Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finding Treasures

Remember last Saturday when I encouraged you to pull out some old memorable things from the back of the closet, and set them out and enjoy them? Well, I dove back in and drug out some other old boxes and tins of my grandma's. . And look what I found!

Do you see that the thread ball is still attached to the doilie? Someone was making this and then stopped for whatever reason. It had to be either my Mom or her Mom. They were the crocheters and quilters. 

And now look at this lace. I didn't realize my Mom did this. (I have a girlfriend who makes lace, and I have watched her and it seems to be quite tedious.)  But back in the 40s when money was tight and you wanted something pretty, you made it. 

My Mom's family had a dairy farm up in Sumas, Washington, and it didn't make them rich, but it kept a car in the garage and a roof over their heads. All the produce was "put up", hours upon hours of canning and making "sauce" and jams and jellies. They grew all their food. And butchered all their meat. And made all their clothes. 

I dearly wish this half-made doilie and this bit of lace could talk.  After we lose someone we love I know we all wish "if I could have just one hour, or one more day with them .. . " but that wouldn't be enough. I could probably publish journals of questions that I have for my grandma and my Mom. She died when I was 23 and I lost my Mom 10 years ago.  Oh to sit down with the two of them together NOW - knowing what I know now. My golly that would be a fun day!

Anyway, I've enjoyed my reminiscing. And it means so much to know they were the ones whose hands made these lovely things. What do you think? Should I send the doilie off to my friend Joy to complete? Or leave it the way it is . . . knowing Grandma touched it last? If it were yours, what would you do?  Let me know!

That's all for now . . . it's a busy week. My hats off to those of you who are able to post almost every day. Where do you find the time?

Have a great evening and thanks for visiting!


Dawnie said...

oh man what a gift you found in this...i would want to just sit and feel it in my hands wondering what they were thinking when they were making it...

~CC Catherine said...

Karen, I love your story, and the pics of your doily. I too had a lovely relationship with my own Grandma and was fortunate to share in her life many years. She passed five years ago today at the age of 92 from natural causes. While she was living I came across many doilies she'd made in earlier years and a lovely pillow that she had started to applique and do embroidery on. It was only about 1/2 done. I decided I would finish it myself (since I knew how to do what she was making)and use different colors of thread apart from those she'd used, this way I'd see specifically where she worked, and where I had worked. The piece is done.......and will be one of my Metamorphous Monday posts soon. I made it into a pillow that I use in my guest room and each time I look at it I see the black thread she used to stitch around the posies on it and I think that's where she touched it! IT was a combined labor of love and I really feel that what you want to do will bring you the same type of nostalgia and joy I've felt from doing mine. If I were you...I'd have your friend finish it(If you don't know how to crochet) and I'd get a different color of thread that would complement the outer edge of the doiley...this way, you will always know the stitches that belonged to Exclusively HER! Please let me see it when it's done! And, be on the lookout to see mine on my blog in the future. I just posted this past Tuesday on my Meta.Monday post the fur my G'ma gave me and I eventually had Teddy Bears professionally made from it for my siblings to remember both her and my dad. You should check it out too, you'll enjoy it. 2/3 post. ~CC Catherine @ Hope we can keep in touch! ;) I love your style and your sentiment side!

Shanda said...

Love the little pink vintage work. I collect all I find at garage sales. No one seems to be doing it any more and some day it will all be gone......or at my house.