Saturday, February 21, 2009

He's baaaaaaaack

Hi Mom! I'm home!

We knew he would be - just weren't exactly sure when. This is our son Justin. He's 20. He was living with 3 roommates in a house, but has decided to move home to Mom and Dad's CLEAN house with a well stocked fridge, and dinner every night! He can save some money and get a lot more studying done. 

This was taken last year at our older son's college graduation.

So - welcome home Justin! I am thrilled you are back, as long as you do your own laundry and NO PARTIES!!!!  ;) Love you Honey!


~CC Catherine said...

Welcome Home Justin! ;) Noooooo parties! ;) I second that one! ;) You're too cute Karen! ;) ~CC Catherine

Christine said...

Your son is @ moving back in to clean house and meals. You and I are so in the same boat! My oldest has been staying here off and on during the week nights so he can get more sleep better food and up on time in the mornings to go to work! He shares a house with two other guys...and what a dirty house that is! No one is here on the week ends though! Maybe we are being eased into all of this! Alison is the only one gone full time right now at a university two hours away from home. I so hear you about the busy lives we had hockey around the country and I had volleyball around the country. She got a scholarship out of it so I guess it was worth it. As a matter of fact we were in Reno a couple years ago for a big Volleyball tournament and there were a ton of hockey players there for a tournament as well and I asked a couple of the hockey players in the lobby if they were having a good time and what was their favorite part of the tournament for them that week end...and they all quickly said, "The volleyball players!!"

You have inspired me to throw a tea party! Have a great night!

Corrine said...

thanks so much for stopping by. what a handsome son and family you have.

have fun with him home and enjoy him!

Karen said...

testing- yup it works Ginger!

Cynthia said...

You have one very handsome son. I have a beautiful 18 year old daughter, who has a yucky boyfriend, too bad we live so far apart! LOL, Cindy -- Good luck with the not so empty nest again.

Joyce said...

Hi-I clicked on your blog from the wash, fold and repeat blog. I'm kinda new to the empty nest thing and also to blogging.

I love your teacup collection. My mother in law started a collection for both my girls a few years ago. And, I will confess to having a slight pottery/dish addiction myself. I moved to England 5 years ago and I won't admit to how many sets of dishes I've purchased : )

Enjoy having your son home...studying is good : )

Happy Monday-Joyce

Connie said...

Justin...what a good looking kid! I still see little JT! I'm happy for both of you just know it takes some adjusting after they've been on their own for both of you!