Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what is Blogger doing now????

Well APPARENTLY I am out of room for pictures. I didn't even know there was a limit!! I get a notice each time I try to upload a picture from iPhoto. It says "Whoops! You are out of room!"
Of course I can purchase 20 GB more for $5 but it's going to take over 24 hours for it to be put into place. So I purchased it last night . . . still waiting . . .

Blogger's post program used to be so nice, and then they changed it about  . . . what 3 weeks ago and now it STINKS!!!!!! I used to be able to upload as many pictures as I wanted in one swoop - now you have to do them one at a time. AWFUL!

OK, I'm done complaining . . . I just hope they get me my "space" ASAP 'cause I have a post ready to go - just no photos. And that would be NO FUN AT ALL! Cause wait'll you see what I am going to share with you . . . hehehehe

:) Is anybody else having these problems?




Parsley said...

I didn't know this! What happens if you delete old pics from old posts? Would that free up some 'room' for you?

Electra said...

News to me too. However, I think the new improved Blogger stinks. This would just be the icing on the stinky blogger cake.

Pat Winter said...

Blogger will not be available to upload pictures starting at 5pm PST today Oct 20th. Maybe that is the problem? I would try again in a few hours when they are scheduled to complete their tasks.
I agree, I liked the old blogger better.

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

AHHHH !!! I That is frustrating !
I am thinking that I will be
getting that message very soon ~

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Karen I also had to buy more space about 2 months ago...Now on your dashboard if you go to Picasa album you can delete some of your photos and also have more space...Just be careful that the ones you delete on not on a post you already have done or it will delete them from there also...I cleaned up alot of space this way a few times...Also Bogger is down for maintance today at 5pm est time so maybe that's also why your having problems my friend...Hope this helps you some...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

debi said...

I've never been told that I'm out of room....but, I don't like the new way we have to upload our photos either. It was much easier the old way.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

tina said...

o my god,i didn't know that.
something like this never happen to me. i hope that we will see your new picture soon.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I KNOW I am going to get that message any day...I was at 97% full. I still load pics the same way though....I don't understand the one at a time. I hate when they change things.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I can help!!! This happened to me several years ago.

Here's what's going on. You probably are not resizing your pictures, so each picture file is HUGE. I started resizing mine, I use Gimp (a free downloadable program) to do this.

Then, if you look at the bottom of the box that pops up when you are trying to load a picture - - - below the "upload" button, it will tell you how much picture memory you have left. There is a ? there. Click on it, and it will give you instructions for purchasing more photo room. I'm paying $20/year for more photo room. I feel that is money WELL spent since the REST of my blogging hobby is pretty much free.

Joyce said...

Someone else was just telling me they had the same problem and it took a couple of days to have the new space available. They are doing maintenance today at 5 PST for a couple of hours so that will most likely slow things down a bit more. Good luck. I guess I need to look at how much space I have remaining.

Sandra said...

I didn't know this either! Does this go for those of us that use Windows Live Writer as well? Oh dear? Hopefully things will straighten out.

Elyse said...

blogger can be frustrating. i don't have this problem YET but have others related to photos and placement. it doesn't help that i never make the time to sit and really read any instructions. it's all figuring it out on the fly!

good luck. keep us posted (no pun intended)!


bettyl said...

I must say that I can upload more than one photo at a time. Just did it a few hours ago.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Karen,
I am having lots of trouble too and it stinks!
I don't know why they changed it, it seemed fine before and now it just sucks!
Why do they fix something that's now broken?
I should leave a comment on there problem site.
I hope you can get it to work for you soon!
Hugs Girlfriend,

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I load my pictures directly from my computer so I'm confused why people are paying for picture space. You should be sizing all you images at 72ppi (or dpi)because a computer won't show the difference if you use a larger size, and your pages takes longer to upload for viewers because the files are so large. I've had the same blog for 4 years now and so far never had this kind of problem. This really has me curious. Of course that's nto to say Blogger doens't have it's irritating problems. ;-)

Ginger said...

I am no good with anything technical, lol. I am having a problem with my blog list not updating.
Hope you get your problem with blogger fixed soon so you can post pictures.

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, Karen--I'm so sorry! That's so frustrating! Hasn't happened to me yet, either...hopefully not for a while!

Have you ever tried doing your posts with Windows Live Writer? It's much easier to do everything--including the photos! I love it & would never go back to just posting through Blogger!

Here's a link:

Have a great night!


Theresa said...

YES, it happened to me while I was in Vegas taking tons of pictures and loading them every day! I paid my tacky little $5 and it took two days for me to get more space! It is working fine now, be patient and keep trying after the 24 hours which is what I was told it would take!

Love you my friend! HUGS!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I had no idea that we would eventually have to buy space. Interesting.

luluslovlies said...

Don't delete pictures as then they come off your blog too, it happened to me! By the way, Welcome back and I'm glad your feet are up and running! Hugs, Marilou

The Polka Dot Closet said...

HUm, the last time I posted I noticed that I could only load one picture at a time also!!! I use to be able to upload all of them and then drop them in, Don't delete pictures, I have heard horror stories!


Barb~Bella Vista said...


I use Live Writer. Blogger is too slow for me.

Hope you get this worked out.

Hugs, Barb

Brenda Kula said...

Just wanted to say that I've heard it's a mess once you start deleting photos, as one comment suggested. I've had to pay for more room myself. I didn't start out on the old editor, so I'm already somewhat accustomed to this one. But yeah, Blogger has been a stinker all week.

Suzanne said...

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto!!!!! I'm having trouble too and I also despise it. My Mom has been begging me to post about my trip. It has taken me FOREVER to get these pics up. should learn from Fb! Sometimes things are good just the way they are:) Hugs to you on this beautiful Fall day!!!

The MO Farmers Daughter said...

Now ya,ll girls have me worried,I wanted this all to be free and not eventually cost me money.come on over and visit me at,,and have a good day,its so pretty out here,hugs carol

Suz said...

I have heard of others having trouble with this.

I am soooo glad your injections went well. I was begging for one by the time I got it and I hate needles. They are better than the alternative!!!!!


angela said...

you can upload more pics, just click the browse button and as one is being loaded you can choose another. Just keep clicking the browse button and when they all load up they have that blue boarder and you then hit the upload button and viola its done!

DeeDee said...

What a lovely pile of Lace..OMG! I was salivating all over

and my box should be in the hands of my swap partner this week..I so hope it didn't get lost...I had so much fun making it all...

thanks for the lace fix...I need to visit her ETSY shoppe too..