Thursday, December 10, 2009

Above and Beyond

Well, I never expected to win a giveaway and upon receiving the package, open it up only to burst into tears. But that's what happened to me today. And I have to share it with all of you.

About 10 days ago, I got an Email from my friend Theresa at "They Call Me Ganky". "Karen, you won my giveaway . . . " so of course I hurry over to her blog to see! And there it is - announcing me! YAY!

Look at what a cutie pie drew my name!
"Ganky - this is soooo exciting . . . "

This is Alex, Theresa's granddaughter.
Isn't she just the cutest little thing?

So Theresa and I talked back and forth exchanging addresses and such and today my son brings the mail in. "MOM! Another package for you (sigh, someone has to win- teehee!) So I rush down and get it and bring it up to my craftroom. I was extremely patient and took all the right pictures as I opened it up.
(I apologize, I had to post this right away and didn't even edit my pictures so . . . they aren't the best . . . )

What a cute box!

"Ohhhhhhh . . . "

"ahhhhhhh . . . "

and this is where I promptly burst into tears.

That's my Mom. :)
See why I cried? I miss her so much.
She's been gone since 1998, but sometimes it just feels like last week.
Theresa must've taken her picture off my blog, and put it in the ornament.

But wait! There's more! Look at these handmade crocheted ornaments!

Isn't this too cute?

All together!

That is what I call going above and beyond. Theresa thought of something so near and dear to my heart and added it to my prize. How awesome is that? I WISH I COULD GIVE HER A BIG HUG!!!

Her nephew Justin has just been called back to duty in Afghanistan. Please say a prayer for him. Here they are together right before he left. What a handsome guy!

Well, I had to post this ASAP. To thank Theresa (thank you my Dear). And to share with everyone what a wonderful, wonderful gift she gave me. What an awesome woman. You should go visit her on her blog. She has the most wonderful family - they will just crack you up! I have a hard time keeping everyone straight. Everyone just looks like sisters. But it's Moms and daughters and nieces and aunts . . . you name it. It's just too fun. . .

Thank you again Theresa. You are AWESOME! I love them ALL!




icandy... said...

That really is very special, how thoughtful of her to personalize that ornament gift for you!
Have a blessed day!

ceekay said...

Oh, how exciting to receive such a wonderful giveaway and the personalized ornament too! Enjoy them!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

What a wonderful thing for her to do...I don't blame you for crying. I've won a couple of giveaways recently too and I never win things! Aren't blogger just the sweetest people?


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Karen...
How exciting, not only receive a package, but one with your Moma tucked inside. I so love that. It is just precious. I love all of your special ornaments. They are just beautiful and I love the little box. That is just sweet as it can be. Thank you for sharing tonight. I am going to go over and visit your friend, and let her know I too will be praying for her nephew.

Please stop by and say hi. I would so love to have you visit.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Jodie LeJeune said...

Well she sure did go above and beyond! How sweet of her to frame your Mom's photo in an ornament. So is it hanging on your tree yet??? ;)
Another question...when will you let OTHER people win???
everything vintage

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OOOH Karen,
I've got tears in my eyes! This is so touching and so sweet! The give-away is wonderful, but the pic of your Mom Ornament is just over the top wonderful!! You have been on a winning roll girl, Congrats!!! I will be sure to check out her blog too! Hugs and Happy Week-end, Cindy

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Good Morning. I was reading my Mom's blog and looked over and saw my baby! It was the strangest thing to see her face on someone else's blog that I had to focus (it is early) to make sure it was my Alex! I am so glad you got to see what a sweet and caring person my Mom is. She really is like that always so it did NOT surprise me that she put your Mom's picture in an ornament. I would even expect no less of her, knowing her so well! Thanks for being her friend and I hope you enjoy your prizes, you lucky girl! Have a wonderful day!

Theresa said...

Hey sweet friend! I know how much I loved MY Mama and I know how much you LOVED yours and still do! It makes me happy to make someone else happy! Enjoy your ornaments and especially the special one. Put it on your tree each year and you will always have a little love from me:) Have a blessed day!

Dawn said...

What a wonderful surprise. Our blogger friends are just the most thoughtful people!

Her nephew Justin looks so young. We ask so much them, don't we. I pray they all come home safely, and soon.
Christmas Hugs,

Nina Diane said...

awww...that was so sweet of her!! And I'll be posting my house pictures this weekend :)

Mieke said...

What a thoughtful gift this is. But then, we all know what a sweet girl you are and this is the most wonderful time of the year, so you could expect it!

debi said...

Wow! What a wonderful gift! I especially love the beautiful ornament with the picture of your mom. That is such a thoughtful and special gift.

Love the Decor! said...

What a wonderful thing to do! Aren't blogging friends just the best!!

Debbie said...

Surprises are wonderful....very pretty ornaments. I know that was so special to receive the one with your mother. Also, would you add me back on for December Doors of Thanks and blessings, Debbie

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Karen, thanks for stopping by. I want to clarify. It was a nice surprise to see Alex on your blog. I loved that picture of her and did not mind you posting it one bit! Any friend of Mom's is a friend of MINE! BTW, responding to your comment on my blog: she LOVES Savannah!!!! :)

Janean said...

yay that you won and enjoyed what you got! i know what you mean about missing your mom. mine "moved to heaven" nearly three years ago, but sometimes it seems to be three days ago!

Sandra said...

Hi Karen. What a wonderful giveaway and so glad that you won. :) Wow, the personalized ornament is so special. That really touched my heart. Have a wonderful weekend.

Maggie B said...

What a lovely surprise, so thoughtful too. I'm not surprised that you shed a few tears, I would have done too.

Melissa Miller said...

Karen that is the most thoughtful and special gift I have ever seen given to a a blogger. You deserve it dear lady! How wonderful!

Enjoy this blessed season!
~Warmly, ~Melissa :)

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

Well, how truly sweet and generous! She must have such a big heart.

Ginger said...

What a lucky gal you are!! That is a sweet giveaway and I love how the picture of your mom is in the ornament. That is a special touch.
Your house looks so pretty all decorated for Christmas.

Jacqueline said...

Isn't that just something what she did for you. I am just awe struck by the heart of such bloggers and the kindness that is given away. Those tears heal, every time they are shed. You can see my post about my mom (Mother Goose) on my blog from a few days ago if you would like a trip down mama lane.

Blue Creek Home said...

I just signed up to follow and added your Christmas door button to my side bar. I am looking forward to participating.
Now, excuse me while I read some more of your lovely blog!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Karen, Congratulations on winning that wonderful giveaway! I'm very happy for you! It was such a sweet idea to use your mom's picture for the frame. Enjoy the gifts!