Friday, December 16, 2011


That peaceful time of day...
before the world comes rushing in...

a time just to enjoy the sunshine 
in my little escape room.

To gaze at a new little box I just finished 
just to do something...
to take a break from all the green and red...
All cleaned up...

Big day tomorrow.
13 family members for Christmas dinner.
We'll be missing two - for the first time.
Heather and Cedric.
They live in London now,
and will be spending Christmas in Paris.

The wind is blowing again - FIERCE.

Cards are done -
packages are shipped -
Now to head to the market,
set the table, get some baking done,
continue wrapping...

I better get moving! Lots to do.

Enjoy your day!



Ann said...

Thats a gorgeous room to escape to. All of your handmade jems are wonderful to look at. Have a fabulous time tomorrow at your Christmas celebration. I'm singing in our Christmas production this weekend so we will be very busy too.

A Vintage Chic said... favorite time of the day...and what a beautiful escape room you've created, Karen! I just love how you've captured the sun glowing in streams on your favorite things...what a beautiful box!

Gosh, I remember the Santa Ana's...they can be SO fierce! Haven't experienced them in a while...doesn't get so bad up here by Monterey unless it's a winter storm. Batten down the hatches & hang in there, my friend!

Wishing you such a wonderful time with your family...such an exciting week ahead!


Grace said...

What a gorgeous room! You are so creative you even have your crafting spot beautiful! Enjoy your celebration. Grace xoox

Creations by Ane said...

what a gorgeous escape room

Theresa said...

Ahhhh... that room is HEAVENLY! I love that room! I wanna make something in there with you:) Enjoy your family this weekend! I am about to do some wrapping and enjoy this evening!

BIG HUGS to you and hope you have a wonderful time with the family!

PARIS for Christmas? Oh yes, that would be nice! Away from the family... not for me!

Love you OODLES!

Mary Ellen said...

Karen that room of yours is one of my dreams to have one of these days. I love all that sunlight pouring in!! Got to have lots of light!

Have fun at your celebration! The 2 dinner parties I planned are over and am thinking of doing an informal night for New Years Eve....we'll see how it goes after Christmas with energy!

bee blessed

Heather and Kathy said...

Have a wonderful time tomorrow! How exciting to have that many family members around! It is exciting for the 2 who are celebrating Christmas in Paris, but I know they will miss you and you will miss them. I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow!!!!!! I love your pictures too!


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Karen, Your box is beautiful and I love the neutrals you've used.
Enjoy your dinner! Christmas in California sounds wonderful to me but I guess Paris isn't so bad either to spend Christmas at :-).
Have a great time with your family!
Hugs to you,

debi huntsman said...

Your room looks so pretty and peaceful with the sun peeking in through the window. What a wonderful time to be in there.

Have fun with your party!

Merry Christmas!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

All your images look so peaceful - and tidy. I think I need to clean the studio again after the flurry of activity!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Karen.

Cathee said...

I am spending New Years Quiet eve peeking in on my fav blogs,,,thanks for the great montage of your Christmas and your quiet place!