Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Blogs to Visit

Over the past couple of days I have found two of the most delightful blogs! They are as different from each other as night and day, and I am so enjoying both of them immensely! One has immersed herself into the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado - (GEE!!! Have I ever mentioned I want a cabin Colorado?) and the other shares my dream of opening a tea cottage! Sigh. Love them both!!!!!! My gosh, what would we do without blogs??? How would we meet all these wonderful people who are out there - somewhere - people who we share passions with, who like the same things as we do, are maybe even living a little bit of our own dream!

Remember how it was when we first began? Without someone to help us out (thank you Connie!) nobody really knew we were there. So pop on over and visit Zuzu at A Cottage In The Woods and Donna at My Cup of Tea .

Now go on over and give them some love!!!! I know without a doubt you'll enjoy visiting!!!



Theresa said...

You are the sweetest! Comments are so important when you first start out with your blogging:) I left one already and headed to the other one. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Karen!
Thank you so much for coming over for a visit and leaving such a wonderful comment. Unfortunately I can't kick back just yet. I have a whole kitchen of cabinets I still have to paint!!! I'm going to check out these two new blogs now. So sweet of you to share!!!

My Desert Cottage

Leann said...

Thanks for the new eye candy, I'm headed over for a quick visit!


my cup of tea said...

Karen, Thank you~Thank you! You are so(awesome)sweet to mention my blog in your blog!! I love having followers and visitors! This is just so much fun! Meeting new people and making new friends,I'am finding blog land to be a big new adventure. You are so kind!

Elyse said...

oh i remember those days. i would beg my friend to leave me comments and she would be the only one ... until cynthia!

i will pop over to those blogs!

(i still am thrilled when i receive comments. this whole thing amazes me constantly!)


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Karen,
That was so nice of you to share these blogs with us! I will head on over and check them out, thanks my friend. Hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Karen, what a sweet thing you have done! I'm a little teary-eyed here - you have no idea how this has made my day.

I'm sending you a great big hug filled with Colorado sunshine - can you feel it? And now I'm off to visit 'My Cup of Tea'.

Thank you!


Boo-Bah said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much for visiting me this morning and for your sweet comments.
I will check out the two new blogs. I remember for awhile I never had any comments. It was so discouraging. I still get real excited when I get them and when someone decides to follow me It makes me so happy.

Have a happy day.

diana said...

i can see why you like the two blogs. you all could be sisters =)

if i had a cabin in the mountains, i'd invite you out. my blog would also look different from what it is now.

i'm going up to the mountains this weekend to view the colors and hopefully, wildlife. i hope to come back with lots of pictures.

Dawn said...

Hi Karen,
I've missed a few posts and am trying to catch up.

For me, it dosen't seem to matter if we've lost a loved one a year ago or 11 years ago, it still feels like they were just here yesterday. I do so believe they are still here as a part of us. Hold on to sweet memories.

Now for your crafting weekend - wow, that sounds like a blast. Can't wait to see your mask and what everyone else did.

And that silver tray! Woo-Hoo!It is gorgeous!