Monday, November 15, 2010


"I cannot believe Karen is going to post this!"
"I know - what is she thinking?"
"Do you know how embarrassing this is for me?"
"You? You're the one who gets into flour and eats it."
"HARLEY! I did not - well - you did it . . . too"

So today I did NOT go in to work (I say as my cell phone rings . . . hmmmm could it be Him?) I've neglected my house long enough and with the Holidays here . . . I just needed to CLEAN! I always have Mondays off up until lately but today! I'M OFF!

It all started when I opened my spice cupboard this morning. After reading Julie's post and deciding I MUST give the cinnamon roll recipe she posted today a try - I needed to see if I had all the ingredients. "Hmmmm . . . open jar of molasses expired 2 years ago - (toss) why do I have 4 jars of cinnamon and all but one have expired? Guess I better check the brown sugar and yeast while I am at it ... OH MY STARS!"

Do you have expired spices? Do you have expired food? I know you can keep some of it past the expiration date but ... SEVEN YEARS? I don't think so.

So everything came out of the 
cupboard before I realized I should 
probably take pictures :) 
(hey better late than never right?)
 Stale tea anyone?
 How many cans of Pam 
does one household need?
 Do you do that too?
"OH BOY! It's on sale - I'll buy THREE 
because I just KNOW they'll get used!"
warehouse prices vs.

I didn't save any money 
because now years later 
I'm throwing them away because 
they are expired and 
they DIDN'T get used.

So now I'm good to go again!
Clean and organized!
Do you have friends and family who shop 
at all the wonderful specialty shops 
because they know how much 
you love to cook and they 
buy you rubs, marinades and seasonings 
and you think - "I'll use it someday".


"Hmmmm - maybe I better 
check a few more of my 
other cabinets too..."
The oils, vinegars, marinades 
and sauce cupboard!
Before - well kinda -
I had already tossed the top shelf . . .
After! YAY!
Maybe I better check the pantry -
 Oatmeal anyone?
KAREN! (I hear you Mom!)
Hmmm - expired cans.
 But now it is all nice and fresh.
It was never messy - 
I just didn't know what I had,
or worse, how long I'd had it!
So- open your cupboards before the Holidays really get here and check your expiration dates on all your baking goods. Hope you don't find what I found! 

I feel soooooo much better now ... and I am off to the market to buy JUST A FEW replacement items. 
(Like yeast, cause I am soooo going to make Julie's cinnamon rolls . . . )



A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, Karen...I'm SO SORRY!!!

I just saw your email, and I wondered what had happened!

I did the very same thing with my pantry about two months ago...couldn't BELIEVE all the expired stuff I had taking up all my perfectly good space! You really do feel good after all that, don't you?!

Our cupboards look like they are filled with much of the same things, by the way!

It will be worth it, I promise! Those gingerbread cinnamon rolls are to die for! (Well...I never meant for you to kill yourself with cleaning first!)

Enjoy every bite, my deserve every last nibble!

Let me know what you think!


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I have never been a big pantry person, so although occasionally I do have out of date things, it usually is the dressings in the fridge. Have fun baking! and hey, you deserved a not going in to work Monday occasionally!!!

Cindy said...

Karen are cracking me up.So honest!!I hope those cinnamon rolls are worth it!! They did look yummy.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

billi said...

So how did the Cinnamon Rolls turn out?

Catlyn Berry (Cizz) said...

Oh my goodness, Karen

I almost wished I hadn't read your post. Now I feel guilty and know I need to add this to my "gotta do" list! LOL!


p.s LOVE THE NEW RIDE!!! You picked a great color!

Debby said...

I did the same thing a few months ago. I couldn't believe how much I threw out. I had spices in those metals containers. Old stuff.......good luck with that yummy recipe.

Theresa said...

I have a Shih Tzu named Bella that is my shadow and L O V E! Good for you that you got all organized and expiration free! Enjoy your cinnamon rolls and have a couple for me!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh I know you feel better now! What a great project -- I'm afraid to even look! LOL!

Sherry said...

I know I need to do the same thing but I had thought I would wait until after the holidays when we start painting our kitchen cabinets. Everything will have to come out then. Maybe I have that a little backwards though, this is a baking time of year. I will have to think about that. Your cabinets look great.

Shelley said...

Loved seeing your precious pooches! LOL at your expired food - I had to get rid of a lot of spices last week! And I had about 5 canisters of oatmeal too - what I was thinking I don't know!

Blondie's Journal said...

I do this every once in awhile because I just want to clean the actual cabinet...then I start to look at the dates on things. Oh my goodness, the multiples. I think I had 18 Poultry Seasonings...just keep buying it every Thanksgiving and that stuff looks old when it's new!!

You did a great job and got a lot accomplished on your day off!


jovialjudi said...

Oh this post is hilarious!! I too am guilty of this very thing and we just purged our cabinets and fridge and freezer too! What makes it even funnier...when I was much younger and my dh and I would go to my parents home or the in-laws..we would find expired things. And we always remarked when we left how awful that was and that it would NEVER happen in our home. HA! Well our intentions were good on buying those multiples! And what do you do with well meaning gifts in the same category? LOL Loved reading that I am not the only one! But hey...your cabinets do look great now and I can smell those rolls baking from here! Hugs, Judi

debi said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one! I just cleaned out mine a couple of weeks ago, and there was some really old stuff!
Now, I need to do our food storage room because hubby and I found a few bottles of salad dressing that have been expired for a few years. eeeek!

Charlene said...

I Sssoooooooooooooooooooooo feel your pain!!!! In fact, I had a can of pears pop the seal & make a sticky mess. I think I'm in need of a pantry overhaul too. Maybe between the pears... & your good example this will happen at my house even if I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner (yep it's my year off). Hope those rolls from Julie are as good as they looked. Charlene

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Damn we're twins girl!!!!
That's all I've been doing is cleaning and throwing!!!! What started out as a quick cleaning in order to decorate for Christmas has become nothing short than a small remodel complete with carpenters, electricians, and TWO garage sales!!!!
(don't worry...I threw away all the expired stuff)

June said...

Karen this is so me. I am scared to check the expiration dates now after reading your post. I'm thinkin' Dale and I won't have a thing left to eat tomorrow! I already know that the two of us have 3 pints of sour cream to eat by the 18th. yikes! (at least it's nonfat)lol!
Great post, especially just before the holidays.
hugs to you...

Nancy said...

OMG Karen this is too Funny!! Try having a couple houses that you live at a couple times a year! But your right on Target with everything I tell myself too when I shop, and I can even see my Mom rolling her eyes, asking "Who raised you?"
Huggs, Nancy

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Karen, A while ago I wanted to make pizza and was wondering why the dough didn't rise. Well, when I looked at the expiration date of the yeast package, I knew why, lol. Afterwards I went through our cupboards and threw away all kind of expired cans and packages.
Julie's cinnamon buns look very yummy and I will make some soon.
Big HUGS to you,

Patty C. said...

It all looks so lovely now !!!! Nice & neat

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh good grief! I have all of the above! Expired canned goods, expired spices..some from the 1980's and probably earlier then that!
Not to worry, you are NOT the only one. have just given me one more thing to keep me awake! LOL

Lululiz said...

Do I really want to go and find out whats lurking at the back of the cupboards? Lol, your post was a very timely kick up the butt, I think one day this week has to be put aside to clear out the long overdues. Of which there are bound to be many. Sigh. I was so blissfully ignorant until you just had to write about this. ;-) xx

Theresa said...

Cutest puppies! Scary cabinets:) I just did the same thing! I was making a casserole last night and needed unsalted butter WHICH I NEVER USE! Well, the casserole was cooked without the unsalted butter because it had expired! I checked my pantry and tossed lots of stuff! I use lots of Pam so I can't keep enough of that! Enjoy your day, it is raining here this morning... I know you would love it! HUGS!

Joyce said...

I think we can all relate to this! I have three bottles of apple cider vinegar. I use it about a Tbsp at a time so I'm good to go for a while : ) I kept buying thinking I didn't have any or I didn't see it when I opened my too crowded cupboard. I'm good in the pantry but that spice cabinet is another story!

Doesn't it feel good to be so organized and ready to bake?

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Karen! This is a riot! Besides the puppy convo, the 2003 oatmeal is truly my favorite!!! Most of us are relating all too well to this post...scary, huh? I just ordered the book I read about on Nesting Place's blog called Organized Simplicity: The Clutter Free Approach to Intentional Living. Hopefully it will make a new woman out of me! Xo, Sue

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

When we move we check the dates on everything and clean it out and lately we have moved around A LOT! I am glad you were able to clear it out and now, hopefully, you will be food safe during the holidays!

sissie said...

Hi Karen!
Geeze, I didn't know this stuff expired! LOL!!

Mr. Sissie does the grocery shopping and believe me he uses up everything before he buys another!

I have been known to keep spices way too long.

Your cabinets looks wonderful organized.

Love the cute doggies.


Lisa said...

Your pantry looks wonderful! It's amazing how much we can get done when we get in the mood! HaHa! It doesn't happen around here much...I usually go shopping until it passes.:)
PS My email is
Sorry. I thought it was on there somewhere.
I'm glad I could be an encouragement to you.:)

CHERI said...

Your cabinets look great! I did a post recently on how I love to organize and be organized. I tend to keep things cleaned out for the most part but spices I definitely get behind on. I told my husband the other day that for the next few weeks I am going to try to cook only things we already have...might make for some interesting menus! My freezer is full and so is the pantry. Why spend money on food when we already have so much here???? Hopefully I'll stick to my guns.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you had tears running down my face from my laughing! Why do we do that to ourselves. I have been meaning to clean out cupboards just like you did but haven't yet made my way around to the kitchen. I am making progress in my house though and gosh doesn't that feel good?! I haven't stopped by lately because I am actually trying to build a website, and I just redid my blog, again - will I ever settle down? *sigh* probably not but I am having fun. Drop by when you get a chance...

Parsley said...

I don't have a pantry and thus, no issue getting most things eaten before expiration.

Now cinnamon rolls...Have you ever tried the Pioneer Woman's recipe. YUMMO!!

By the way...the dogs made me smile!

Heather said...

Loving your adorable little Shitzu's at the top of your post..we have 2 and they are dirty little mops right now. I think I will forgo the spice cabinet and go clean my pups before they expire :)

Home and Heart said...

I am SO guilty of this too!! It gave me a good chuckle!

billi said...

I will get to my cabinets as soon as I finish book two. It's just as good as the first. I do love Janette Oke. she showed me a whole genre of "my kind" of reading. Hope you enjoyed the rolls.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Karen,
Are you still cleaning away over here!
Boy did you do a spiffy job there!
So I hope all is well.
Just checkin since I haven't heard from you for awhile.
Big Hugs Too,

Dawn said...

LOL! Karen, shame on you, of all people!

It's been one step forward, five steps back for me. Like the loveseat that set off a chain reaction of furniture moving in all the rooms of the house!

I've seriously been thinking of hiring a professional organizer, even scoped some out online. Then I saw "The Amandas" on tv, the style channel I think, and changed my mind. I may have an "inappropriate relationship" with my things but that lady used a tape measure to make sure the clothes hangers were spaced exactly right then beratted her employee because they weren't. I think she needs to learn how to treat people appropriately!LOL! I wouldn't let her near my stuff!

Have a happy and healthy (with no expired foods) Thanksgiving!

Anitra Cameron said...

Lol! I love that you got your cabinets cleaned out, and they look wonderful, but best of all, for the FIRST time I'm glad I don't have more storage space! (And even still, I know there are a few spots holding food I just know I'll use SOMEDAY. aaack. No. Not doing it. Not this week!