Thursday, February 12, 2009

a little bit more finished

I know I'm getting ahead of myself posting my room before it is totally done. But . . . so many people said to just keep posting as I go, so here goes!

Remember this cute little box from the Goodwill for $4?

Here it is now!         the front -

      and the back!

And the mug holder for $2.  It's now holding mugs! But I think it needs some ribbon on it . . .

My work in progress shelves. I hope to get the molding installed on them this weekend. 

I got the frame painted white around my "dreaming" girl . . . my Mom gave me that picture so it is pretty special to me.

Here is the table skirt -  DONE!!!!! And I didn't have to make the buttons! But! There is one missing! I have no clue what happened to it - so it'll just have to wait until it reappears (yeah right!) Yesterday my friend Joy took me to the garment district in LA and we shopped! Man was it fun. I had never been there.  We bought buttons and trims, fabric and more fabric, charms and rhinestones and crystals and all kinds of good stuff!!! And it looks like we'll be going back to buy at least one more button! (Gosh I wonder what else we'll find next time we go ?) he he he 

Here is the fabric and trims I bought for the pillows I'm going to make for the loveseat.

And here are some of the charms and things I bought for scrapbooking and blinging out my pillows and window cornice box.  Very fun!!!  The charms were about $1.00 for 3. The honey bee and the large cross were 70 cents each. I think all the rhinestones together cost me about $4. There is one dozen of 5 different colors in the round container. Pretty colors! And very inexpensive! Once I get all these craft projects done, and the sewing done, then I can get back to entire reason why I designed this room - scrapbooking!!!!

Well . . . but then there is a quilt I want to make, and my friend Joy and I are going to take knitting lessons, and did I mention I have about 20 years worth of pictures to catch up on? 




~CC Catherine said...

I'm with you Karen, there are not enough hours in a day! ;) Especially since I've become an avid blogger. I've started reading more., and am doing that every morning. I was telling myself the other day that I should be reading as much as I'm blogging, if not more. So far, that's not happening! ;) Sooooooo, your gift pkg should almost be there. I can't wait till you get it! I'm especially anxious for you to see the special custom note cards I sent you. It was hard to pick my favorites. I actually sent you 8 instead of 6, and that includes the Congrats card on winning the package! ;) I know you'll put each gift to good use and I'm so pleased that you were the winner. Be sure to keep me posted on your grandmother's doily! Okay? LOVE THIS post today on what you did with the makeover of the little GW buy.........WOW., totally love the green with the ribbons and all. So precious! ~Ciao for now! ;) ~CC Catherine

~CC Catherine said...

PS> You should really use this GW makeover on the little tray for Meta Monday's REALLY a good one! ;) ~CC

Cynthia said...

Very nice, I love the little box makeover. Cindy

Nina Diane said...

everything is looking so great!

Shanda said...

I Love seeing the thrit store makeovers. You have made a very nice pretty craft room and sooo girly.

Christine said...

OK - I'm loving this...I am in the process of putting together my scrapbook room! It is overwhelming me! Finding a place for everything is no easy task...I like your little green cart there. That turned out cute. How did you write the word dream on the wall?

Synergy Girl said...

Hi there!!

Saw ya from another blog, and thought I would say HI!! So, I LOVE that box you did...Such cuteness!! Wish my brain had half that creativity...!!! Well, I love the blog!!