Saturday, February 21, 2009

anyone else have a iMac?

I have been given a friendship award from Catherine de the Cups, and am unable to copy it over. Does anyone have a Mac and can tell me how to do this? I love my computer; this is the first bump in the road I've encountered with it (well except for the fact that Cutest Blog on the Block doesn't offer anything compatible with a Mac.) 
Tell me what I'm doing wrong! I think it's something simple. . . I am soooooo not a computer person, that's why I love the Mac. It's sooooo user-friendly.
Help! Thanks!


Christine said...

No clue! Isn't it nice we surround ourselves with like minded people. LOL Good luck and congrats in advance for the award!

~CC Catherine said...

Karen, if no one responds, email me and I'll call you and walk you through it. I think it's probably something I can walk you through...I troubleshoot some pc issues in my job., I think we could work it out. ;) ~CC Catherine

Karen said...

I DID IT!!!! Thanks all!!

Cynthia said...

Thank-you for sharing those beautiful flower pics, and your lovely comments. Cindy