Thursday, February 19, 2009

Teacups & such

I've been thinking. What do I have that I love, that some of you might enjoy seeing? What can I share?

My teacups!!

My maternal grandmother started all of us granddaughters (there were 8 of us) on collections - I think as soon as we could walk. And every Christmas we'd get $2 and a teacup and saucer. And they went straight into our Hope Chests! I love them. I inherited a few more when she died. I inherited a few more when my Mom died. And I've purchased a few more that I fell in love with over the years.

So - I thought I'd share a few. While they are all my favorites - these are probably my most favorites. So far. . . (he he he)

The bottom just says "Royal Albert - Bone China - England" with the picture of a crown

Now this one says "Royal Grafton - Bone China - made in England" with a crown

I love this one! I bought it, don't remember where. It says "Duchess - Fine Bone China - England" with the picture of a crown

And my favorite teapot! And it just says "Windsor - made in England"

I have no clue what any of that means. I do remember Grandma telling me to only buy China that is made in England. I was too young or dumb to ask her why?

Anyway - my friend Joy and I went antiquing last Monday - and look what I found! (sorry, I was so excited when I got it home that I just took it out of the bag, set it on the table and took the picture.)

Now I know why I jumped straight into love of this set . . . 

I already had this one!

Same design, different inscription on the bottom. And look at the differences in the cup and saucers!

Don't know what's up with that, but I love them both! And I really really love the teapot!

So I'm going to Google it all tomorrow when I'm not so tired, and if I learn anything, I'll share what I find out with you. I think it's about time I understand all of this. Course if anyone knows some of the answers - jump right in and tell me! 

That's it for today. But something kind of unexpected happened last weekend that I keep meaning to tell you about, but ... I'll save it for tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting. Tell me what you think about a few of my teacups! I love hearing from all of you! Karen


Cynthia said...

Those are really gorgeous teacups and pots! I really enjoyed this tour, and I had to laugh about the snow comment,- I would love to be where you are right now! I've had my fill of snow this year, what's pretty in Nov. isn't as much in Feb. I guess the grass (or snow) is always greener! Cindy

~CC Catherine said...

Lovely Ms Karen! I adore this post! Of course I would, it's about Grandma's (my favorite subject) and Teacups (my second fav subject next to G'Ma's.) ;) Hey...stop by my post today (have a couple) and see what I have for you to pick up! I appreciate you and our new found friendship! ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

Dawnie said...

i really like that 2nd one..its different. I've always loved tea cups and saucers to, but never collected them

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for stopping in for a visit!! you are always welcome and thanks too for using my button :) I adore your tea cups!! they are simply stunning!! I have a few too, and thought of bringing them out for show :) I might add them to a chandelier , I saw that on someone's blog and thought , how cute! Yours are so gorgeous with all those roses, my favorite!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! and nice to meet you :) Hugs, Cynthia

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
I love your teapots and teacups. I have a small collection too. I don't know a lot about them, but I was always told to buy the english bone china too. I used to find them on Ebay but haven't checked for awhile.

Christine said...

I need to drag out my old teacups and use them more. Alison loved having tea parties. My mom and grandma gave me some and they are so pretty. I love yours and the tea pot as well..beautiful!

Carol said...

I just decided to check your blog out via Joyce's blog, the lady from England.

I love teacups!! I also am an American living in England through my husband's job. When we packed all our stuff to head over last May, I left my teacups behind! It was a small sacrifice, but I do miss them. I can vicariously enjoy the beauty through your blog. :-0