Friday, February 20, 2009

Signs of Spring!

One of the blogs I love to visit is Cynthia's Cottage Design (check it out if you aren't already aware of her gorgeous blog). And today her post reminded me of the some of the good things about living in Southern California. Now mind you, yesterday I was dreaming of snow, much to the dismay of Cynthia from Applestone Cottage (check her out too! What a Sweetheart!). She woke up to snow which is something I would LOVE to do. 

Well, as I was wandering around the backyard this morning waiting for my two little ones to hurry up and get their business done, I noticed . . . ready? BUDS! So I thought I would share some of my "buds in the backyard" with those of you who won't get to see these for a little while yet. And once again I will l remark to you - TRADE YA!!! ;) 

Enjoy some of the simpler little things in life we need to take the time to appreciate.

My pot of daisies and mullions bells on the patio.

The Mullions Bells are just the most happy tiny flowers! 

And daisies make me SMILE!

But Hydrangeas! Now they are my favorite. I will remember to take pictures later in Spring, when these bushes absolutely go bananas!!!! They are just stunning. I have 7 bushes total and they do me proud! See the buds?

And my Plum Tree. I have three of these gorgeous trees and they smell like Heaven when they are covered in blooms. My camera did not want to focus on the blooms! But they are there, the two pink ones in the center!

Even the Sweet Pea bush (which unfortunately doesn't have a scent - can you imagine?) is flowering. This will be absolutely covered with blooms later on. It is a gorgeous bush, but unfortunately the bumble bees love them too. I've counted as many as 14 bumble bees at once around one bush. (yes, I really could count them. They land and stay for a while!)  I have 2, one on either end of the patio. 
Well I hope you enjoyed my meanderings this morning! HAGD! Karen


Shellmo said...

As we're about to be hit w/ 5+ inches of snow - it's nice to see these flowers and dream......

~CC Catherine said...

Thanks Karen for sharing the buds! The blooms are STUNNING, you are right! ;) ~CC Catherine

Shanda said...

Ahhh! A small glimpse of heaven. I can't wait.

prof en retraite said...

Funny...I am in Georgia and I noticed buds this week, too! Only we will get one more hard freeze that will kill it all and they will start over...happens every year!!...Debbie

April said...

OHHHH....I'm so jealous! I do have daffodils blooming and my roses are budding out. Thanks for sharing!

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
You can't beat the Calif. weather for growing flowers. It seems like you can grow almost anything there. I love the hydrangeas too, and gardenias. I like the sweet peas too. Actually, I think I love all flowers. lol.
We have sunshine this morning...even though it's cold, I am so happy to see the sun.

Christine said...

I was noticing a few buds on our trees and plants as well...although you have to really look for ours! Yours are beautiful!!!!!! I want Spring...or maybe I'll just come visit you for an early spring!