Saturday, January 31, 2009

A new machine; an old machine

The week has passed . . . where did it go? Even more mind boggling is that today is January 31st! My goodness! Between working, trying to do a few things around here and Clutter Busting my friend's sewing and craft room, time just got away from me. 

But I did get FABRIC! I also bought a new sewing machine.

BOY! My old Singer machine could do two things; sew straight and zig-zag. It was 28 years old and it was time to move on. A friend of mine had recommended a little sewing shop in Alta Loma and after debating back and forth and taking a info-class on 2 different types of machines, I settled for the "little one". (And even this machine is intimidating. There are so many choices!) They said I can always trade it in and buy a different machine later. Quilting is my goal and the newer machines are just fabulous. But I haven't sewn for probably 30 years, other than a straight stitch for a Halloween costume or two. I did piece a Christmas Tree skirt about 15 years ago, and 1/2 a quilt top. But between PTA President for 2 years (and God only knows how many other Board positions before that!) taking care of my Mom through Ovarian cancer for 5 years, and following both of my son's hockey teams for sooooooo many years, I just never had the urge to pull the machine out and sew something. 

Well, the bug bit me! I am ready to begin again. I'm almost looking forward to MLB starting up again so I can have the game on and sew and scrapbook to my heart's content! (I am such an Angels fan.)  

Here's my new machine. Isn't it pretty? Pretty simple, but it'll sure get the job done! Sorry about the picture being dark, I'm having some problems with the flash on my camera.

 I will learn how to use all of the stitches it can do. I am determined to take classes. But I feel kind of silly being 50 years old and not knowing how to sew anymore. Where's my Home Ec teacher when I need her?!!!

And here is some of the fabric and trim I've chosen for part of the table skirts, valance and pillows in my happy room.

PINK! Don't ya love it? After everything boys for the past 24 years, I just can't get enough.

While looking through my linen closet for fun things to display in my happy room, I came across my Mom's old typewriter. "Why don't I have this out where I can enjoy it?" Out it came. Straight into my little office space! I learned to type on this baby. I could whip too!!! 

I also came across some sentimental gifts my Mother-in-Law gave me years ago. The boy in each picture looks so much like my oldest son, and we had a Cocker Spaniel "Chloe". I am going to find a special spot in my room for these too.

So go dig around your closets and drag out something you haven't seen in a while and find a new home for it out where you can see it. Life's too short to have all these things put away out of sight because "they don't go" with your decor. Who cares? It's your home! Enjoy!

I will keep you posted on my sewing ventures. God grant me patience! I am so going to need it!

Have a great weekend! And go AZ in the Superbowl!!! I cannot cheer for PA, cause they beat our Chargers, and that was a very bad thing. Have fun! 

p.s. I've heard there is a huge "noreaster" headed for the east coast. My prayers will be with all of you as you endure yet another storm. Be safe!


Christine said...

I'm with you - where did all the time go? I can't believe I use to type on those old typewriters! Can't wait to see your new projects that you will be sewing up here! I think that it is a great idea as well that have tings out where you can enjoy fun! Hope you have a great week end.

the pleasures of homemaking said...

That's very similar to the sewing machine I have! I hadn't sewed since home ec class in high school and I started doing a few things last year. The more I do the more comfortable I am. AZ is looking pretty good right now!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


April said...

Love your new sewing machine...I'm so jealous! And...I love all the pink for your happy room!

Shellmo said...

Can't wait to see what you do w/ that pretty fabric! I wished I knew how to sew!