Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday's Messages!

I don't have a grandbaby yet, 
(a daughter-in-law would be nice first)
but I have a great niece!
Remember Taylor May?
"Mommy couldn't make up 
her mind for my first 
Halloween costume . . . :)
I looked so cute in both of them." 
"So I got TWO! :)"

Just had to share :)

Anyway - now  
we can OFFICIALLY say

"It's the Holidays!"

I love this time of year!!!

OK - I have two messages for the Sorority.

First - go visit Roberta 
She is being published and 
the magazine hits the shelves tomorrow... 
and she is having a give-away 
to celebrate!
Congratulations Roberta!

Second - this Thursday - Nov. 4 
we are being given a great
 tutorial by none other than my
friend Joy from 
It is just too stinkin' cute . . . so
you won't want to miss it!
Mark your calendars!!!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful 
and safe Halloween, 
and now we can get on 
with enjoying the Holidays! 
Breathe deep . . . 
smell the fresh air . . . 
and ENJOY!



Friday, October 29, 2010

The Reveal!

Fall Findings Cigar Box Swap

It's here! Today we get to see what everyone got! 
I had such fun doing this swap - 
I had two of the BEST partners! 
Just loved them!  

My first sweet partner was Pam from 
Here is what she sent me!
 Look at the little leaves . . .
 Inside on the lid. . . 
 And FULL of goodies!
She made me this sweet little book!
Sigh! Too flippin' cute!

 And fun TINY things for crafts 
and scrapbooking!
 Love these!
 These are BELLS!
And a wonderful piece of crochet . . . 
Yummy soap and an INTRICATE
engraved old spoon. 
Can you see the detail?

A fun Fall note pad and a new calendar!
These are both already at my new office!
And finally - a beautiful brass key.
I love it all Pam - thank you so much!
I had such fun with you!
(Were your ears burning as 
I shopped for you 
while on my Oregon trip? :} )

My second sweet partner was 
Miss Cortney from 
 She knitted me a scarf!
And wrapped it around the 
cigar box like a bow.
 She did a beautiful job on the box... 
 Then loaded it up -
 Love the old picture corners!
 These beads are very unusual.
 This isn't a stamp . . .a copperplate?
 It's not a pool ball - 
it's not quite big enough.
It has a tiny hole in the bottom.
(OK Cortney - what is it?)
Very fun things to use in crafts -
Great fall papers for crafts
 I know I'm dating myself when
I tell you my Mom had one of
these on her keyring when I 
was a little girl . . . :)
I think Cortney and I were both chuckling
as we opened each other's boxes.
I gave her an owl pin too!
 Orange hot chocolate!
I've never had this before.
I just love the picture of
the little witch!
 Love it ALL!
 Thank you Cortney! 
I had such fun "searching" for you!

I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did!

So all of you participants - link up to the party back up at the top on my right sidebar!
(I'm posting this a little early cause my computer is doing WEIRD things today!)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monday's Messages!

I have some messages today! 

But first - I realized I hadn't shared any photos of my home decorated for Halloween/Fall yet. I just finished decorating it yesterday - I know... I'M LATE! But with good reason. Anyhow - here are a few pics of the house. I decided there wasn't going to be any better sunshine than what there is now. 
I decided to change things 
around a little. I took the end chairs 
out of the dining room
and placed them in the entry. 
I had an ulterior motive... 
I think I like it !
I'm not sure why I pick on this 
corner. I have to have "stuff" here.
It looks empty without anything.
At the front door . . . 
"HI! Remember us from last year's 
Door of Welcome? "
I got this old wire basket last 
weekend in Paso Robles at the 
 3 Speckled Hens Antique Show. 
These are new ones I've purchased 
over the past couple of years. 
I like the old one best.
On to my reason for pulling 
those end chairs out of 
the dining room.
All set up for a dinner party.
Started out with just a runner 
down the center of the table. 
Placed all my tureens on it, 
mixed in my other whites
and some of my mercury glass... 
then took it all apart (ugh!)
and put on the tablecloth
and added my wedding china...
Then I got out my wedding 
crystal only to remember -
I only have 8 water glasses and
only SIX wine glasses.
I know - matchy matchy - but
I wanted them to match 
for this table setting.
But I have ten chairs... 
So - I yanked the end chairs
and kept it service for eight. :)
And when I'm done here, 
I'm going on to 
and order myself four more 
place settings of my crystal.
Here's my china -
Monteleone by Noritake
I think it goes well with 
the white tureens... but
I have to laugh!
I don't have any soup bowls!!! 
Hmmmm . . . again.
I love my tureens
Although I don't think I'd ever 
really set my table this way. 
I mean - four tureens? 
Could you imagine trying to 
keep the men happy by only 
serving soup? (hehehe)
Not in my house!
Found this little one at 
Goodwill about two years ago.
I still haven't been
able to find a ladle or spoon for it.
On into the kitchen . . . 
I got this tray at a winery in 
Paso Robles last weekend.
It is made from an old wine barrel!
Love that!
Into the family room . . .
Love my little metal banner
My three goofy ghosts are my favorite!
Well, except for my classy witch.
OK -Onto Monday's Messages!
Jana at
is having a giveaway!
And Cheri at 
Cheri's Chatter 
is having a giveaway too!
And our very own Miss Cindy of 
is opening her own store!
Virtual general store that is.

And it's only on-line.
Go visit her and get all the details.
Congratulations Cindy!
This is awesome!

So by now - everyone who participated in the 
Fall Findings Swap has mailed their box. 
And maybe even received theirs! 
Were you surprised who your partner was? 
Remember our REVEAL PARTY 
is this coming Sat - Oct 30th. 
I will have a linky thingy 
set up after all 
(cross your fingers)
for convincing me to do this 
and showing me how!)
I will have the link up Friday 
night at 6 pm Pacific time 
so don't forget to sign up!

That's it for now! Have a wonderful week everyone!

And I am SO OVER this one picture at a time thing!
BLOGGER! Get your act together! 
(sorry everyone - but UGH!)