Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flaunt Your Red Friday!

Flaunt your Red Party

YAY! Thank you to Nancy at Southern Lady for hosting Flaunt Your Red Friday! I have always wanted to participate in this! And this week, it's perfect because . . . 

This little red baby . . .  

(please note the RED bedroom in the photo!)

is getting thrown into . . . 

this little red baby . . .

(I LOVE my car - can you tell?)

and driven to here (sorry, this part isn't red - but you get my drift . . .)

So that me, my husband and my oldest son can all get to . . . 

here ...

Montana! (sigh)
This was taken last June. This is how green it is! 
(Sorry I know this is about red!)


I hope y'all (you like that, huh? I'm sounding like a cowgirl already!) have a great weekend and I'll be back on line when we get back into town next week! 

p.s. Ginger! I'll be flying right over you, so if you hear a "HELLO DOWN THERE" in the middle of the night Friday night, that'll be me!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Whoo Hoo! (why do I start most of my posts that way?) LOL

Thanks again to Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" for hosting this event. It really is fun to get see what everyone does. I am still in awe of what some of you do. Me? It is so REALITY. What you see here, is what we had for dinner tonight. HA!

So here we go. 

What is it with my tablescapes that it looks wonderful in real life, 
and as soon as I look at the pictures it's like  "huh?"

Dishes courtesy of Target! (well . . .  I paid for them)

It really did look cute. 

Tonight's menu was easy. Cobb salad.
Mark was going to be late . . . I rest my case.

I got the most DELICIOUS white nectarines at the Farmer's market.

A little garlic bread - yes I know . . . it's "slightly charred".
I got distracted!

The Hydrangea are in bloom all around us.

So I cut just a few . . . 

Have you ever sat down to dinner with your 20 year old son,
and had a ball?
Well he and I did tonight. Every once in a while - just the two of us - 
clicks. A good night for Dad to be late.
Lots of dialog. 
That's a good thing when they are 20.
Ever hear the song by Montgomery Gentry called 
"Back When I Knew It All"  ??
Perfectly describes my 20 year old.
But hey, I got him to try an orange bell pepper. . . 
and surprisingly - he LIKED it.


XOXOXO Hugs everyone!

I'm sorry, but I almost died when . . .

OK, I HAVE to share this with you. If I offend anyone - I apologize, but . . . 

Let's go shopping! I got an Email today from Coach. They have a new line coming out. So I glanced through what they offered and happened upon THIS!  Now I love a good purse like the next gal, and I will confess to having a "few" Coach purses. But . . . this just absolutely cracked me up.

What every woman needs - a gardening tote. 
Come on everyone let's all order one. 
They go for the stunning price of only $6,000.00. 
Yes - you read that right!
But remember now, the gardening tools are included!

Not into gardening?
Ok, let's settle for going to the beach instead. 
We'll all bring our Beach bags!
It's only $2400.00.
They come fully equipped too! 
(why do I need gardening tools in a beach bag?)
Somebody in marketing screwed that one up . . . 
OK, I'm over it. But I had to share this. I cannot even imagine  . . . 

Now I know there are a lot more expensive bags out there compared to Coach. Louis Vitton for one. I have no clue how much they run - and probably never will. But my friend Jeanne gave me my first Coach purse and she said this to me when I called her up to scream at her on Christmas morning. "Karen, what else do you treat rougher than your purse? Day in and day out - it takes a beating. You need a good purse." And she's right. I've had my first purse for 2 1/2 years now, and it looks as good today as it did when I opened it. (Can't say the same for my 2 cloth ones - stick with leather!) And I do love my purse.

But - $6000.00? 

It's kind of like electricity in my book. I have better things to spend $6000 on than a gardening tote. And I have better things to spend my money on than wasted electricity! (I am a stickler when it comes to this. You waste water or electricity in my house, you will definitely hear it from MOI! Just ask my kids! OH! And their friends! )

That's it for today! Have a good evening everyone!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Favorite Paintings

Today I thought I would share my favorite paintings with you.  When it comes to artwork, I have always been in the frame of mind of  "buy what you love" and "would you want to be there?" (Be sure to click on the photo to enlarge so you can really see the detail.)

For my 40th birthday Mark bought me two Thomas Kincaid prints.

 "Victorian Garden II"
The canvas measures 20" x 24". 
It's nice and big and easy to enjoy.

 "Stillwater Bridge"
Sweetheart Gardens I

It is a smaller canvas measuring about 12" x 16".
I have it just propped against the wall on a shelf
in our Master Bedroom.

Then about five years ago, we had an opportunity to buy this one 
directly through someone who works for Thomas Kincaid. 
I love it!!
"A Peaceful Retreat"
"Beginning of a Perfect Evening II"
I want to live here too!
We have this one hanging above our bed. 

Someday, when we get our cabin in Colorado, this one will go there. (sigh.)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

It Finally Came!

I have been patiently waiting for my 
beautiful new Tote Bag to be completed and it finally is here!

I fell in love with these at  "An Artistic Affaire Printemps" 
which I attended last month.

This bag is awesome. It about 18" long and 10" wide. It is HUGE! It has room for anything and everything you could possibly need for your crafting or scrapping on the go. I can't wait to pack it up! I will take it in the coach this summer on all of our travels so I can work or scrap the entire time!

Look at all the storage!!!! She even gives you a shoulder bag strap for it.

A place for everything!

You get to choose the design of your bag. 
Mine is called Anastasia. She is so pretty!

I am so happy! Thank you Kim Caldwell.  I ran into Kim downtown LA this past week. All of a sudden I heard this voice come from across the fabric warehouse . . ."KAREN" and there she was! She is just so cute and so fun. I wish you all could meet her. She is just an awesome person.  
To see Kim's other creations go to  
You will be so happy you did!
Have a great weekend!!! 



Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Double Post!

My first double post. 

First is Show & Tell Friday hosted by Kelli over at There's No Place Like Home. I think I'm addicted to this, because I seem to be coming up with something that doesn't take forever to post for the last couple of weeks. YAY! So thank you Kelli for hosting this very fun event. be sure to jump over to Kelli's blog and visit all the other great entrees this week. 

This week I'm going to share with you a little more of my workroom. It was becoming a mess, so I ended up gong to Home Goods with fingers crossed, and of course, I did not walk out disappointed. 

I found these cute canisters for my ribbons and lace. 
I put it all together last night. And everything looks 
so much better.  Now I can see what I have with just a glance. 

I have become addicted to vintage ribbon and lace. 
Even just little bits and pieces! I love digging through it all! 
There is a wonderful vendor at the Rose Bowl Flea Market 
who has a wonderful selection of vintage lace, 
ribbon and buttons. I could spend hours there!

Some of this is vintage, and some isn't. I've put lace in one and ribbon in the other.

And the larger one is for used ribbon and 
lace that I think I can reuse. 
The canisters look so pretty sitting there 
with all the different textures and colors.

Right next to them is my leaded bowl ($4 yard sale find!) 
full of vintage buttons. Isn't the bowl gorgeous?

Next to that is my little mosaic box I made at 
An Artistic Affaire a few weeks ago.

And next to that are my ribbon boxes that 
are STUFFED full of new ribbon. 

So my worktable is now organized again, 
but now that I have so much more "stuff" 
I have to use it for storage too!
(Please don't let my husband read this post!)

Because over on top of the paper storage 
(next to MORE new ribbon) is 

a big hat box full of . . . 

The BIG 100 yard spools of ribbon and lace that
I can't fit anywhere else. (hehehe)
In fact there was so much, I looked at my "pretty" 
antique bobbins and thought "Put them to good use!" 
So I wrapped a few of my 100 yards of lace 
onto a few of them and now once again can see what I have.

Tada! I Love the way it looks.

And that is my cleaned up work table in my favorite room in the entire house.


It's time for Marty's Cloche Party! I've been looking forward to this. Marty from over at A Stroll Thru Life is hosting this, and I can't wait to see what everyone shares! Be sure to jump over to her blog and see for yourself!

I've just started collecting my cloches this year. And I love them!   

I loved all my Easter display's. So I will reshare those with you now.
Remember to click on the pictures and they will enlarge.

For those of you who know me - you'll remember I don't have a lot of things out for the summer. I just don't like dusting it all, and I leave my doors and windows open as much as I can.

So I really only have them on display in my "new" hutch. And for some reason, I cannot get a picture with either camera without all the "rings" appearing. So . . . Use your imagination! They look REALLY pretty (all enclosed and kinda dust free!). 

Now go over to Marty's blog and check out all the rest! Have a great evening!