Friday, July 9, 2010

Swappin' with Jodie

Last October, when Jodie from 
Everything Vintage said "YES!" to my invitation to
meet up in Savannah last April for an art retreat - 
I was thrilled. I couldn't wait! 
We had "met" last year 
at Karen Valentine's  
Where Bloggers Create Party. 
Then over the summer, 
our cute dress forms 
became best friends -
(yes, Sophie and Lillian send 
each other E-mails . . . 
good grief!) LOL! 
But you know - 
nothing brightens your day 
like a silly E-mail. 
Especially when it's from 
someone you love. 
It could be the worst day - 
and when I see an E-mail titled 
"Lillian don't let Karen read this!" 
I just start cracking up. 
It makes my day.
Kind of like this swap with Jodie.
Now granted - 
she was REALLY late - 
(but I found out - 
with good reason.) 
Yes, I was pouting - 
feeling quite sorry for myself 
that she was so late. 
"She must not love me any more." 
Well, I guess someone didn't 
like my attitude because my 
have been just intense lately.
Never again will I think 
that Jodie doesn't love me. :}

Now - I have to set the stage.
You have to know Jodie's 
sense of humor to
"get" some of this.
You also have to know 
she has a HUGE heart.

First. TWO boxes appear - 
not one but two.  OMG!
I take everything out of the 
first one and then picked 
up the 2nd 
and noticed it was
making a horrible noise. 
You know how you envision 
something broken into a million pieces?
Not quite! :) Just Jodie!
A family member of hers works in a hospital 
and uses these swabs. 
But they come in packs of two. 
They have to throw one away because 
it isn't sanitary after you open the packet. 
So they save them and give them to Jodie. 
And she's right! 
They are perfect for gluing and ModPodging!
When we were in Savannah, 
she said "I'll send you more!"
Thus   . . . I am just busting up here!
Moving along. I lay it out 
pretty and just gaze at it awhile.
But see that one wrapped 
in bubble wrap?
It, too, was making 
horrible "broken"noises.
"Better open it first . . ."
Not broken! Just Jodie! :) 
These two glass items 
were bumping together.
But look!
I guess you had to have
been there to understand . . . 
She knew I loved it 
when we were in GA!
(Theresa! Look!) :)
Again, I am just cracking up!
OK - I've talked enough. 
I'll let you just drool over, 
enjoy the pictures 
of all my beautiful things!
Sigh . . . love my velvets :) 
and my glass glitter.
Jodie knows how I love to cook!
I am SO going to learn how to
cook some GREAT Cajun food!
Rose petals . . . 
She told me to be "creative" 
with these. Hmmmm...  
Why don't we write like this any 
more? It is SO pretty!
Can you say YUM?
And yes, they're VELVET!
Hmmm... this one has a stand... 
And it made me sit down hard
and promptly burst into tears.

Jodie just has a very special touch
when it comes to layers and
textures and it seems
everything she makes - 
well, it's a masterpiece!
I have no words . . . 

I wonder my Mom would be thinking?
I miss her soooooo much. 
And to think - 
both Julia and Jodie 
included her in our swaps. 
And neither knew 
what the other was doing.
I don't know what to say. 
I love it all. 

I just can't get over this entire "blog" thing. The friendships I have made . . . the places I've gone. And everything new and exciting that is coming up - especially now with this whole Sorority thing.

Who would've ever guessed - 2 years ago - that this would be happening to me?

Thank you Jodie.
Thank you Julia.

Thanks everyone.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Now Bloggerettes! Go over and visit Sew Loquacious to see what she has cooked up!



Mieke said...

It makes my day just to look at all these pretty pictures. I'm so not ready to make anything like that right now. It's to hot to be creative, but it's nice to dream over your pretty stuff!

Lisa said...

OMG! How perfectly fabulous! Jodie is such a sweetheart! She sent your goodies just when you needed to receive them. What a great pick me up!:)
PS Don't get me started on those hot flashes! Most days I'm hotter than a 2 dollar pistol. LOL!!!

Tins and Treasures said...

Hi, Karen,
Your swap box from Jodie was certainly worth waiting for. I just love the velvets, too.

I agree...I can't believe all the sincere friends that I have made in blogland. And, it just keeps getting better...

Have a fabulous Friday. ~Natalie

Theresa said...

Beautiful goodies, I even love the way they are wrapped:) Sweet Jodie sure outdid herself!

Big hugs and watch that Spanish Moss:) We'll have to go back to Savannah sometime!

Love you friend!

The Knitwit Knitter said...

Wow, just wow!!!!!!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Okay I think Jodie needs to be MY friend now. I can meet up in Savannah anytime :))

for the hot flashes try 2 teaspoons of blackstrap molasses a day.


mya said...

The wrapping is as pretty as the gifts. Do you have ideas what to make with all your new trasures?
Just take pictures, and post please.

Babydoll1962 Kreativ Ecke said...

Oh my goodness, it's so wonderful al so beautiful things!
Thanks for sharing this

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Karen Sweetie...
What a wonderful thing for Ms Jodie to do. She put together the most beautiful boxes ever. I would so love to have some of those darn swabs. I need to ask my Moma if they use those in her hospital. Wouldn't they be dandy.

I love your velvets. How beautiful they are.

Thank you for sharing Karen. It has been a hard day for me today. I went back to the doctor. They are going to extend my stay indoors. I am now under lockdown for 1 more week, plus NO talking. Now you know that is going to be a hard one. I was so sad, I cried. I know the doctors are only doing what is best for me, but I so want to get out. I can't promise when I will ever get my ink cartridges. I can't print my picture. I tried, and half was black and half was pink. No use. I want to add it to the front of a photo album, and I need a good photo. I am sorry it is taking me so long to complete such a simple task.

Thank you again for sharing today. I have enjoyed your treasures emmensely. Have a beautiful weekend sweetie. It is hotter than the patooties here in Phoenix.

Country hugs, Sherry

TinyBear said...

Your swap package from Jodie is so beautiful Karen - I love everything. How wonderful to receive all those goodies - lucky you
~ Tina

Anonymous said...

It is true none of us expected the blogging world to be so much fun and so inspirational. I am so happy to hear you write of your gift and the happiness you experienced. Beautiful things, I could sure use some velvet ribbon. I got a box of unusual keys from eBay, maybe I can find some velvet ribbon. blessings

MosaicMagpie said...

This is one of those days that definatly is a diamond.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Awe Karen!
You posted TWICE today...I almost missed this one!!!

What a sa-weet tribute to ME!!! :)

You are such a sweetheart and a VERY dear friend.

It's a good thing that Sophie and Lillian get along together...they keep you and I in line! ;)

Thank you for forgiving my being late and the best part is...I'm so happy that you still love me!!! :)
Yay!!!! I'm looking forward to our next swap :)

Your comment was too sweet today...thank you!

I'm so happy that I was able to touch your heart and make you happy. It's only a small gesture of the happiness you bring to me :)))
Love you much~

ps...Sophie asked that you tell Lillian that she's been pricing airline tickets to go visit her...

JoAnne said...

Hi Karen,
I adore your Jodie post. So sweet, and such beautiful gifts. Then I scrolled down to comment and read Jodie's. There is NOTHING like the love of a friend. You've both touched my heart today.
PS One of my most favorite vacations was in Savannah. Another moss lover here.

zandra said...

Now that's are Jodie! ;o) What an awesome supplies of goodies! Love the velvet flowers. have a great weekend.

zandra said...

I have to admit I think I have a little bit of a hangover! ;o) I have just finished visiting EVERYONE on our sister list. lol
This has been one h..l of a party!

Beth A. from Songbird Hill said...

Oh my goodness! How beautiful. You have 2 talented and wonderful friends!

Heather said...

Hi Karen!!!!

What a cool swap! I just love what you got. I hope to get more into crafting after our house is put in order. With mom having Alzheimer's, she had a bit of hoarding so our house is a bit (!) of a mess and not quite ready for crafting again. Mom used to do lots of them with me and now she watches me do them. I just love crafts!!!!!

debi said...

Wow! That's alot of pretty swap goodies! And the book is just gorgeous. What a special gift!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved all the pictures...and what a neat swap....

Charlene said...

Karen, Your treasures from Jodie are DIVINE!!!!!! I love everything. She is indeed an amazing artist & I love her soft choice of colors. SOOOOOOOOO JODIE! When all of us were using pink, green, flowers, & foo foo in Savannah Jodie stayed true to herself yet all of her things came out amazing & very feminine. Enjoy every goodie there & thanks for sharing. And also, thanks for the sweet comments about Hubby. It is scary but, all the love & support from friends helps so much. I am so bummed you can't be with us next week but, hope you have a great time on vacation. I got an email from Joy today. Have you seen the swap completed? She said she was stressing. HUGS! Charlene

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...


What pretty treasures!! I can imagine just wanting to sit and look at them all - forever!!!

bj said...

Omygoodness...this is one awesome treasure trove! You really got some wonderful things...I can tell they love you to pieces.
xo bj

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm drooling all over my keyboard!

Diane said...

HI Karen
What a wonderful person you must be to receive such wonderful gifts and what wonderful women Jodie and Julia are! I can't wait to get to know everybody better. Ok well I finally got dressed and went to the PO...there is a story of why it took me so long but I don't like to whine so anyway your pretty pillow is on its way!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Karen, I so love to see that Jodie had made something with your wedding picture too. The collage is GORGEOUS as well as all the other treasures she had sent. Her gifts are just amazing and have so many wonderful details. What a fantastic swap!
Big hugs,

Rachel said...

Wow, what amazing treasures!! You two girls are such fun! So glad we met in GA! Hope we can have another weekend like that someday!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Karen, just absolutely beautiful! Where can I meet Jodie, she is amazing! I have to agree with you and many others, this blogging has been wonderful and the friendships I have made, are just so special! And the new sorority, just awesome!

Have a great weekend!


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Karen ~

I have tagged you with a blog award for being a "Versatile Blogger", please come by my blog and see...

Anonymous said...

Well, you can DEFINATELY stop pouting now! WOWZERS....what a haul you got from Jodie! YIKES! And you can modgepodge till your eyes bleed with all those brushes!

Great post and I am sending you cool breezes for your flippin' flashes!


Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Love your pretties! I would just sit and gaze at them too. I know what you mean about our "menopausal moments." Sometimes I laugh when I want to cry, and vice versa. A crazy mixed up world, isn't it?

Angela said...

Gorgeous stuff Karen!

Home and Heart said...

Thank you for letting us drool!!! I am so sorry you too miss your mom!! Thank goodness for wonderful blog friends!! Bless their hearts!

stephanie said...

What a great blog you have! I came over for a visit from Jodie's...I too love that girl. Met her @ Silver Bella a couple of years ago and am so grateful to know her...