Saturday, March 21, 2009

Decorating the house

For years, ten of them in fact, my family celebrated Easter out at "the river", the Colorado River which ends up in Lake Havasu. First in our motorhome, then we sold that and bought our lake house in Lake Havasu. We had several friends who had places there too and we would all get together. Most years my in-laws would join us too and several neighbors who we adored. One year there was close to 40 of us. And Easter was MY Holiday. I pulled out all the stops and hosted a big Easter brunch. Everyone helped out. Lox and bagels, honey baked ham, fresh asparagus, breakfast potatoes with herbs, eggs of course, fresh fruit salad, Wailea spinach salad, champagne, Bloody Mary's . . . and dessert too. Everyone would come over to our place and we would spend hours just eating and relaxing. So I had decorations galore, and they looked great on our wrap around deck around our little double wide mobile home. 

About three years ago we sold the place. It had turned into something other than what we had originally bought it for - family time. We had wonderful years there with the kids growing up, but - it was time to move on. So we sold it and bought our motorhome. (YAY! I had missed having a motorhome for those years - we couldn't afford them both, plus there was just NO TIME what with the boys hockey schedules dragging us around the country.) I brought all of my Easter decorations home and merged them with the ones I had for our old house. Everything looked great in a single story ranch . .. but this house? Wow. I purged a lot of stuff last year . . . and didn't really decorate a whole lot. But this year I was bit by the spring fever bug and wanted to make it look nice for Easter. 

Well surprise! My stuff doesn't look so good. I was all excited yesterday when I got it all out and then started to place it around and UGH! Some of it is my Mom's, which means it must go up - I don't care how corny it looks. So if my home looks a little "small" and bare - trust me, I'll be working on it over the next month. With these tall ceilings and huge rooms, I need BIG stuff. 

Hmmmmm ... must be time to go shopping!

Well, here's what I got.

The wine cart in the kitchen eating area. Just added the egg up top, the little bunny up top and the paint can below (don't like it there . . . )

The dining room buffet. I really like how this turned out. It's a very overcast and cloudy day out this morning, so the pictures look a little blah. But it really is pretty.

dining room table. Again, I like how this looks. It just looks blah here. 
Maybe I'll change the runner . . .

My little eggs and Cottontail Cottage I put on the end table in the family room.

Just threw some eggs in my little ducks planter and put it on top of my cookbook shelf.

I had bought these for my Mom. They have a grandmother and one grandson in each one. She loved them. I remember I got them at Price Club (that'll take ya back) it must've been 16 - 17 years ago. My kids were still small.  And I like my cute chicks, but they looked better on a buffet table than they do on my not so country family room fireplace mantle.

And this is all that ended up in my kitchen. Everything just looked so . . . 

SO! Onward! I need to hit the stores and the garden centers. I need fresh and colorful stuff!
I'll keep you posted!

We are going to a wedding this afternoon.  Our old friends Kevin and Gina's oldest daughter Jaime is getting married. And our good friends Mike and Jeanne will be there too! It promises to be a gorgeous and very fun time! I'll think of all of you as I drink champagne and dance the night away with my hubby. Whoo hooo!!!!! 

Have a good weekend everyone! 



Ginger said...

Karen, your home is so pretty, but I know what you mean about it being big and the decorations get overshadowed. I say a trip to Tai Pan is in order!!! I went there this week (the St.George store) and they had some cute Easter things.
I understand completely about your tastes changing with the house in Havasu and the motorhome. We went through the motorhomes, and the boat phase. Now we are down to the 5th wheel, which doesn't even get used any more.
Have fun at the wedding and have a glass of champayne for me.

Sheila said...

wow! everything is soooo beautiful. this was my first visit to you site. it is lovely.

linda said...

Everything looks great and hey, at least you've started decorating! I need to get busy!

Have fun at the wedding!

Christine said...

I think everything looks wonderful! You always do such a nice job with decorating...I think you have the special touch!

~CC Catherine said...

Hey girl...your Easter chickies look great! ;) Miss you friend! ;) ~CC Catherine

Shanda said...

Love all your pretties, I need to come shopping at your house. Do you ever see the House Wives from orange Co. at the lake. I watch the show and they are always there. Looks like a fun place.