Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dick and Jane, and seasons

The weather here is so warm. It's been 80 degrees for about the last 10 days. The leaves that should've fallen off the trees last November are now falling and it is a mess. It doesn't feel like January at all.  It was nice to get the rain in December, but since Christmas Day, not a drop has fallen. 

You know it's funny. I'm 50 years old now. When I was in elementary school, they gave us the good old "Dick and Jane" books to learn to read. I loved those books. But even back then I was in awe of this place where you raked all the leaves into a big pile in the yard, jumped in them and when you were done playing, burned them. Where the trees turned beautiful colors in the Fall. Where "April showers bring May flowers". To experience the whole "over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go. . ." deal. White Christmas. Sleigh bells. Cutting down your own Christmas Tree. Snow days!! Such a place didn't really exist did it? It was only in books.

How silly of a woman to have one of her life's goals to be living where there are seasons. To crave cold, crisp winter days. To ache to live where it snows. To desire a lifestyle I've never known, have only dreamt about, ever since I can remember dreaming. 

So many people say that I'd "change my tune" after living in it for not even one full season. But I don't think so. This past October we made our annual RV trip up to the Sierras. We always stay in the Silver Lake campground, in the June Lake Loop, about 30 miles north of Mammoth. And every year we get a little snow. It falls, never accumulating on the ground. I get soooooo excited and rush out to stand in it. This year was different. This year - it snowed! We got 6" to 8" just the first day. I was in Heaven. And while I sit here with shorts on in January, with all the windows in the house open, praying for rain, I thought I'd treat myself to looking back at a few of my snow pictures. I'll share my favorites with you. I know there are a lot of people out there who will think I'm out of my mind, but . . . this trip made me so happy. So happy. I guess it's the little things in life . . .

Quick Honey! Take my picture before it stops!

Wow! This is the most we've ever had!

OK, it's really coming down out there! Now even the road is gone!

This is so awesome! It was 22 degrees out. And the snow fell for almost 6 hours. 
I was in Heaven. Pure Heaven.

We drove into the little town of June Lake for dinner, because it was obvious we weren't going to be BBQing our dinner that night. (We also needed a few more clothes, mainly boots!) We grabbed a window seat in the local pub, ordered a glass of wine and continued to watch the snow fall. It was one of the best days of my life. 

The next day I made this little guy on our picnic table. He made me happy.
Needless to say - next year's trip is going to have a lot to live up to!!!

Thanks for sharing in my snow adventure. I had a great time.

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