Monday, June 20, 2011


This painting adventure of mine has taken quite a while and we aren't even done yet. 
And to top it off, I had the cyst from hell removed from my back last Friday and now can't lift my arm until the stitches are removed in two weeks.
So...we wait.
But in the meantime ... 
Here is a sneak peek.
(The color is looking mighty 
BRIGHT in these pictures! 
It is actually a soft teal.)
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color.
Somehow I will take a true 
color picture and show you.
It makes you go "ahhhhh" 
when you walk in the front door.

And I love the new drapes too!
Below is a good picture of the color.
I got both the loveseat and the sofa recovered.
Here - below is a better 
picture of the paint color on the wall.
The dining room we haven't finished...
painters will be back to paint the ceiling 
and the back of the built-ins 
which will be the same blue. 
I was so tickled to find a very 
small thread of the chair upholstery 
contains the exact shade of blue. 
Here is the small wall inside the 
front door where I did the stenciling.
close up - (now this shot looks grey - 
big frown!) But at least you can see 
what the pattern of it is like.
I still need to stencil the other lower 
stair wall, (you can see it in 
the top picture) but it'll have to wait 
for a few weeks until I can lift my arm 
without ripping out all my stitches. 
The painters are going 
to paint all the trim 
risers on staircase treads- 
it's all going to be painted white to 
match the spindles. I think the wood color 
looks kind of odd...

And there is my 50 buck hutch - 
now painted white.
I painted the back of it inside using the 
same paint I used on the stencil.
Now the color in this shot 
looks like the REAL color!

So that is what I've been up to. What a major undertaking. Holy cow. 

And we aren't done yet...

I know I've been gone for forever - I promise to try and post more often. But I've been reading up on all of you - even if I am not leaving comments! I'm trying so hard to visit's hard to leave a comment when there is so much to catch up on! Summer houses, projects, vacations - you've all been busy! 
I've just been painting...and working...and painting...

Hugs to you all! HAGD!



sissie said...

Hi Karen,
I love this color in your home. It looks stunning and very elegant.
The draperies are so pretty. You chose the perfect color.


Theresa said...

OH MY... I love it all! You did a great job my friend on picking the colors, and stenciling!

Happy that you got that nasty cyst off and I will pray that the healing is quick! Can't have your busy self down for long! Too much to do:)

Love you bunches! HUGS!

janis said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!
I love it all♥

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

I love the color Karen, it is beautiful and a wonderful change, almost beathtaking to see some color instead of everything creamy, white and and neutral like you see almost everywhere. Very relaxing and lovely. Feel better my friend, heal fast and enjoy the changes getting done. You can't be blogging all the time! It is nice to hear from you and know that your project is coming along. Your color choice is marvelous. Hugs and Blessings Marilou

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

So good to see all the changes. I love the stenciling. I am so glad you got the cyst from Hell removed! That thing was a bugger!! Hopefully, one day soon, I will see the paint in real life!!

Heather and Kathy said...

Love the new color! It looks great! Can't wait to see the rest when you have it done. Everything looks really nice!


Nina Diane said...

looks wonderful Karen...very pretty

debi said...

OMG! Karen, what a gorgeous transformation!!!! I LOVE the colors you've chosen. Everything looks so cool, refreshing and comfortable.

Like a beautiful vacation at home.

I'm glad you got your cyst removed...take it easy, and take care of yourself.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OMG Karen, You nailed it!!!
I went ooh and aah as soon as I saw that first pic! Oh it really is gorgeous! You picked the absolute perfect shade of blue! And I love the drapes, the way the hutch looks, well I just love it all!
Now I know what you've been up to!
And talented you, you stenciled that too? Super!
Missed you and wishin you and Ceekay can come visit me sometime!
Dan and I are going to see Jane(Blondies Journal) and hubby Al at their lakehouse this weekend! I am looking forward to that! We need a get-away sooo bad!
And next month, my son's baby girl is due!
Want to go to Phoenix in August? LOL. Probably not huh? I hope your feeling all better real soon too.
Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen the colors you chose are fantastic!!! It looks so bright and cheerful and I can just imagine you sitting in your pretty new room just gazing and admiring hours on end. Love those drapes- so pretty

The stenciling was such a wonderful idea too! I have been toying with doing something like that in my dining room - can you believe I still haven't gotten that room done- it's been over a year that I took the wallpaper off! That is terrible!

Ouch- hope the stitches heal quickly-

bee blessed

Joyce said...

Looks beautiful...I love the color! Hope you're feeling better soon...take care!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Karen, I thought of you a couple of times, wondering if you still were covered with paint :-). Great job, girl! The color combination is gorgeous and looks fresh and elegant at the same time. I love your hutch. What a super find. The white and teal is a pretty combination too.
I'm sorry to hear about the cyst. Take good care of yourself and be careful with moving your arm.
Hugs to you,

Barbara said...

My goodness Karen, you really have been busy!! Your house is just beautiful and the stenciling is stunning. You have such a flair for decorating and you choose just the perfect colors. Thank you for sharing your home with us. Please take care of those stitches!!

Hugs XX

verobirdie said...

You did a big wonderful job!
Now, don't overwork and hurt yourself...

Mieke said...

It's brilliant Karen! The color makes everything look more vivant and at the same time, more cosy. You did a great job.

Penny said...

I Love your new colors. Light Teal/Aquamarine one of my favorite colors. I painted my craft room in that family of color.

Hope your resting and letting your self recover.

Hugs and Prayers,

Lisa said...

Oooh, Karen! It's so beautiful! And I love the stenciling! You did such a great job!
PS Slow down, Girl and take care of yourself.:)

Whimsey Creations said...

I hope you're well and feeling better soon - I know how it is when you REALLY want to do something and just can't. The color is just beautiful - do you mind sharing the paint color? I saw a chair almost the same color in a salvage shop a few weeks ago - don't have one stitch of the color in my house but seeing that chair made me want to LOL Didn't have the moola then to buy it and it's probably gone now - but it was wonderful. Hugs!

Lululiz said...

Karen, it all looks fantastic!!! Love the gorgeous colour you picked, it does look rather wonderful with the whites and also with that really pretty stencil.
OUCH! I hope you will heal up really quickly, not being able to lift your arm for two weeks is no fun! You know, a glass or two of wine is a great help in managing pain.....

Our Back Porch said...

Oh, Karen! It is FABULOUS! I LOVE that color!!! You take care of yourself, my friend, and do exactly what the doctor says! It will all come together!

Sending Hugs,

Connie said...

Looks beautiful Karen and I love the colors. Hope you are healing my friend.

Hugs for you! Happy Summer!

Ginger said...

Hi Karen
Wow, your home looks amazing. I love the color!! You've gotten a lot done. You should be a home decorator!!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Looks gorgeous!

Liz said...

WOW! I love it! That is a huge space to undertake. I love the stencil to!



Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Happy 4th of July weekend my dear friend!
Miss ya Karen and I am hoping that you have lot's of fun thing lined up for the weekend. We are heading to visit some friends with Adi in tow.
My daughter is heading to the Twin Cities with her Dad and boyfriend.
We hit 100 degrees yesterday and it's so humid too. Yikes! I can't complain though after complaining about the cold.
Hugs to you,

Karena said... sorry to hear your hurting... having to give over to "healing time" is hard...but so far your room looks SOOTHING...I especially love your stencil pattern did you make it yourself?...thanks for sharing.

Blessings...Karena "A Loblolly Life"

Annesphamily said...

Hi Karen, I love the colors you have in your home. So calm, so elegant and so beautiful. You have a wonderful home and I appreciate you sharing it with us here. Anne

Heather Jacob said...

what a beautiful room to come home to sumptuous and welcoming ... absolutely love it and those colours are just the best .. stunning.. hugz x
love the stenciling xo

Cidinha said...

Hi Karen....I love it!!! Very, very beautiful!

hugs from Brasil

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Sweet Diamond Friend, We've BEEN UP TO THE SAME THING! I've been doing major renovations on my second floor where my office is and we added a french door, put crown molding up, and painted it the color of Tiffany's Jewelry box, that really rich Agua Green/Blue. All the trim/accents are white so it really pops. I love the color & I adore your color combination too! HOW RELAXING and fun! You have a lovely Dining Room and Living Room. The sheer drapes in the same color tone are so lovely. I was fortunate enough to find a comfortable queen size sleeper sofa in a custom butter cream yellow matalasse fabric. Someone had special ordered it and then didn't take it - so, I now can convert my office into a lovely 4th bedroom in the house if I need it when company is packing in. You are so right - Painting and renovations are a HUGE undertaking. At the same time we were working on this, My beloved decided to add a book shelve unit with desk area to where he does his studies and meditations in the morning. We decreased the size of my gift closet in the upstairs wide foyer and he now has a lovely nook that will contain all his studies to free up my nice white wall bookcase unit in my office for more FUN things. :) I decided to give my NEW office a theme, "Strong Women who God has put in my life to Inspire me". I'm putting pictures of them on the shelves with some special recognition of how they inspire my life. So - you take care of those stitches and don't overdo it. In the midst of my painting and such, I got really bad poison ivy and am just finishing up my 12 day supply of Prednazone Steroid pills - but, ya can't keep GOOD WOMEN down - you'll be back in not time! :) Take care friend - miss you! Blessings abundantly to your home and in your life!

Elyse said...


karen -- amazing AMAZING job! everything looks beautiful and serene and really lovely. way to go!!! LOVING the blue wall.

take care and feel better soon.


Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

Karen, well hello there, sweet girl.

It all looks absolutely stunning. I would expect no less from you.

I've missed you!

Hugs, Barb