Monday, October 12, 2009

I know . . . I know

But I just have to share these two giveaways with you!!!

Sharyn over at Pink and Pretty Designs is having a giveaway. I just found her this morning and fell head over heels for her blog. You will too! And just look at what she is giving away!

Pretty Teaspoons

This is a sphere rose candle.

A pretty tea towel.

And there is more! But you need to run over to her blog and check it out!!! Very fun!

And you all know that Cathy at Mille Fleur is having an AWESOME giveaway!!! OH MY GOSH!!!

Can't you just smell it . . . all through the house . . .

Now how cute is this bread loaf pan? I mean . . . hello?

And a kitchen towel! Too flippin' cute!

And YUP! There's more. But you must go over to her blog to check it all out. Cathy is such a sweet person. This is just such a generous giveaway. Just perfect for the Holidays. BUT YOU HAVE TO HURRY!!! (jury duty just messed up my life!) I'm late for everything lately! SO GO!!!! Don't be late!!!!
(and YES! I entered them both!) :)


Blondie's Journal said...

I heard about Cathy's giveaway. I'd love to have that pan!!

Such generous people!!


Theresa said...

Well, if you entered... is there any reason to enter:) you lucky girl. Just kidding sweetheart! OK, I'll go enter just in case, he he! Have a blessed day and thanks!

Mieke said...

Where do you keep finding these people ? You showed me so many beautiful blogs already !

Joyce said...

Well, I'll hop over today and enter but if you've already entered I'm not sure I have any chance at all of winning : ) I love that bread pan!

Pink and Pretty Designs said...

Thankyou for sharing my giveaway : )

Sheryn xox

Anonymous said...

OHMY!!! I have made the WS spiced pumpkin bread and it's heavenly!

Doin' the happy dance here. Thanks for sharing, sweet, sweet Karen!


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Karen, wonderful giveaways.

I put a blurb on my blog about Doors of Welcome. Are you excited?!!!!

Barb ♥

Dawn said...

Ha, Ha, just couldn't resist could you! Stay dry today!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Came over to see your journal pages...they're beautiful! I'm using a very small book too...hope I don't encounter any problems as I'm getting a late start!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Ohhhhh Karen, thanks for sharing these fabulous giveaways!
Have a beautiful day!
Hugs, Carol Anne :)