Monday, May 24, 2010

Long weekend . . .

Guess where I've been? Our annual trip to Paso Robles! Wine Country! For 3 days! WHOO HOOO!!!!!
For anyone not familiar with where Paso Robles is - Central California, right smack dab in between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and not quite on the coast by Morro Bay (Hearst Castle), but it gets enough of the marine influence to grow some fabulous grapes and make great wine!

Entering into the valley . . . 
Gorgeous weather. A little chilly with the wind, but better than 
last year when it was 110 in the shade.
Our campground . . . 
Our spots were great - all three together sharing the same patio areas.
Duane and Sheryl behind us.
Dale and Joy across the grass.
By 10:30 AM Friday morning - the ladies were off haunting the antique stores.
But 3:00 rolled around and were ready to taste!
OK - Let's go!!!

First stop Friday afternoon ~ Wild Horse. O! M! G!
Karen became a member. Had to. Awesome wines.
You can get their wines in some markets.
But you can't get the good stuff!

Tasting. Joy brought us ladies fresh leis she had made.
She has been a member here and told us they're having a big luau!
So we went - but she got the dates wrong. 
The luau was the next day.
Taste on - and enjoy the barrel tasting and food in the back
amongst the giant vats of aging wines. YUM!
(Dale is such a snuggler . . . )

I'm busy doing my thing - and I hear Mark cry out "OH MY GOD!!!" 
I turn around and there are our old friends, Benji and Gidget.
(yes, those are their real names - no nicknames.) 
They had escaped up to Paso Robles for their wedding anniversary!
You know their son Brandon - he goes to Glamis with us.
He celebrated Justin's 21st birthday with us.
I've posted him on several occasions. He might as well be my son.
Our Justin and their Brandon have been like brothers
since Jr. High.

How awesome is this? So they joined our group and 
came back to our camp with us for a private tasting in the RV park 
and then dinner at the coachs.
After the tasting where I didn't take the camera,
we started with some fresh shrimp cocktails, dips,
cheeses and crackers.
Great time! Great food! Great friends.
Dear old friends! Happy Anniversary! We love you!
The only shot I have of Joy's fabulous chicken kabobs!
We continued the Hawaiian theme with my Wailea Salad
Sheryl's grilled veggies . . . 
Some fabulous fresh fruit
My first pineapple of the season and it was so sweet!
And some GREAT wine!

Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow. :)
Thanks for coming along!


Connie said...

What a fun weekend and to run into another set of friends was a plus. All your food looked so good!

My dad used to live in Paso Robles for like 15 years. Have a good week!


Nancy's Notes said...

Karen, looks like you all had a blast! I have to say your all know how to travel in style! We have always passed your type of coach on the road, always curious about who is in them!! Now I know a few couples! We do have some friends that own them, they love them! How neat is was to run into your friends!

Love your blog, love your posts!


Theresa said...

What a fun weekend with all of those good friends! I am happy you had a great time, shopping, eating and wine tasting... what could be better? Welcome home:) Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Karen, it looks like you had a great time chatting, eating and wine tasting! What a fun weekend for you! I'm looking forward to part 2 :-).
Have a lovely Monday, dear friend!
Big hugs,

Blondie's Journal said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. And to run into old friends on top of it...what a party!! I'd love to go wine tasting in California. Michigan has some nice wineries but they don't compare.

Can't wait to hear about part II!!!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Karen, you guys are having just way too much fun. I love to go to the wine country. What fun to meet your friends too and your dinner looks fabulous. I know you must have found fabulous stuff at the antique shops, so show us the wonderful loot. Glad you got away. Hugs, Marty

Julie Marie said...

Hi Karen, oh my gosh, that food and wine looks sooo yummy!!! My favorite place on earth is Morro Bay... we used to stay at a campground there and just walk across the street and we were on the beach... my favorite restaurant is there too, Roses Landing... looks like you and your friends are having sooo much fun! I spent many a summer in Paso Robles when my daddy was stationed at Camp Roberts... your post brings back alot of happy memories... now I am craving yummy seafood and a good glass of wine! Cheers! xoxo Julie Marie

Irma said...

Hi Karen, I linked to your site by way of Everything Vintage..I loved the comment you left on her "Starting a Blog" post..then I read some of your posts..You are so witty and your use of words really captivates a reader you truly have a gift for blogging..Can't wait for your next've got yourself a new follower.

P.S. I just started my own blog,
come visit if you have a minute!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

What a fun weekend! The food, the friends and the wineries! How can you ask for more? I do believe Dan and I were in that area when we were in CA. We visited a lot of vineyards in Napa and they were just awesome! Were probably hotter than you guys right now. It's a steamy 94 right now and humid as all get out. Let me know when Ceekay gets her dates picked out! Hugs, Cindy

Nina Diane said...

looks like so much fun. And how great to run into old friends!

Elyse said...

hi karen,

what a fun and mouth-watering post!

i just love the comment you left me. had to write back before going to bed. thanks, sweetie.


Mimi said...

Hi Karen,
Oh Please take me along next year!!!!how fun!!!!What a great way to spend the weekend!!!!
SO lovely, the food all of it is just making me crazy right now,looks so yummy!!!!
love the leis!!!Great gift!!!!
love a great wine!!!!
oh boy what fun!!!!

Home and Heart said...

I am so glad you are having so many Diamond days!!!

Fur Mom said...

How fun! And, I think your RV's are better than my house! LOL ;o) xoxo