Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Letter "M"

Connie over at Connie's turning 50 posted a game. I wanted to play so she assigned me a letter. With the letter given to me I must list 10 things I love that begin with that letter.

She gave me the letter "M".

Now I've really been thinking about this. For a few days in fact. There are so many obvious ones - but I really wanted to find things I truly, truly love.

So here goes. My list of "M"s.

1) Marriage

My marriage to Mark! We've been together 28 years and counting, and we've had our ups and downs like everyone else, but I've got to say, I love that Man and look forward to spending the rest of my life with him. I can only pray my children find such companionship and comfort in their own marriages.

2) Motherhood
In both forms.

1) I love my Mom and miss her terribly. I'd give anything, anything at all, everything I have to bring her back.

2) I love my kids passionately. They are the highlight of my life. They make me smile, cry, laugh, worry and just feel proud.

3) Mary - Jesus' Mother in
My "True Identity" Women's Bible

I love this Bible. I love the TNIV version, I love the feature contents of "Ask Me Anything". I love the conversations throughout. It's getting a little worn, but I love that too!

4) Menopause - ummmmmm NOT!!!!!  ;)


If you have learned anything at all about me through this blog, it's that I desire to live in the mountains and experience all four seasons there. I want a meadow for my backyard where my grandchildren (when I have some that is) can roam and explore, and pick me bushels of wildflower bouquets and just be kids.


(last summer on vacation in Colorado. I'm pointing to the clouds overhead - in my GLORY! and then the Heavens opened up!)

There is nothing except snowfall that I enjoy more than a really POWERFUL monsoon/storm. One you can feel and smell. With thunder and lightning and wind and hail. OH! I just love them!
(Again this was on our vacation in Colorado last summer. This was our campsite, and it was one of the most beautiful spots ever! I did not make it back to the coach after snapping this shot before it started just DUMPING!)

6) Money

Sorry. But I had to say it. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want more of it. Me? The more the better, so I can give it away to people and things I believe in. There are so many foundations and institutions out there that I really think benefit all of our lives. And they need money. Money to find the cure for ovarian cancer. Money to find the cure for Altzheimers. Money to build shelters for the homeless. Money to feed them. Money to provide good homes for abandoned animals. Money to help our cousin's wife who was struck by a car and now requires 24 hour care and will never be the same again. Money to teach the Word of God. Money to just help people who have touched my life that could really use just a little boost.

7) Memory Books

Yup, I've got the scrapbook bug. I could work on them for hours and hours. I love the entire process, from selecting the pictures, remembering the memories and putting it to page in an art form that only I can create. I want my grandchildren to say "Gramma, tell me about this one!"
(above are 6 pages from the scrapbook I made for our best friends for Christmas last year. It is all about their Montana Home.) speaking of Montana . . .


Oh my GOLLY it was cold!!! I have so many layers on...

If I can't have Colorado, then it must be Montana. I have truly fallen in love with this state. My husband and I have the very good fortune of our very close friends Mike and Jeanne owning a second home there on about 1000 acres, and we can go up any time we want. The door is always open, whether they are there or not. And trust me, we do! It is such a beautiful, beautiful place! (And it SNOWS there too!!!!!! hehehe). This is her and I recently - LOOK! It's snowing. And yes, she carts that big old purse everywhere!

9) Myself

This was hard to write down, but I've learned over the past few years that it is important. I am a good person, a good wife and a good Mom. I am a good friend! I'm a terrific Auntie! And someday, I'll be the BEST Gramma!

This picture represents my wonderful life. I mean, what a campspot we have in our coach! Got my glass of wine, got my two favorite pups, my darling husband is taking the shot, and it's a beautiful day at the beach! God is good!

Which brings me to No. 10. our Motorhome, a fine Merlot and a smooth Meritage!!! Gotta go RVing and drink a good wine!!!

So that is my TEN M's!  (well 11 if you count the wine!)

This was a wonderful thing to do. It is a wonderful way to truly count your Blessings.

Anyone who wants to play - just comment and I'll assign you a letter!

Thanks for visiting! Everyone have a great day! Hugs. Karen


Christine said...

I ~LOVE~ your list! I got to the part about your kids and your comment there and there came the tears! Thank you very much!!!

Your memory book for your friends is beautiful! What a treasure for them.

You are good people for sure!

Shellmo said...

Karen - you had great Ms!!! I love the mountains too (and if I wasn't in Northern Mich - I would choose Colorado and MOntana too!) Your scapbooking is beautiful!!! Loved it!

Ginger said...

Karen, what a beautiful gal you are, and a cute shape too!! I liked your "M" answers. Before I scrolled down to the end, I was thinking "motorhome" and then you listed it. lol.
Beautiful coach. We used to have a m.h. but sold it and bought a 5th wheel. Don't like it much.
Your mom is so pretty and it sounds like you miss her so much. Cute picture of you and your hubby...I know what you mean about the ups and downs. And those darling boys of yours...they almost look like twins in that picture. Good looking guys!!
That was fun learning about you.

Connie said...

Karen, I loved this "M" post and love your new background for your blog. I remember your sweet mom and loved her too. I know how much you miss her. Your scapbook pages for Jeanne are awesome. You always were so talented and I still admire that about you. I just want a little rubbed off on me!! :) I still remember you calling me up to look outside to view the lightning. I'm glad you are so happy and we are friends that have kept in touch after being apart for the last 8 years. Love ya, Connie

Cynthia said...

I loved this post! I always chuckle when I see the snow wish. Today was in the 40's and it felt good but guess what ? 5-8 inches of the white fluffy stuff is on its way tomorrow. I'll snap some pics,LOL. I love your knew background and you can send me a letter, how fun. Cindy

linda said...

My parents live in Colorado and love it. We just may end up there someday too!

We were bitten by the RVing bug a few years ago. We love it and have made the most amazing friends through it. We belong to a club that goes out once a month, every month. It's the highlight of our month!

Shanda said...

I had to come right over and see this new blog layaout. How exciting to fix it all up. I have read this week that it is now called a new blog dress. Thought that was cute. I wish you were here to help me scrapbook my trip out west. I finally printed out all the pictures amd now they are all laid out all over the dining room table. i am to the point of writing description cards and placing them in the book. Not a lot of fancy pages, but I did buy some cute add on stuff from Ho Lob. I just dont have the time to do all the backgrounds and matting. This is actually my first attempt at a trip book and I made my book with used grocery bags and pretty papers and tied it all up with some rustic looking twine. It sorta resembles a kindergarten project right now and I don't know if it will get better.

Love that jeep!!

~CC Catherine said...

Karen, Now I feel like I'm gettin to know you friend! What a cute post! I'm sure you do miss your mom.......I'd miss mine too! I cherish every minute I can with her... ;) ~CC Catherine

debbie said...

Hi, Karen
I found your blog through Connie's blog,, fun reading your favorite "M" things,, you can send me a letter. I've always wanted to go to Colorado and Montana.. maybe one day. My mom is my very best friend so I know how much you must miss your mom. Love your blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

You are a terrfic Auntie!!!!
xoxo heather