Monday, April 5, 2010

A few songs come to mind . . .

"It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring . . ." YAY!

"Shake, rattle and ROLL! Shake, rattle and ROLL!" HOLY COW!

We started off the day making the 1 1/2 hour drive down to Oceanside to welcome home my niece Staci and Miss Taylor home from the hospital. OMG! We all had such fun. She was the perfect little angel all day. Sigh. Babies are so fun.

Grandpa with Taylor
Grandma with her while Auntie Heather
just kind of drools all over her. 
I had to give her a "baby's First Easter" bib. 
Nobody else has had time to shop.
I went a little nuts, there are all kinds of the
CUTEST FLIPPIN' outfits ever in that Easter basket.
But Great-Aunties have that right - correct?
I also made her a little plaque for her room . . .
Auntie Jessica is looking mighty comfortable.
Uncle Steve - my nephew - hmmmmm . . . 
I wonder when he and Jess will start their family?
Hand off to "Uncle" Justin who doesn't quite know what to think.
Except - with Auntie Heather's help - these
two gave poor little helpless Taylor a mohawk. 
I mean - look at all that hair!
Then handed her over to me, who was quite content 
just holding her - mohawk and all.
Hand off to my hubbie, who is saying to Taylor,
"Wasn't I just holding your Mommy like this the other day?"
New parents and Great-Uncle Mark with Taylor.

And then it was on to the next party! :( Very sad to leave her and everyone - but what a nice morning.

Up the coast to San Clemente. For a 40th Birthday party for Mark's cousin Scott. While sitting there just enjoying the day  . . . the 2nd song came into play.


Now people, I was born and raised in California. I've felt every single earthquake since the Sylmar back in . . .  what - 1969? the Whittier, the Landers, the Northridge . . . all of them. But yesterday's 7.2 in Mexicali was the LONGEST quake ever. I have never, ever felt anything like it. It just kept going and going and going. I think it was timed at almost 45 seconds. There were around 50 people in the house and outside around the pool. And it just kept rolling and rolling. No jolts, no shaking, no rattling, just rolling. It felt like you were standing on a boogie board in a swimming pool. Your feet just rolled underneath you. Have you ever been on one of those weird attractions at a carnival when the walkway underneath you rolls and you have to try to walk? That's what it felt like! The water came splashing out of the pool - LOTS of it, the chandeliers went wild - but nothing tipped over, nothing crashed down, everything just kind of rolled right along with it. It was the strangest thing. Some people screamed, some shouted, some ran outside, some stood up like they didn't know quite what was going on. It was interesting to see everyone's reactions. We were all shouting "It's still going!!" I had no idea where Justin and Mark and his folks were, if they were inside the house somewhere or outside - the house was HUGE, like a villa. I just kept expecting it to get worse. And once things finally settled down I kept thinking "Where was the epicenter? Do we have a house left to go home to?" Luckily we had brought the dogs with us and left them at Mark's parent's house a few miles away in San Juan Capistrano. So we knew they were OK. My oldest son Brandon is in Texas with a buddy, so I didn't have to worry about him. Justin was with us - he was OK. My In-laws were at the party with us, so we didn't have to worry about them. Called my niece back down in Oceanside, they were all shaken up but fine. My sister was on the road home - she thought something was wrong with her car, until she noticed everyone else's reaction on the freeway  and then figured out it must be an earthquake. Whew. Everyone is fine. And then we finally got it on the news that it was a 6.9 centered in San Diego. holy cow! Then all the reports change as they tend to do and finally got a 6.9 in Mexicali. It wasn't until a few hours later that they upgraded it to a 7.2. That, my friends, is one hell of a strong quake. Bigger than anything we've had in California, including the one in San Francisco during the World Series. A 7.2. Amazing.

It was just one of the strangest quakes ever. We are so Blessed there wasn't a larger loss of life. It's mostly desert down there, not heavily populated - which is a Blessing in itself because this truly could've been disastrous for Mexico. But prayers go out to the two people who did lose their life. On Easter. Very sad.

And now - the first song comes into play - it's pouring cats and dogs outside - and I'm loving it. A good day to clean the house, get caught up on laundry and take the Easter decorations down. Love it!

So that's about it from a new Great-Auntie who feels like she can roll with the best of them! LOL!

Have a great day!


Shelia said...

Oh, Karen! I was thinking about you this morning after hearing about the earthquake! So glad to know you and your family members are safe. That must have been so scary. I've never been through anything like that before! Whew!
Now on to that little precious one! How darling and congratulations to you and her parents. Look at all that beautiful dark hair - Mohawk and all! :) Guys!
Take care and enjoy the rain.
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh my goodness, Karen, Your description sounds really scary! I'm so glad that all of you are o.k.! It was good that you didn't have to be worried about your family since you were together and you knew Brandon to be safe somewhere else! Phew!
Look at the little one! She seems to be happy in everyone's arms. Congratulations again!
Big hugs and love,

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Congratulations on your new baby Taylor Great~Auntie Karen, she is precious! I am glad to hear you weathered the earthquake ok, I have been worried about all of my California blogger friends! That sounds so scary... we are located right on the Wasatch Fault here in Utah and I hope we never have "the big one"... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

Lisa said...

That lil' Miss Taylor is as sweet as homemade pie! She is adorable. All that dark hair! Precious!
Glad to hear all is well with you after the quake. That had to be terrifying.

Hi I'm Carrie from said...

Oh Karen, Taylor is just darling. What a total blessing for you all!

Before moving to Oregon, I lived through all of those quakes in California too...the one yesterday sounds long like that!

I am amazed there wasn't more damage.

Theresa said...

Nuttin sweeter than a precious new baby to love! She is soooooo cute! Love the pictures of all of you holding her:) We do that too!

Now, let's talk about this earthquake thing! SCARY, my friend. It could have been so much worse for everyone. I am happy you could account for all of your family so you didn't worry! That is way more stressful. It appears your buildings were built earthquake strong! All buildings should be built that way.

Enjoy your rainy day out there... it is 88 degrees here and the sun is shining:) Have a blessed day my friend! Hugs, Theresa

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Karen, growing up in San Diego and then living in LA twice, I've been through quite a few of those quakes too. Nothing that strong. So glad you are all ok. Sounds like you had a very busy day and a ton of fun. Love that precious baby. Enjoy your blessings and the day. Hugs, Marty

debi said...

Ooh dang!! That sounds scary! I'm glad everybody is okay!

Cute family pics...looks like you all had a great time despite the dancing ground.

Nancy's Notes said...

What could be more special than a baby!! Taylor is so sweet and precious!

Oh my goodness, so happy you are all okay, what a scary time!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Karen,
Geez! A lot happens when I am away for a few days. I am so glad your ok girlfriend! My son called me on Sunday, shortly after it had happened. They felt it in Phoenix! They had never felt one before and they thought it was so surreal. They said their blinds swayed and the house kind of shuttered. At first, he thought the builder had just done a poor job. hehe.
Your new little niece is so GORGEOUS!! She looks so much like Chloe did as a newborn. I love seeing all the pics of your family, so fun! Everyone looks so thrilled! A new baby adds so much to the family get togethers. Congrats again,
Stay safe!
Big Hugs,
p.s. I love the pics of you and the baby, very pretty!

Mimi said...

Hi Karen!!!!
Oh I am soooo Glad to hear you are OK and the house is ok!!!!
WOW, lots of folks here in AZ felt it too!!! Not us, but neighbors did, so we just do not know one when we feel it!!!!!OH wow, that was a BIG quake!!!!! I think maybe the good lord is telling us something and we better start listening!!!!Today was another big one in Indonesia!!!!!
WOW is all I can say!!!!!
I hope you are all doing good now, she is ONE beautiful baby and look at all that hair!!!! That is how my darling little ones MOMMY was, lots and lots of dark black hair!!!!!
Have a safe week

Mieke said...

What a wonderful new baby you have in the family, she is so cute!!!
Those earthquakes sound scary and you didn't get any warning about it? They should inform people when a big one is coming,I know the technology exists so why nobody tells people to be prepared?

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm finally trying to get a bit of blogging done. I'm still in Florida helping with my mom, but I'm glad I caught this post. She is just a little princess...I love babies with dark hair. It does look as if she will have many people spoiling her. I'm glad things turned out okay with the earthquake, I'm sure it was frightening as it happened. I've only been in small ones and they scare me a bit!