Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It all started when we left 115 degree weather for the nice cool Seattle weather. Sigh.
Joy and I flew up and had a lay-over in San Jose, CA. We grabbed a quick lunch and while we were sitting there - she gave me this!
It's an "Art Camp" book. 
She made one for each of us! Sigh. Too flippin' cute.
(I had all the girls at the camp sign it like a yearbook!)
 Then after we boarded our next flight - 
we're sitting there and she gives me this!
 We made our little owls while flying!
I didn't get mine done - but I will finish him for sure!
Need to stitch on his beak and his little feet!
It was so fun. We just sat in our seats and stitched him up!
So we get to Seattle, grab our luggage 
and settle in to wait for 
Jo Packham's flight to arrive. 
(She is so darn cute . . . ) 
We find Jo, finally get our rental car, 
and stuff Jo in the back seat 
with the luggage piled high around her. 
Then we hit the road for Tiffany's house! 
Along the way we passed pumpkin fields 
and corn fields, all KINDS of fields!
And I promptly forgot to take pictures. 
It was getting dark anyway . . . 
We arrive at Tiffany's and we were all 
so excited to see each other.

Now it was really dark 
but we did get a tour of Tiffany's home.
By now we are all famished and begin dinner. 
(Actually Tiffany and her daughter made it all; 
Jo, Joy and I just ate it). It was so fun! 
Here we all are - just sitting around chatting, 
drinking wine and watching Tiffany work. 
She had all kinds of veggies and breads cut up and  
chicken and shrimp too, and we had fondue!
Look how cute her kitchen is!
Jo, Tiffany's daughter, Tiffany and Joy.
And about 10 minutes before we sat down, 
her husband walked in and got to join us for dinner.
Perfect! What a wonderful, wonderful family.
After dinner - 
she let us just snoop through her house . . . 
every nook and cranny! VERY FUN!
She is living my life you know...
Out in the country - 
1 horse, 2 donkeys,
 32 (?) chickens (and counting!)
A view of the side patio and part of the orchards.
 A HUGE vegetable garden!
And TWO St. Bernards!
OMG I was in Heaven.
But it had rained and they were wet 
so they had to stay outside. :(

Back inside - the dining room hutch 
full of WONDERFUL dishes
 In the kitchen . . . 
 For the life of me I cannot remember
what room this was in! 
Master Bedroom??? She has
LOTS of dress forms! Sigh.
Living room mantle. . . 
I didn't take pictures of her entire home.
It is beyond darling, but . . . 
I feel it's kind of private - 
I didn't want to just plaster pictures 
of her home out here in blogland . . . 
 - so if you want to see more,
just go check out her blog here.
Onwards! Upstairs!
This window treatment is in her office.
Through a huge bonus room-
where Joy and I slept . . . and 
we come into . . . her sacred space.
She keeps all her beautiful prom dresses and
some of her large photography equipment out here...
 and then you ENTER her studio! Sigh.
 This cake is in the center of her worktable.
It is HUGE!
 And one little wall that I LOVED.
I opened every drawer, every cabinet, 
looked at each and every thing she has in here. 
She has everything so beautifully displayed.
Eye candy GALORE!!!

Then we slept - well, kind of. 
You see Tiffany forgot to turn the lights
off out in the chicken coop. 
So the roosters began crowing 
just a little earlier than normal . . . :)

The next morning she took me 
on a tour of the chicken coop!
 The sun was just beginning to burn off the fog.
This thing is just beyond adorable!
She definitely spoils her chickens.
 And this isn't even all of them!
And they are HUGE!
 With her favorite. THAT IS A BIG BIRD!!!!!
 There was this tiny one that waited 
to come inside until  everyone else had eaten. 
Tiff says she gets picked on because she is so little.
 And they collect fresh eggs twice a day!
And beautiful eggs they are!
A few of her apple trees
  I was walking around outside
just loving everything I saw - 
the chickens have taken over the play area -
and YES! that is one GIANT pumpkin!
More of her garden. . . it was just lovely! 
So many architectural pieces . . .
 they look like they have been there always.

While wandering - I came across this! 
Look close! What do you see?
Amazing spiderwebs!

 This spider posed for a perfect shot

And then . . . it was time to go. Jo and Tiffany had to go on a photo shoot - so Joy and I headed down toward Portland, and shopped the entire way.

More on that later!

Thanks for letting me share my pictures. I just had the best time at Tiffany's.



debi said...

Wow! It looks like you had a really fun time at Tiffany's!
And I love the sweet gifts Joy gave you. What a wonderful way to pass time on a flight.

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh,my goodness, Karen! What a wonderful trip you had! Her house & grounds are beyond gorgeous--my dream, too! Thanks for sharing your fabulous adventure with us!

(Love that owl kit!)


Charlene said...

I am so FREAKING JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Tiffany & Jo. Ever since Petticoats & Parasols! Thank you for sharing the photos with us. I'd have been OVER THE MOON to have had that chance at being there. GOOD FOR YOU! Hugs!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

"WOW, that was fun"!!! Thank you for taking us along, I need a break and was that ever a WONDERFUL one!!!

Linda said...

This looks like a wonderful time with good friends! Thanks for sharing!

Home and Heart said...

Welcome back!! We missed you!! What a wonderful time!! Those orb weaver webs are everywhere here in Wa. this time of year. Your shots of them are amazing, but they are annoying to have everywhere!! ( Try walking into one at night!!)

Mieke said...

That home is AWESOME! You must have felt like being in a dream!!! And making an owl on your flight, what a great idea is that!

Theresa said...

Well Ms. Karen, you sure had a good time! Love her sweet home and I am happy you all enjoyed your visit together. BUT... it is nice to have you back! I can't wait to hear more:) HUGS!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Glad you're back girl...can't wait to hear about ART CAMP!!!!

Tiffany ~ The Fancy Farmgirl said...

oh my gosh girl, I had such a great time with you and jo and joy, I can't wait for our next big adventure!
And thank you soooooo much for my beautiful birthday gift!
xoxo, Tiffany

stefanie said...

wow, what a fabulous time!!!! sounds like you had the best!!! can't wait for more pictures!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Karen, your pics are wonderful and her home is gorgeous. Sounds like you had the best time. Love it all. Wish I had been there. Hugs, Marty

Joyce said...

What a fabulous little get away. I need a studio. Don't know what I'd do with it but it would be fun to decorate : )

Sandy Navarro said...

Welcome home! What a great time; I didn't know you had plans with Tiffany & Jo too! Keep those picturs com'in.

Leann said...

This looks and feel like a magazine story. Her home is simply gorgeous. Great friendships are a treasure.


Scrap Krazed said...

I loved your pictures and your post! Your trip looked heavenly!!
xoxoxo Terry Frias

Ginger said...

Hi Karen, so glad you had a great time. I love your pictures and I too would be drooling over all the eye candy.
I love love love the Art Camp book. That is just precious.

luluslovlies said...

Wow, It sure looks like a good time was had by all, I love the journal and the cake is totally to die for, how clever, and your pic's are great! I don't care for spiders but the whole shot was incredible and spidey was perfectly placed! Glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing the pic's! XOXO Marilou

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

My home is so different from hers that I can't even imagine living like that. All those cute, clever, artsy things...the studio, oh my. I'm feeling incredibly boring right now. It sounds like a wonderful trip!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh how wonderful Karen!
I just enjoyed seeing this so much!
What a gorgeous home and that studio is just unreal!
Lots of critters at her place! Reminds me of how I grew up.
Well girlfriend, I am so happy you had such a great time and I look forward to hearing more!
Me? I am over the moon in love with a sweet baby girl! And I am pooped already from helping Katie.
I probably won't be posting for awhile.

Brenda Kula said...

You sure get around! I love the spiderwebs. They are a big fav of mine you know. What a gorgeous house and that studio is, yes, to die for.

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

I just love the Pacific Northwest!! My sister lives in the Tacoma area... so whenever I visit her I always love to drive around the Seattle area and everywhere in between! It looks like you had a ball. Tiffany's home is wonderful! What a talented and lovely lady she is and I am sure you had a great time!! Can't wait to see your Portland adventure! Hugs!!

Lisa said...

What a dream trip! You are so sweet to share all your amazing pics with us. Thanks for thinking of us.:)

Biljana said...

Wonderful trip, house, all... I am jealous:))
Greetings from Europe, Biljana

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Welcome back, Karen! It sounds like you had a fabulous time. Tiffany's home is beautiful and the chickens are so cute. I'm looking forward to hearing about your shopping trip and the art retreat.
Have a great day, girl :-)!
Hugs to you,

Suzanne said...

Hey Mama (well, you are the Bloggerette Mama, right:) Welcome home!!! I've been a bit off the radar lately but coming back to this was a fab treat! The photos are all so gorgeous. I swear I have seen some of her rooms in a magazine. Does she make the "Dream" sign? Been searching high and low for one:)
Anyway, it must have been hard to sleep in such a place. It would make my mind work a mile a minute!

Also love that owl...how cute you must have looked on the plane making your sweet owls.

Hugs, Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time on your v-k. My mom would have loved the decor its so her, and her b-day was just on the 7th. :) I have to say great photos, I even liked the spider, and I don't like spiders. The web was beautiful.
Tana Cox

luluslovlies said...

Hi Karen, Once you catch your breath from that wonderful to die for trip and you are caught up, I wanted to let you know my "Rush Project" for the Bloggerette Sorority is ready, whenever you decide I should post it let me know! A new Bloggerette Sorority Sister is about to be born!! Who-Hoo!


Sounds like total fun!!

Anitra Cameron said...

Welcome back! It looks like you have a lovely time in a lovely place with lovely people--PERFECT. =oD