Thursday, December 1, 2011


In case you haven't heard - Southern California just about got blown off the map last night. Our house was literally shuddering. Leaves, branches and twigs everywhere. Downed trees up and down the streets. We couldn't even go out the main gate of our development - 2 HUGE pine trees down. And the winds are expected back again tonight - it's been blustery all day but nothing like the 80 mph gusts we had over night. It looked like a hurricane went through our poor towns I passed through while navigating my way through it all this morning on my drive over to work.

There was no power at my office this morning - so came home after doing a couple of hours of things I could do without power. I decided it was time to post a few of my favorite little Christmas spaces around the house.

I must admit - decorating around the aqua was at first - a challenge for me. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I didn't have enough "stuff". So I had to go buy, and then go again, and then one more time. But I think I've got it. And I must say - I am really liking it.

The dining room table.
It is so pretty at night which the candles lit.
All the blue and aqua are new. 
And the pink garland down the center.

 My big pink mercury glass ornaments.
I have four of them and they are precious.

 I made this little banner a few years ago and I still really enjoy it. 
 The living room.
Details on the mantle.
 At first I didn't think I could mix in gold, but I like it.

 A pretty new Santa and trees 
on top of a pretty new tray.

I made this in the Fall of 2010 in Oregon
and it is one of my favorite things I've ever made.
It was a TON of work and it was hard (yes we molded and painted that clay angel) It was an awesome class!
 Our tree. New location this year too.
 Love my mercury glass ornaments.

The entry...still need to play with this spot a bit more...
 My little Claus's greet you from the bottom of the backers rack as you enter the front door.

  My pretty little Christmas Fairie.
 She greets you also.

Thanks for stopping by!
And to everyone in So Cal - stay safe tonight. Here we go again...




marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my goodness Karen, I just saw on the news how bad it was over there. I am so happy you are safe and sound. Hang tight for tonight, hopefully it won't be near as bad.

Your decor is fabulous. I love the color and everything is just beautiful. You have been a really busy lady. So pretty.

Hugs, Marty

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I heard about the winds...tie yourself down...everything looks gorgeous! No wonder you are tired...that looks like a lot of work!

Sherry said...

Your decorations are beautiful. I have not even started but you have inspired me to get at it. I want to try a couple of color changes this year in my decorating but won't know what I might need if I don't get the boxes out and see what I have. Stay safe and cozy.

Heather and Kathy said...

how lovely!!! It is simply wonderful!!!! I love all the pictures. My house will be rather low key this year. I am not so into it yet like I was a few years ago. I did find some more Disney ornaments in a box in the family room so I am very excited about that! My little tree will be decorated in the next few days. I am not sure what garlands I will put up, I shall see!

I sure hope your house doesn't get any damage from the high winds!


Mary Ellen said...

Sorry you're having so much wind- we had that kind of wind about 3 weeks ago- it is amazing the damage it can do! Glad you and home are safe.

Love the color scheme! I don't think I had ever seen your pretty teacup collection that is showing with the banner you made! I love china and you have a great collection!

I'm starting with the decorating and better get it done pretty quick as I have several big parties that I am hosting here- seems to take me forever!

bee blessed

Lisa said...

I heard about those winds! Glad to know you made it through OK.:) Your tree is so gorgeous! I love the colors you used. It's so beautiful in your new and improved living room!

Charlene said...

I hope everything is OK in the morning! You gusy are sending that storm to us too! Keep the winds! But, we are supposed to get much needed rain. THANK YOU!

Now, the house is stunning! WOW I LOVE THE COLORS! And all the Christmas look wonderful. I KNOW you will enjoy it so much. This is our year off for Christmas decor but, seeing everyone elese makes me miss it a little bit. BUT, NOT THE WORK OF PUTTING IT UP (or taking it down)! HUGS!

Mieke said...

I knew you were going to do something stunning with the new colors, looks fabulous! Stormy days would be normal for us now but the weather has gone crazy here, we had Spring in November, the newspaper is full of new born ducks and spring flowers appearing, what's next? heatwave in December maybe...

Theresa said...

Oh dear Karen, I am watching the news and all that is going on out there! The winds are sure causing lots of damage! Stay inside and keep decorating:)

Love your pretties! The colors are GORGEOUS! Great job:)

HUGS and much love from Georgia!

Lululiz said...

You have such a beautiful home, Karen, and the Christmas decorations look fantastic.

skoots1mom said...

love your fairy...and your tree!

Creations by Ane said...

like you blog,greeting from Croatia

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Thanks for stopping by, I keep thinking about you and all the wind. I hear there is more to come, so hope you are all ok. Love ya, Hugs, Marty

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Glad to hear your ok..must have been scary!
Karen I love your Christmas decor, you did a fabulous job!
Tree is gorgeous and the santas and dining room, wonderful!
Hey, we got snow, lots of it!
Big Hugs,

Bella Vista said...

Hi Karen, so glad you are okay!

Your decor and all the decorations are simply stunning. So, so lovely and I just adore the colors. What a pleasure to just stare at them.


Barb ♥

Das Büh und die Lillypookze said...

Hi dear Karen! Your post and the wonderful pics made me completely happy and so: now it's christmas! Your decoration looks so wonderful, rich and detailed! Yummie!!!

I wish you and your beloved ones a sparkly, cozy and cuddly happy little christmas! big bear hugs, Biene

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Hi Karen,

I have been so crazy busy that I have missed my blogging. I had to stop by and check your blog out! Yeah... those winds were so crazy!! Our area here in Rancho Cucamonga was hit pretty hard too! Now the colder weather and rain is on the way! Ooooh... can't wait to see our local mountains covered in snow!
Love your tree and your living room! Your new decor color looks wonderful. Oh... did you hear about the new Hobby Lobby in Rancho Cucamonga? Love it!
Well... take care! Hugs!

~CC Catherine said...

Hi Karen, My goodness I didn't realize you all were having all that bad weather. :( I've been so busy with getting my Christmas cards and packages in the mail and dog sitting my son's Pit Bull that I have rarely got to watch the news. Praying you are doing okay now with the weather. Your HOME is lovely! I remember when you originally posted the pics of your newly painted room and loved it then...but seeing it now with all the festive decorations makes it even more beautiful! I can't believe it's been FIVE months since I posted. :*( I went to Canada the end of July and got back early August...and it's been so crazy ever since. I sent you an email about my post tonight - I "Finally" got to post regarding the auction I wanted to do for Baby Amelia, Kathy's (Welcome to Mimi's Garder) granddaughter. Hope you can drop by and check it out! Hugs friend!

Amy Arnaz said...

OMG Karen! Your home is spectacular. Your Christmas decor is lovely and so welcoming. A wonderland. I took a long blog break and am happy to be back in time to see your post. Very festive. Sending my best wishes to you & yours for a very Merry Christmas. xoxo Amy

Karena said...

Karen what a beautiful display...looks like a magazine layout...I used to live in So Cal I remember the Santa Ana winds but never that strong..I will be praying your all saved any further destruction...blessings and Merry Christmas..Karena A Loblolly Life

T Steele Jones said...

Wow, what a beautiful family and home! Merry Christmas!