :)
Have fun for me toooooo!!
everything vintage

ceekay said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Love the husband would love to hear all about Sturgis!

Melissa Miller said...

How wonderful Karen!
You all are seeing the most beautiful places. Love all the gorgeous photos.

Thank for the sweet visit today!
I had been missing you.

Be safe and enjoy! ~Melissa :)

Allidink said...

That is sooooo cool! Wow! I really love history and the old west I want to visit all those places now!

All the best,

Christine Edwards said...

Karen, thanks for sharing. We're headed to Mt Rushmore in a couple of weeks, so it's fun to see your trip.