Monday, January 19, 2009

getting excited!

Ok, tomorrow the painters begin! YAY! I can hardly wait! My boring little bonus room, is going to turn into my little haven for scrapbooking, sewing and crafts. 

This is sort of what it looked like last week. Waaaayyyy too much furniture and needs COLOR!

then I cleared it out . . . 

good thing Brandon doesn't need his room because everything went in there temporarily!

Gosh! The funny thing is, I needed a paintbrush, and climbed right to it. I still know where everything is, even though it is a disaster.  lol
(Good thing my Clutter Buster customers won't see these pictures.)
ahhhh Clutter Busters. That's another story.

I'm painting the cabinets white, but the wall color will be a surprise!!!

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Connie said...

Can't wait to see it! Connie

Dawnie said...

i"m here following your friend! Your home is absolutely beautiful--I'm so envious! You'll love making your own little room. I started doing that last year--and actually am still in the process. We are officially empty n esters..but with 5 kids--we still seem to have one of them here quite often. I think my new guest bed-is actually used more than when they lived home! I"m 50, live in Wisconsin so snow to me--well pretty soon its not fun anymore. Your snowman is so cute! I will do that-I always want a big one--but no one will build me one. I also have 3 grandaughters,,, with 2 more due in July..we are praying for our 1st grandson...Welcome to blogging!

April said...

Hello Karen...Connie sent me!

I can't wait to see the color on your walls!!!

Nina Diane said...

Hi Karen! If you're a friend of Connie's, then you're a friend of mine!!
I can't wait to see your scrappy room. I've been working on mine and I need some ideas.