Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doors of Welcome - Thanksgiving

Welcome! To the second "Doors of Welcome" for Thanksgiving. Please click on any of the Participants listed on my sidebar to see what wonderful Thanksgiving Doors await!

Decorating your door for Thanksgiving is a little harder than Halloween or Christmas. But what better way to say "Welcome - Come on in!" to family and friends that will be joining you on this most special of days! The day we bow our heads, and give thanks for our bounty - our food, our homes, our family and our friends. This day for sharing all that we have been Blessed with.


Welcome to our Home

This year I made a little banner.
(Good thing these doors are 8 feet high!)

I've had this terra cotta turkey for . . . forever!

I don't carve my pumpkins for Halloween any more.
This way they last all the way thru Thanksgiving!
(Can you spot the two fakes? hehehe)

The wreaths are my Fall wreaths,
with a little vintage postcard slipped inside

I found those huge leaves at Hobby Lobby! :)
(BTW - I was told a secret - that Hobby Lobby
might be coming to California! WHOO HOOO!)

Well, I know you have more Doors to visit . . . go ahead! Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget to come back on December 15th for the final installment of"Doors of Welcome".



Blondie's Journal said...

Your entryway is just gorgeous, Karen! Everyone that comes is going to pause about 5 minutes until they knock!! Love the postcards...what a grea touch. You have really mastered the art of doorways. Oh...and the banner. The best!!


Theresa said...

I always feel welcome at your door:) Beautiful DOORS and they are decorated with all the beauty of Thanksgiving. Your banner is a perfect addition. Love your un-cut pumpkins and they are all precious. Check back tomorrow for mine:) Have a wonderful weekend.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Karen, your doors always look so welcoming. I love the wreaths and I really like all of the pumpkins. Even the fake ones. I couldn't figure out which was which. Love the Banner too. Just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

Love the Decor! said...

Appropriately named... Doors of Welcome!!
Jov well done!

ceekay said...

Oh your entry is so pretty. I will get my post up tomorrow after church. I need to take some pics and it rained today!!!

Ginger said...

Your front doors are gorgeous, Karen. Nice that they are so tall.
I was looking for the fake pumpkins but they look pretty real.
Nice job of decorating!!

debi said...

Karen, Your door looks very pretty! I love the cute banner you made!

Dawn said...

Great idea with the banner, but I guess it does help having such tall doors! You know I love the vintage postcard. It's a great way to add a special touch to the fall wreath you already had up. Beautiful job!

Mimi said...

Oh gosh, I knew it, I knew your door would be spectacular, now I really feel bad that I left mine looking so --well so needing a fall garland!!!!
It is so welcoming!!!!
I will do much better for Christmas, I promise!!!!!
have a great day

Rettabug said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for hostessing today's Doors of Welcome party! Yours looks awesome with all your pretty touches of fall.

I ♥ the idea of tucking a vintage postcard into your wreath! I'll have to keep an eye out for a similar one so I can benchmark that idea for next year. :D

Thanks for sharing it all with us!


Mieke said...

Hi Karen, I decided to participate this time too, I know, we don't have Thanksgiving, but I couldn't resist being part of the party...

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Karen,
It looks fabulous! I just love that banner and the vintage postcard is such a neat touch! How did you find the energy for this? You must be tired! I will definately have a Christmas door ready although by then I may have to shovel off the snow to get a good pic! Yesterday's high was in the morning (mid fifties) and then the temp. just dropped all day long. It's cold and blustery right now. I am getting in the Christmas decorating mood and look forward to the next party! Hugs, Cindy

Christine Edwards said...

That looks so great! I have really been struggling with the Thanksgiving look. We have family coming in from out of town for Thanksgiving, and I want the house to look festive, but don't have a lot of autumn/harvest decor and it just feels too early for Christmas. I may try and implement some of your fabulous ideas in the next week and half. :-) Thanks for hostessing this fun voyeur event.

Valerie said...

Karen, this continues to be a fun party, your door is fabulous - I'll enjoy visiting everyone's blogs today - pick up new ideas for next year. I'll be back for Christmas!

Meg said...

Karen I love your door and am truly welcomed. I will be getting my post up later this afternoon. Sorry to be late and thanks for the invite.We had a couple of warm days last week and SH painted the doorway, so I am ready to go. Meg

Lisa said...

You did such a fabulous job on your banner! It certainly is the icing on the cake! The whole door is lovely! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Elyse said...

wow! now that's a door of welcome!

my front door needs to be replaced badly (it's actually on our christmas list) and so for now i will be a swooning bystander!

beautiful, karen!


karen said...

Oh Karen, how pretty! Love the sweet vintage postcard. You have that special touch that just can pull everything all together and it is certainly saying "Welcome."
Thank you for hosting the fun day! Really looking for to the Christmas doors. The gals here are full of inspiration!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Karen...
Hi sweetie. I so love your Doors of Welcome. It is just so warm and welcoming. I love the banner. It looks beautiful draped across the wood.

The pumpkins and your terra cotta turkey look so festive and ready to gobble, gobble the guests as they come.

I love the little flag with the scarecrow. He is so festive looking and just adds to the air of Thanksgiving.

I love the little postcard amongst the wreath. It is so precious. It is always the little details that say, "I love oyu".

Thanks for sharing. I am going to check out the other participants. Please stop by and say hi. I would so love to have you visit.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Kittie Howard said...

Fabulous decorations...I've already got the spirit...thanks for kicking it up a notch... and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Charlene said...

Hi Karen,

What a beautiful entryway you have--my post is up, this month sort of crept up on me, so it's a bit simple. Thanks for hosting this for all of us to enjoy!

Oliva said...

Gorgeous welcoming door! So many beautiful displays! Love the banner!!!

Meg said...

I know I left you a comment already but I wanted to thank you again for sponsoring The Doors of Welcome. It is such a great idea and such a personal way for us to "Invite each other over" I am also glad that it is small enough that I will visit everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Meg

❦TattingChic said...

Your door is beautiful! What a lovely entry into a home.

Sarah said...

Beautiful door! It is so welcoming and full of texture. I'm with you about not carving the pumpkins. Love your banner and everything about your decor. It is definitely A Door of Welcome!


A very welcoming welcome door! Blessings!

Kathleen said...

I don't know what happened, but I kept coming over and only getting an old post.
I even emailed Cindy to see if you were ok!
Well, I am glad I found you, and that you seem to be fine, LOL..
Lovely door...very welcoming!
I didn't do anything different for Tgiving, but I'll see you for Christmas!

Stacey said...

Karen, I'm sorry I never got my door posted for the party! I just didn't get around to's as simple as that. I will definitely be ready for the Christmas party.