Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well . . . I don't know what to say. 
I had this great post all written, 
all I had to do was upload the pictures -
 nothin' to it right?
Leave it to Blogger to do this to me on Thanksgiving.
It is saying "REJECTED" to every picture that I try to post. 
Nothing has changed. 
I'm doing it the same way I always have.

Hmmm..... Lord give me patience.

Well - I am off tomorrow - 
hopefully they will have it fixed 
and I will try again!

Have a happy day!


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I had trouble last night when I tried to load several pictures at once. I had to start over and only load my pics 2 at a time...took lots longer, but it finally worked. Frustrating isn't it! Better luck tomorrow!

Cindy said...

Me too..and they are my pictures of my computer..go figure.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Amy P said...

You're not the only reject ;) I can't upload any either and I did mine one at a time....grrr :(

oh well, maybe tomorrow

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, that's SO frustrating, Karen! That's why I use Windows Live Writer now...LOVE IT! You can download it for free, and it's fabulous!


Wishing you the happiest of Thanksgivings, my friend!


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Karen, I agree with Julie. Since I use Windows Live Writer, I didn't have any problems uploading pictures. It's very comfortable and you can adjust pictures to any size you want.
Happy Thanksgiving, dear Karen!

Beansieleigh said...

Sorry about your blogger problems, and I do hope they clear up soon.. But I just wanted to stop by, to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy! ~tina

Pierelantijntjes said...

My friend just wrote a post about the same problem. I hope this problem will soon be over.
Greetings Ester

Lululiz said...

Blogger did funny things to me as well. Did exactly the opposite though, lol, doubled up all the photos! I kept having to delete pics.

Theresa said...

Bless your little heart! Blogger rejected one of mine yesterday but accepted the others! Hopefully you will get to load them today! Have a great day off! Love you!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a shame. I wonder what is going on. I hope it gets straightened out.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, Karen!


zandra said...

Awww, Happy Thanksgiving, Karen to you and yours!
Hugz, Z

Charlene said...

Nothing worse than a computer acting up!!!! Can make a good girl say BAD words. Soooooooooooo very THANKFUL that we became friends! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! HUGS!

Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

stefanie said...

they must be having issues, i have to load one picture at a time, save and edit just to add each picture!!!!
hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Lori Lynn said...

Hi! I found a way around all of the Blogger upload problems that crop up now and then. Upload directly to your blogger Picasa account. Then you can do any editing in Picnik if you want, and when you write your blog post you pull directly from your Picasa folder. Takes a little longer, but it's foolproof and the frustration level is minimized. When you write your post simply pull photo from Picasa folder.

Lori Lynn said...
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Sara said...

I had this trouble earlier tonight. I dont know if its a server problem or blogger, HOpe you get it sorted.

Mimi said...

I am so sorry I have been MIA lately!!
SO much going on, you know I started a photography business and it is that time of year when everyone wants pics done!!
I understand how blogger is, that happens to me all the time!!!
have you switched to the NEW blogger program yet???MUCH easier!!
Ask me to explain it....NOPE!!Daughter did it for me!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!
hugs 2 u,

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Happy Thanksgiving Girlfriend!
Hope the pic situation gets worked out soon. You can always go to blogger forums and leave a comment. They usually listen if you sound desperate enough. hehe.

CHERI said...

Tonight I had trouble loading some pics also. Could only do about 2 at a time. Blogger does all sorts of weird things; of course, sometimes it's probably me!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Bummer drag!!! I just wanted to wish you and all your family a very Blessed Thanksgiving. Love ya and can't wait to see you in Jan. Hugs, Marty

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Dear Karen,
I have been thinking of you so much and wanted to wish you and your family a Very Happy Thanksgiving Day filled with many blessings!
Love & Hugs,
Carol Anne

June said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear that it isn't just me. You know misery loves company. It was still giving me fits today when I was trying to catch up with everyone. When it works...it's great! When it doesn't...well...
I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful Karen!
big hug

Our Back Porch said...

I was having trouble the other day as well. Bad, Bad Blogger...and speaking of that, so have I been! lol Wanted to stop by to say hello to my sweet friend! Hope you and your precious family had a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a most lovely weekend!


June said...

Looks like you know how to have a good time Karen! I am lovin' all your decorating for the holidays.
I have a stack of magazines that I haven't had time for yet...I can't believe I just said that!lol! I always find time for my mags, but lately it's been CRAZY.
Happy to hear that you are taking some time for yourself sweetie. I am going to real soon as well...now that all the little ones have gone home.
hugs to you...

Charlene said...

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had to laugh at your comment about "Since we are not doing Christmas here I'll only put up one tree instead of three". That is soooooooooo me! I just can't get in the swing this year & it is OUR year to do Christmas here! I also love your bedroom reading spot. I have a chaise lounge that sits next to a huge double window where I love to read & watch the birds & my flowers in the garden. HUGS! Charlene

bj said...

and it makes you wanna pull your hair out. I did find that sometimes if I REFRESH the page, it works. But...not always.

Is the sorority doing anything thru Christmas...or let's wait until January, maybe? Much more time..This is such a busy time of year...