Monday, January 24, 2011


I sat down to my computer this morning - just to check out what was going on in blogland and hopped over to see my friend Liz at Rose Vignettes.

It was meant to be.

She had posted about her last Saturday morning when she made homemade laundry soap. At first I thought "what?". Then I kept reading. She got the recipe from a blogger who about 50 miles away from me - MaryJane at The Beehive Cottage. And after reading both of their posts - I knew I wanted to give it a try. I'm all for saving a dollar here and there - and just the act of doing this - made me feel good. You know? And it's good for the environment - I'm really big on that too!

So off I was to the store where I thought I could find all the ingredients. I am not a Wal-Mart shopper, I love Target. But I headed to Wal-Mart just to see. Bingo! All but one ingredient. I was so excited! Headed to Target next - nope - nobody had even heard of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda. Came home to put everything away and got on-line and found out Ace Hardware carries it. I called our local store and YUP! Dashed down there, hit Lowes, the post office and the market on the way back and was done running around.

Gathered all my wonderful new things together and began. Talk about simple. Open and dump - then grate the soap - voila! done in under 5 minutes. TOO EASY!
Here we go!
 The soap came in one big bar. 
Just grate it with your cheese grater.
 All done. 
Everything in an air-tight container.
 mix it up ....
 I put the lid on the container and
shook it all around
and mixed it up because I 
wanted to make sure it really was 
mixed together well.
Isn't it pretty?
Now all I need is a pretty vintage
tablespoon to measure it with.

No problem, it's Monday - laundry galore.
Now normally I rotate my 
bed sheets, but not today.
I want to sleep on these tonight! 
Here comes the good part.
1- 4# box of baking soda
1 bar of Zote Soap
1 1/3 bars of the pink Zote! 
Add $.33!!!
1 - 4# box of Borax
1 - 3.7# of Washing Soda 
 For a grand total of ...
Should be $9.87!
Now considering a box of 
laundry soap at Sam's Club is about $17 -
 this looks pretty good to me. 
And you only use TWO TABLESPOONS 
per load. YES! 
The other thing they suggested 
was using white vinegar as 
your fabric softener. 
I bought some. $2.28 for a gallon.
I used 1/2 cup on my sheets.
And when I took them out 
they didn't smell like vinegar at ALL!
Now I just need to find a pretty,
vintage glass 1/2 cup measuring cup.

I'm a happy camper. 
A happy domestic camper. 
And my hands smell REALLY good
from grating the soap.

Hey - how did these get in my
Target bags? ...

Thanks Liz and MaryJane!!! 
This was FUN!
Happy Day!


Debby said...

I have been wanting to try this. I was worried I'd have to run all over the place to get the things. Thanks for making it look easy.

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Karen, This sounds very interesting, thank you for sharing. Let us know how it works, I might try this. Have a wonderful week doing your laundry. Hugs, Terri

Heather said...

how did those chocolates get in your house? Wow, someone nice must have brought them to you! he he he! The soap looks good. I may try it.

Blondie's Journal said...

I have been hearing about this homemade soap and wondering how well it works and smells! Let us know, you frugal little lady!


~Sheri~ said...

i made some a few months ago...using Mary Janes recipe...and she told me how to dilute for the High effinciency machines. I m going to b making some again n a few weeks.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Ok June Clever....I know Karen is someplace nearby cuz I see the chocolate!!

Sandra said...

Hi Karen! How are you? Oh gosh, this sounds like a great recipe I need to try! Thank you for sharing! Ok, back to your post so I can write everything I need!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

What a great idea - do you feel like it gets your clothes clean? I guess that's a dumb question since it has all of the cleaners/soap stuff... Blessings, Kim

Theresa said...

Sounds like you had a busy and productive day! Let me know what you think about this laundry soap! I just might have to give it a try:)

Send the chocolates my way! Love you!

Charlene said...

And were things clean? Did they smell good? Can't wait to try this. HUGS!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Karen, you are so very welcome! I am thrilled you made a batch! You will be hooked forever! Great post! I know, it is really funny how chocolate ends up in our shopping carts!


janis said...

Im curious about how well it performs too. Please update us! Also it's so pretty! I was thinking a pretty glass canister would look really cool.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Karen, we only live 50 miles from each other?!!! We must meet for lunch someday, okay?!


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I does look pretty. Hope it works well and you'll be able to buy lots and lots of chocolate with all the money you save!

Oliva said...

That's it...I'm sold! I'm making it this weekend! You're like the fifth blogger I know, praising this detergent. Enjoy the chocolate!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Karen dear,
That is way cool! I really love that idea and you should be a salesperson because you sold me right away!
I love how the soap looks so pretty all shredded like that!
And 78 degrees? Oh girl, I won't see that until May!
But we did hit a whopping 22 today and it almost felt balmy!
Hugs Friend,
P.S. Hubby is one happy camper after the Packers won!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

That sounds great, Karen! I have 2 large boxes of washing powder sitting here. When they are used up, I will have a look if I can get those ingredients over here as cheap and easy.
I know how the chocolate made it into your shopping basket. The packages hopped just in while you were looking intensively for the washing soda ;-).
HUGS to you,

Patty said...

I've made this before and it works great! I need to get new supplies now since a leak under my wink where I stored it all ruined the powders :( But now I have a new shelf in my laundry room where they'll store perfectly! Thanks for posting this and reminding me to put the stuff on my shopping list! :) Going to try the vinegar too!

Cutie's Cottage said...

Hey karen, sounds like a grea idea. All you need now is one of those metal vintage laundry containers.. oh by the way! I just love those chocolate fairy's. They are so sweet when they leave me seets to!!!!LOL

Amy P said...

great idea! I've been using the all natural Martha stuff (on clearance, would never pay $18!) but it smells like crap! LOL! I'm gonna try this!

debi said...

I keep seeing that recipe, and one of these days I'm actually going to try it. It just looks so home-y.

I think the chocolate was meant to be a treat for doing the laundry! :)

Busy As Can Be said...

I got the recipe from Mary Jane about a year ago and I make it all the time. I love it! My kids even ask me to make it for them.Plus it looks so pretty...add you own label and what a great gift.

Amy Arnaz said...

Love the "chocolate twist" at the end of your tale about the laundry soap. That somehow happens to me too! Very cute. xoxo Amy

Lisa said...

You and Liz are just too industrious! You're makin' the rest of us look bad! LOL! I did buy the Zote soap, now I just need the rest of the stuff and the time to put it together.:)

Wanda Metcalf said...

I have to try this!! It's Crafty and save's a penny!! Just keep me away = ) I am going to post this on my blog as well I think it's such a great idea. Happy Blogging everyone!

Liz said...

HE HE! I love this stuff! It even impressed my mom! Thank you for the shout out! :) I could not find the zote and had to stick to the Fells Naptha. I bet the Zote smells good! :)


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