Friday, February 6, 2009

A Day Off

Wow! I feel like I have just been "go, go, going!" all week. And now - my morning Clutter Busters appointment (I still haven't talked about that yet, have I?)  cancelled because she didn't get her homework done - so I have some free time. YAY!! And it's cold and raining out, a perfect day to put on a pot of soup and tackle some unfinished projects! I just love days like this!

So the other day I hit Home Goods and Goodwill. And the people must've thought I was nuts when I danced my way out each door with my treasures. I think I found some GOOD STUFF!!!! What do you think?

 This is a small cupcake/plate stand that goes with the urn and rectangular tray I found a few weeks ago.

The large tin is about 12" tall, and the smaller one about 8"

Mercury Glass! My second piece. This could be trouble!

A fun little shadow box for Justin's bedroom/my office beach-themed room.

And here are some of them in their new home in my scrap-happy room . . .

And on Justin's nightstand.

Now - on to my Goodwill treasures!

The whole lot for $12!!!!!! Can you spell HAPPY?!!!! Everything just needs a coat of primer and paint, a little sanding . . . good as new!! And who doesn't need another bulletin board for $ .99?

I needed a place to put the boy's mail that still comes to our house. Perfect!

Look at this box. I am so excited about this find.  It is such a nice piece. Very well made, every corner mitered, handles carved - I think it is Cherrywood. I can't wait to get this filled up on my scrap table!

Very cute wallsconce!

Most of it is down in the garage as I post this with it's first coat of primer on it. Very fun!

So that's my day so far. I hope to have these pieces in their new homes by tomorrow morning. Then I do need to hit the sewing machine again. I've got the table skirts made and put up, but I need to add the pink and the trim on the bottom. I am having a very difficult time finding some really large buttons in the right color pink to put in the middle of the box pleat, and decided, why not make some? (I'm not about to spend $2.00 each which is about the price of what I'm finding so far. I need 18 of them, so that is not an option.) I need to go find a dowel that is the right size and my dh said he'd show me how to cut them out with the chop saw and then drill holes. We'll see how that goes. Then I'd just need to paint them and sew them on! Sounds kind of easy doesn't it?  Hmmmmmm... 
Come back and see!!!!!
Everyone have a good day! and a GREAT weekend!! 
(I'm tellin' you, somebody needs to invent blog-aroma. My homemade chicken soup I put on before I came up here is smelling just heavenly!)


~CC Catherine said...

Karen, Just loved your finds...girl, you've got tons to do now! Make sure you post them when their done on Meta Monday! Stop by my post today so you can see my Show & Tell item, and also to enter the GIVEAWAY by guessing who's EYES are being showcased! The rules are in the post! mmm, love the smell of that soup! ;) Love oyster crackers in mine! ~CC Catherine

Dawnie said...

yep great finds! you just gave me the urge to head on out this weekend and see if i can find some treasures.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Karen, those are perfect finds! A little paint, and those thrifty finds will have a whole new life. :) enjoy our rainy weekend,
and the soup!
xo Lidy

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Those Goodwill finds will look fantastic with some paint! $12 for all that is great! Love the pretty things you got at Homegoods! That store is such a temptation! They always have cute stuff!


cityfarmer said...

...wait ... I thot I caught a sniff of that soup ...

Shellmo said...

You are a great treasure hunter! I love that cake stand! So funny- I was at home goods today looking for one!!

~CC Catherine said...

Karen, GUESS WHAT? You won my Challenge/Give Away for GUESS WHO'S or WHAT THESE EYES ARE! Yes......YOU WON! Congrats! Please email me today at and give me your mailing address and your choice of either the Collectible Longaberger Heart Shaped Basket...or my Pinknique Saturday post items of this past week. Just let me know in your email which gift you prefer and the package will be in the mail later today! ;) I'm very EXCITED that you won! ;) I've also put a link to your blog and told my followers to click on the FURBY on my side bar to see who won the challenge/give away! ;) ~CC Catherine

Cynthia said...

Hi Karen,
Congrats on winning CC's challenge! I love your finds, I'm a goodwill and homegoods junkie myself. I added onto your blog roll, hope you can stop by for a visit. I always thought if you were somewhere like So. Calif, you wouldn't want to move because of the weather, but I can see why you would want 4 seasons. Well we have it here in Wisconsin, especially the winter part. LOL. Cindy

Christine said...

You found some really fun treasures! I can't wait to see how it turns out! Soup sound yum yum!