Friday, March 12, 2010

Cyclone warning ...

Yes! There was a cyclone warning issued in my town today! It was here! In my house!
My dining room and entry look like one just blasted through here!

I can't believe I'm showing you this. But . . . I had to, to set the stage for what happened next!

You see, I was in a "mood". Mark and Justin left this morning early for the last trip of the year to Glamis.
And I opened all the tubs to get out my spring and Easter decor.
Now I had mentioned to hubby when he took them down last night "where is the spring tub?"
His reply? "That's all there is Karen . . . there is so much #@*#@! up there you're lucky I could find that!"
Well, needless to say there is a box missing. So who gets to go up into the rafters? ME! BIG FROWN!
Up I go and nope - didn't find a box labeled spring. But guess what I did find!!!!!
This! My Grandma's old suitcase!
Remember when everything was engraved?
LOVE these pockets. Why don't they put those in suitcases any more?

Oh goodie! Fabric!
Looks like maybe something one of the granddaughters did to practice her stitches.
This was underneath! I love, love, love old cards!
But inside, instead of cards I found . . . these!
Can you say "HOLY COW!"
These two little pairs of booties are over 150 years old! 
They belonged to my great grandfather, 
made for him by my great, great grandmother!
Can you imagine making these? Look at the TINY laces.
And the teeny little bows . . . 
All made by a Mother . . . anxious for her baby to get here.

Cool huh? I thought so .

But I STILL haven't found my box of Spring things! It has just evaporated . . . I'll probably find it when we drag out all the Christmas next year . . . UGH!

Anyway - had to share! Have a good weekend everyone! Can you guess what I'll be doing? :)



Blondie's Journal said...

Well I hope the cyclone was a false alarm because the attic is the worst place to be. You must take cover, down in a basement, not in your attic, waving it down!! ;-)

Sorry you didn't find your box, but your grandmother's treasures are darling. How lucky you are to have them. Even the vintage suitcase is cool!!

Have a wonderful and SAFE weekend, Karen!


Jenna said...

What a treasure!!!

Love the Decor! said...

I love finding treasures like that!
We have been going through my dads house and I have found a few things that I hope to share on my blog soon also
Have a good weekend.

Janet Happy Girl said...

I just had to laugh at your photos because it looked to me like a woman on a mission. I know how I get when I can't find something. And yes the goodies in the suitcase were treasures. You should try to display them somehow, either in a shadow box or in a fancy box...they are too precious to hide away...thank you for sharing them with us.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Wow Karen, those shoes are just unreal. What a find. I can't believe you didn't know they were there. I would have them under glass for use. What a wonderful treasure. Hope you get it all cleaned up, I do so relate. Hugs, Marty

Theresa said...

I feel your pain, I am getting mine out tomorrow and will most likely have a similar problem. BUT... look at what you found, OMG Karen, all of those treasures. LOVE the booties and even the cards. Great find my friend. I bet, like me, you have plenty even with a missing tub. Big Hugs!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Karen... :) I am doing the same exact thing and I also am missing a box. We also looked in the rafters in the garage but all he could find was Christmas. He kept saying "you have and AWFUL lot of Christmas stuff!" I wanted to shout "SHUT UP! I KNOW IT!" but you would be proud. I didn't.
My St. Patricks Day stuff never did surface and I spent the day searching the large shed.
Oh well...I guess there is next year.
Yep...the Easter decorating begins. I admit, I LOVE doing this!
The man you spoke of..died at exactly my age. 73.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Karen, oooh what treasures you uncovered! Sorry you didn't find your Spring box, but what you found instead is so delightful! I love the vintage fabric with stitching and the little shoes are just precious... the suitcase is a treasure in itself... and what special memories this must hold... xoxo Julie Marie

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Girl what a treasurer you fun is this...and I had to laugh at Jane's comment about the basement don't we only wish we had basements in Calif...and I'm with Marty I seen a cloche on your DR table I would have tose sweet shoes with the note under it...Hope you have a fun weekend my friend...Len leave for 2 days on Tuesday so I'll be able to do the same thing as you YAHOO!! You know the one less egg to fried story ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Ny Dear friend...Gl♥ria

Nina Diane said...

wow Karen...what an awesome discovery! I love having family treasures

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Wow-you found buried treasure! What wonderful items to have. My house looked like that last weekend.

Amy Arnaz said...

Karen~ What a treasure inside that old suitcase. I love stuff like that. Amy

debi said...

OMGosh!! That's so cool that you have those old booties! What a special treasure. You should frame and display those...they're far to special to keep in the attic. Especially if they vaporize like your box that says 'spring'. LOL

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh Karen, How cute and what a treasure! You could display them under a cloche or so.
I'm sure your missed box will surface but maybe not until you stopped searcing for it ;-).
Have fun with your Easter decoration and have a great weekend!

Doni said...

Looks like you've fibbed...a very organized cyclone would be the type that hit your house! Now if you want to see what MY cyclone looks's made of winter dust and lots of it! I've been dusting and the house is a huge mess! Now....those shoes are AWESOME! You hold in your hands a relic of your own heritage and it's absolutely priceless. I'm adopted, so heirlooms would be so precious to me. Enjoy them and use them daily to remind you of your history and the love of that mommy for her little babe; and all the ones to follow, including you!

Mimi said...

Oh Karen, that mess was worth that found treasure!!!!That suitcase alone is quite a treasure for sure, vintage luggage is so the rage right now!!!!I love thse darling baby slippers, and imagine all the work put into them, wow that is so amazing that they are that old, great find!!!!
I hope you find your Easter/Spring stuff, I got my decorating done for spring, well not the outside, it has been way to cold to do that!!! Where is our normal AZ sunshine!!!!!
Have a fun week end decorating for spring!!!!
I'm sure that lost tub will pop up soon!!!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Good Morning Dearie!
Jane and I are so Midwest! Everyone here of course, has a basement! Oh, your treasures dear! Those little booties and the cards and the vintage suitcase! Wonderful!! I really do love your dining room! It's gorgeous, you need to show it off more often! Most everyone is telling me to take down my bird feeders! Just my pioneer sisters, you and Gloria, say to keep them! I love it!! Looks like you'll be a busy beaver all week-end!
Big Hugs,
And, I wish I was there. I could help you sort through things!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Now I'm mad...
You told me you found your grandmother's suitcase with fabric and cards but FAILED to tell me about these sa-weet shoes!!!!
Everybody found out before me? You KNOW I'm two hours ahead of you and I am sleeping by the time you post these BIG secrets! ;)

Seriously girl, what an awesome find! I'm going to stop yard sale-ing here in Louisiana and fly up to Cali. I'm going shopping in your rafters. I'll kill two birds with one stone...Find me some wonderful goodies and Mark will love me because he'll never have to go up there again!!!! yay!
Sound like a good plan, right????

Have fun decorating Karen, hope you find your silk flowers!!!!
(just please look in your never know!)


June said...

I can't tell you Karen how much I loved reading this post. First because your husband sounds just like mine. Isn't it funny how when it's out stuff its *#@* and when it's there stuff is a whole different
Then I loved the peek into your cyclone, your house is lovely.
And then all the wonderful treasures that you have in that suitcase. How lucky you are to have such wonderful things in your possession. Those baby booties **sigh**

Debby said...

OH my gosh, it was so worth the cyclone. Look at all your precious treasures. Thanks for shring.

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Wow! What wonderful family heirlooms! What a lovely shadow box project that would make! Hope your cyclone aftermath has been brought back to order!! Hugs!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Karen, I am laughing here because this sounds all to familiar. I am forever losing bins of stuff that my husband can't seem to find!!!!

Love all the treasures. Hope your Sunday is fun!!!!

Hugs, Barb ♥

Kammy said...

That cyclone has come all the way to Colorado ! I am still looking for spring too ! Love what you found, such great keepsakes...I do think you need to add that suitcase with some of your spring decore - as it is the perfect robins egg blue !

sissie said...

Oh what great treasures inside your Grandmother's suitcase. I cannot believe those old booties. I just know you had so much fun going through all that stuff.


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

24 SWAPS!!! OMG Girl!! You must be busy and tired! I bet you so can't wait for Savanna! It will be so beautiful this time of year and the flowers will be blooming and all those old gorgeous homes! Oh, I am getting excited just thinking about it!!! Have a great week and I wish I was riding around in your cute little red car with you. Big Hugs, Cindy

Melissa Miller said...

Oh Karen how wonderful to find such precious memories. The booties are darling. :)

HeArt Collective said...

What a treasure! I am such a sentimental sap I am almost crying over the wonderfulness of your find... *sniff* So sweet and touching not to mention beautiful and historic!

Happy Day!

cindy said...

Well, I think you found your Easter Present. How great to have found those items in your grandma's suitcase.

They most have held many memories for her to have kept them.

Christine said...

What a treasure! I was just noticing a couple of your bunnies and I am sitting here thinking to myself I have those two bunnies too! Hmmm wonder where they are packed? I really need to get organized now that the last child has left the nest... no more excuses, I guess.