Monday, February 9, 2009

Books, books and more books

First! I'm soooo happy! I have to share that I won the giveaway from Catherine de the Cups by guessing whose "eyes" were posted. I took one look at them and thought "Furbie!" My kids had about 3 or 4 each when they were growing up and they were the cutest little things. Apparently a lot of us guessed that, and she put all the correct guesses in a hat and pulled a name. YAY! I'm so excited. I chose the grab bag! I can't wait to get it. It's funny. Here we are in this place called "the internet", visiting each others homes, pretty much found by chance, linked by things we all love and want to share with others who feel the same. And for me to find someone like Catherine . . . it's just one of God's little gifts. We live clear across the country from each other and have sooooo much in common. (Even our pets. We had a sheltie, it was our first dog. She was just gorgeous. Catherine has a Sheltie. We adopted our 2nd dog, a cocker spaniel, and named her Chloe. Catherine has a dog named Chloe.) We love doilies, runners, teacups and teapots, and so many other wonderful vintage things. (I admit, I am a "dishaholic". I just love china and dishes and pretty pieces!) But mostly, when I found a lost treasure of my Grandma's and posted pictures and a little story to share on my blog, she posted the most wonderful comment to me. It touched a special place in my heart and made me feel good.  You know what I mean? Just good inside! If you get one comment a month, or even a year on your blog, I pray it means as much to you as Catherine's meant to me. Thank you Miss Catherine. You are a special woman.

SO! On to Monday. How many of you laughed at me when I said I had hoped to have my newfound treasures painted and in place by Saturday morning? HA! They still haven't dried!!!! We have had very cold and rainy weather here since last Thursday, and the garage is where I must paint. And it's cold down there. (Yes, I know. Those of you with really COLD weather are thinking "she doesn't know the meaning of the word!") But we had 80 degrees almost the entire month of January (it was ridiculous) and you kind of have to transition back from the shorts and flipflops weather to the bundle up/umbrella weather. I honestly thought they'd be dry by now. So - so much for entering them in Metamorphis Monday hosted by Between Naps on the Porch. Maybe next week!!!!

So decided to show you another "holic" of mine.  Books.

The cabin books (top of post) sit under the coffee table in my scrap happy room. I love browsing through them, thinking "maybe someday!"

When we moved into this house there was but one small set of overhead bookshelves in it. Now there are several. Each not quite full because of the treasures to come . . .

This is located at the top of the stairs. Kind of hard to get a good picture of it. It looks really pretty at night with the 3 little lamps on.  

This is where I keep all of my family Bibles. My paternal Grandfather was a Minister.  And I have some treasures of my Dad's here. I never really knew him, he died when I was 8. But I love his shaving mirror that hung in our service porch in our old house where I grew up.

These are in our bedroom. There was this space that could've probably been another closet, but since the master closet here is almost bigger than our bedroom at our old house, I figured it was a good place to keep some of my wonderful books close-by.

Most of the ones in our room are written by Christian Women's Authors. They are such pleasant reading. But then there are the Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown and Catherine Coulter ... and my favorite of all, Janet Dailey!!!

Have you ever read Janette Oke? If you love "Little House on the Prarie" you'll love these stories of Marti and her family. I could just get lost in the them. The first one of the series "Loves Comes Softly" was made into a movie staring Katherine Heg___ (forgot her name - she is on Grey's Anatomy) and I just loved it. They've made more of them, but I still think Love Comes Softly is the best movie. As for the books, I've loved each and every one.
I am also fascinated with writings about Christianity, Christ, the Holy Land and wonderful Inspirational books.

Whoops! Here's a little secret! Here is where I stash my most favorite paperbacks. (The poor woman at the used bookstore where you trade them in and then select new ones wants to know why when I find a Susan Wiggs or a Sheryl Wood I never exchange them back! I can't bear to give back a book I loved!)

This is my drawer of "to reads". YAY!!!

When I had these bookcases installed, I knew exactly what I wanted to use them for. I had the middle drawers made the exact depth of a paperback so I can store them on their sides and read the titles at a glance. 

I have to laugh. Kind of hard to see, but can you tell which side of the bed is mine, and which is my husband's? My side, my wonderful, wonderful Woman's Bible that I love! and my current "fun" read. I admit there are about 4 others that I have going right now too. They are in the drawer.  His side? Laptop. End of story. That's his reading each night.  

My kids are the same way. You know how the supposed "experts" tell you to "read, read, read" to your children when they are small and let them see you reading, and then they too will develop a love for it? Well, not so. I read every book on the planet to them, and they loved listening. But to pick up a book and read it by themselves just for the sheer pleasure of it? Nope! My oldest, read every Goosebumps book there was and that was the end of it. My youngest? NADA! We read the first Harry Potter book together and then . .. zip. If he could get away with cliff notes and readers digest condensed versions in high school, he did it, much to Mother's dismay!

If they only knew what they were missing. You can go anywhere, be anyone, do anything in a book. We've been twice told to evacuate our home due to wildfires, and both times I packed up my most treasured books. Fortunately we were able to unpack, never having to even start the car. Close but . . . 

So this is my little sewing area with yup, more books above. 

(Yes Manuella, there is my Little House set! Unfortunately our old dog Wendi decided to see how a few of them tasted!)

So - that's a few of my books. And the thunderstorm ended . . .  it was a good one, but at least now I can post.

Enjoy!! Karen


Christine said...

I am laughing at all your books! Do you ever get rid of any of them or do you keep them all? An congrats on winning the give-a-way! I loved furbie! I really like all your built in book if I had those maybe, just maybe I'd hold on to more of my books! Hope you have a wonderful day! =O)

Dawnie said...

WOW! loolllllll I cant beleive all these books! I thought I had a lot..I have maybe 10! lolllll

Bonnie said...

Karen, I have read so many of those same books. My reading days have slowed down some now that Motherhood is in full swing. But our older daughter is reading all the Janette Oke books and so many more great Christian fiction books. She is the only of the 3 that really has a love for reading. I haven't given up hope on the other two. God Bless - I enjoyed reading your blog today

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Karen! ;) Thanks so kindly for mentioning me in your post today! I'm so happy you are excited to receive the package., hopefully it will arrive to you before Valentine's Day! I think it should... The books are, I wish I was as avid a reader as you are. Have you read "He Loves Me" yet? I think the author is Wayne Jacobson??? He was coauthor of The Shack, which has been a really cool book everyone has told me about. I haven't read THE SHACK yet, but just am about 4 chapters into He Loves Me...and it's phenomenal! You gotta get it if you've not done so. Can't wait to chat later! ;) ~CC Catherine

claudie said...

Congratulation on CC's winnings. You lucky girl.
Love your blog and I have an angel like yours!
Have a great week.
Love Claudie

Karen said...

This was such a fun post! I love seeing all of your books. The majority of mine are still in boxes, as my husband is busy building bookcases for me. We moved into this house last August, and left behind lots of built-in bookshelves. Like you, if I read a book I love, I have to keep it.

Raggedy Girl said...

Hi Karen:
I popped over from Catherine's and when I saw all those books I knew I would love adding you to my daily visits. I will be back to read "in depth" later.
Roberta Anne

Connie said...

Hey Karen! I have read all the Janette Oke books and loved them too! I have so many books I've bought and read a chapter or two and never finished. I need to read more because I enjoy a good book. Congrats on winning a giveaway! Your room is looking so cute! You have always amazed me with your creativity! Connie