Sunday, January 17, 2010

All Eyes on the Heavens

I thought I would go outside in the warm sunshine and enjoy the morning. Because, apparently Southern California is in for the week from hell. Or so the weathermen say.

This is what they say is coming. We could have more than 2" to 3" of rain each day this week. And our mountains - above the 6000 foot level - are looking for upwards of FOUR FEET of snow. Below that - are you ready for this . . . 20" of rain. Unheard of. Over time - yes. But in four straight days?

But it seems when our weathermen get all excited over an incredible storm heading our way, or in this case a series of four different storms - one right after the other,  it always peters out. The forecast has already changed from what they said yesterday. So we will see. The snow would be awesome - the rain? 20" in the mountains? If you recall we had the largest wildfire LA County has ever seen this past summer. 250 sqr miles. I can only imagine what that amount of rain is going to do to the hillsides. And the people that live below them. They are predicting the mud could flow for miles. And that could be disastrous.  I will keep you posted - course you will probably hear about it on the news if it really does do what they say it's going to do.

In the meantime - like I said - I'm outside this morning - enjoying the warm sunshine. The other day I read on someone's blog that her lemon tree was doing weird things. Well so is mine! Check out these shots.
I could make a science fiction movie titled "Attack of the Meyer Lemons"

What the heck is happening? Kinda gross if you ask me . . .

And then there were just the pretty shots around the front yard.

See this bird? He is soooooooo confused!

For the past three days he has been trying desperately
to fly through my living room windows. He's obviously
seeing the reflection - but it's driving me crazy! It's so LOUD!
I am afraid he is going to hurt himself.
Cute little guy, huh?

Last night's sunset.

It was absolutely stunning - but of course the pictures just don't do it credit. But I guess that is why I am taking a photography class right? Which by the way - last week, all we did was learn how to do a few things in photoshop, and then how to download the pictures to the lab computers and order our prints from the lab. DAUNTING! That is our homework for next week . . . print ONE PHOTO! UGH!!!! it's so complicated! Jeanne and I are going to go down together on Tues afternoon and try it together. (We'll see who took better notes hehehe). Meanwhile - she is in MONTANA!!! Sigh.

That bird is going to drive me nuts . . .

If you haven't entered my "It's a Pink Thing Giveaway"yet, go to the post below this and enter. And if you wanted to spread the word about it - I just might give you extra brownie points! :)  I always welcome new viewers. But I'm not doing the "become a follower" thing. I figure if someone wants to follow my blog, they'll just do it, without being told to do so. I mean, does it really matter how many followers we each have? I think it's fun to see what everyone else is interested in and will check out who is following what sometimes . . . but . . . I guess I like my blog more personal. It isn't a business . . . and I really don't care if I have 1000 or 2000 followers. How can you stay in touch with people that way? I just love all of you who visit me on a regular basis. LOL. I'm easy!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and I'll keep you posted on whether or not Mark decided to start building an ark . . .



Boo-Bah said...

Your thoughts on the rain we are supposed to have are mine also. It seems that the weathermen do get all excited over a supposedly coming storm and it usually doesn't happen. I love rain and we do need it, just not so much all at once. We will see.

That poor little bird! I hope he doesn't hurt himself.

Those lemons are the strangest! They probably taste just as good though.

Stay dry in the coming week.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I think your pictures are just wonderful. I love them. It really is funny how the weathermen get it all wrong a lot of the time. We are suppossed to get all that rain right after you. They say we will have rain all week too. We'll wait and see. If so will be a good week to just stay inside and putz. Hope you have a super day outside in the sun. Hugs, Marty

Joyce said...

A little finch flew into our window on Tuesday. My husband picked him up and set him on the deck table. He sat there a long time but eventually managed to fly away. He shook himself up pretty good though and my dog was going nuts. She's a bird dog but we haven't trained her to hunt so the only birds she's ever snagged have been injured birds. I know its her instinct but I can't watch. We kept her in but she wasn't happy.

I just commented to my husband today that it feels very English here today....wet cold, drizzly rain...a good day for football and white chicken chili!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh Karen, What a wonderful blue! It seems like the heaven over here hasn't looked like that for months. It snowed again today and I'm fed up with that kind of weather. I keep my fingers cross that you don't get too much rain! Your lemons have funny shapes but it must be wonderful to just go outside and pick the fruits.
May I take one of your giveaway-pictures to put it on my sidebar?

Have a great Sunday afternoon!

Hugs and love,

Theresa said...

Oh Karen (with the same middle name as me) love your pictures. Flowers in January, oh it must be heaven out there. And the sunsets... ahhhhhh!

Rain? 20"? We'll pray that doesn't happen. I know what 20" of rain can do and it isn't good!

Hope your Father-in-law is doing well:) I am praying for him.

Love to my friend! Have a blessed day!

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Karen,
Rain is nice but not that much in a few days. Yikes!
Our kids in SO-CAL have felt two earthquakes last week. (4.3) Have you? We'll be out there in the near future to visit them and CeeKay.
Your pink giveaway is so cute and useful.
I hope your father-in-law in doing well.

linda said...

Yes, we'll see what happens here in CA this week. Our weathermen get so worked up for nothing sometimes!

I'm the one with the gigantic lemons/grapefruit. Those things are crazy but yours are really crazy! It looks like they have horns! Too funny!

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday! How is your FIL doing by the way?

ceekay said...

I heard that your rain is supposed to come here too. We sure could use it! Sweet little bird...he just wants to be included in everything!!
Enjoy your pretty days....

Nina Diane said...

really nice picts Karen! we had tons of rain today and it's still cold. And i think we are getting more rain later in the week.
poor little birdy...hope he doesn't get hurt...

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
You are getting ready for rain, we are expecting snow tomorrow. All week, the weatherman says. I hope he is wrong.
I got home from Vegas yesterday afternoon. Sure hated to leave.
Your lemons are weird looking. You could sell them on Ebay, lol.
I didn't know you grew lemons.
I also didn't know you were doing photography lessons. Thats great!!
Today, there was a bald eagle hanging out across the highway from us. Wish I had my camera ready. But then he swooped down and grabbed something and off he went...looked like a small cat.
Hate nature sometimes.

A Fanciful Life said...

Hi Karen,
We have the same weather thing going on up here in Northern California. They keep saying the huge storm is coming (they said 8 inches of rain this weekend) but it keeps changing. We had a touch of rain but just enough to get the ground wet. I was so disappointed as I wanted to nest all weekend! Well, I stayed in anyhow but it would have been great to have some nice rain when I don't have to go to work. Yes, your lemons look really weird. Is that only happening in your area? Would be interesting to know why they are growing like that.
Have a great week!
Sharon :-)

Dawn said...

Started raining here today at about noon and hasn't stopped yet. I sure wouldn't want to be in the hills down there! Our intersections always flood here even with a llight rain. We must have the worst drainage system ever. Stay dry,

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Karen,
You have a lemon tree? I am so jealous right now!! The beautiful blue skies and the awesome sunsets and seeing flowers outside. I guess we always want what we don't have, you want snow, I want lemon trees! hehe. My brother says Flagstaff is going to get hit with a mammoth storm and I am wondering it that is part of the same weather system. Now, don't float away girl, and stay dry~ Hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Hiya Karen,
Heard about the rain coming - yikes! BE SAFE! I'm sure you already know this, but please don't attempt to drive out in that stuff. When we lived in Hollister, people used to try to drive through the streams that were forming on the highways, and they'd be carried off.
I love reading about your adventures in photo class. I'm using a really, REALLY old digi camera so even a class wouldn't help me. Anyway, I think your taking some good shots right now - can't wait to see what magic you learn!
I also love your philosophy on 'Follwers'. I consider a visit & a comment to be the best way of knowing if someone likes my blog!
Have a great day,

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

What I wouldn't give to see flowers blooming and sunny blue skies around here. But, 20 inches of rain is frightening. Around here, things just mudslides, California suffers so much but I guess when you look at that explains why people love it anyway!

Good luck, keep us posted.


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Karen, your pictures are great! I think the lemons are funny....they make me smile.

Take care. Barb ♥

Bryanna Lenan said...

Yummmy... one of the things I miss about CA are those yummy lemons, I do miss my lemon tree!! I hope you are keeping dry!! xo

Jenny said...

Those lemons are crazy. I'm going to look in my Master Gardener handbook to see if there is an explanation. They almost look like they're crossed with that odd citrus called Buddhas hands - or something like that.

Household 6 said...

Those are the oddest lemons I've ever seen!!!

Sandra said...

Karen, I enjoyed all of your photos. And poor little bird!
I've never seen anything like those lemons! I wonder what's going on?

diana said...

you have some gorgeous photos there of the beauty before the storm.

we've been hearing about your forthcoming (although i think it's there now) weather. we talked to don's brother, who is a fireman down in oceanside, and he said the rain is coming down sideways and is pretty fierce.

hope the mudslides will be kept to a minimum. stay dry my friend.

Connie said...

Your lemons are crazy looking! Love the sky take good photos! Yeah...I'm waiting for all that rain too...we shall see. It was nice today with all the rain.

Mieke said...

This looks like spring, sigh... but between 2" and 3" of rain each day, that's about the average rain fall each month in Belgium ! This means you will get almost our year-average in 4 days, and believe me, we are a wet country, hard to believe this is possible.

Maybe you could try to put a piece of paper on the window for some days, so the poor bird sees no reflection anymore...

Keep dry and save !

jen said...

That poor little bird is probaly trying to get inside because he's afraid of those freaky lemons!!!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Since I'm awake...
You are the first blog that I read since I'm back from vacation and looky all what I missed!
You did have fun without me...(I'm making mean eyes!)
I'm off to leave a comment on your fantastic giveaway!!! Are you sure I don't get anything extra for being a follower??? ;0
Just kidding girl...I'm with you on that one!
Okay goodnight...for real. It's way past my bedtime~
everything vintage

Jodie LeJeune said...

hurry up and post another post so I won't have to look at those lemons again. They really are a little creepy! hahahaha
Are you going to eat them????
everything vintage

Dawn said...

Hey Karen, just checking back in to make sure you're still dry. We are toatally soaked already and today is supposed to be the worst yet.