Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring!

Wow! Long time no talk to! 

Everything around here is moving along at warp speed. Grammie's funeral is not until Monday. Something about dying in one county and being buried in another . . .  and yesterday was my first day off in . . . golly,  the last week and 1/2. I am SOOOOO not used to working that much. I love my job, but GEEZ! I HATE DOING TAXES!! I am a homebody - I need time at home - cleaning, fluffing and stuff!  So needless to say - I spent the day yesterday doing what every woman does on her day off - SHOPPING! (good grief!)

So today - being the first day of Spring and all - I came down with a little case of spring fever. And so I took the initiative to venture up into the storage rafters of our garage by myself. Yes! I know! That's what husbands and sons are for. But hey - I wanted my boxes NOW! Now I had never been up there since we had it all built when we bought the house 5 years ago. So this was quite an adventure.

Yup. Up there, over my car - 
which needs to be backed out of the garage to extend the pull down ladder.

Now over my car and the entire Harley garage - well . . . that's all my Christmas decorations. Over the Jeep side of the garage - that's every other Holiday's decorations. And over the workshop - well . . . thats JUNK! Precious junk I can't bear to part with. Yet. Give me time. I need to go through it all. No rush - plenty of space. HA! But I'm very organized and everything is well labeled.
So up I go! Through that narrow little staircase. Climb up in there - 
and man it killed my knees crawling around!

Look right - that's Christmas. (Wasn't that just the other day?)

Crawl up and venture left and . . . 

The lights went out. 

I almost died! We put the garage lights and laundry room light on timers because the boys kept leaving them on all night. I guess I should've thought of that before I went up there. Our garage has no windows - nada, zip zilch, zero. PITCH BLACK!!!! Thankfully I had my digital camera and just kept taking pictures and got backed out and back down the ladder by using my flash!
OK, so I won't be going back up there again any time soon. I grabbed the 3 boxes marked Easter and was outta there!

Get it all unpacked and spread out on the dining room table, and then . . . hmmmmmm. 
There is stuff missing. Actually lots of stuff missing. Oh UGH! 
Gotta go back up - there!
Flip the timer to ONE HOUR . . . 


Isn't she cute?

So here are a few of my favorite Spring and Easter decorations. 

This is one of those little ceramic houses you put the tea-lights in. 
It is called Cottontail Cottage.
Just gorgeous in detail! 
It's about 14" tall.

And I have two different size eggs by the same artist also. I love them!!

These are two paint cans I bought for the boys when they were in elementary school. 
(Horrible idea for Easter Baskets!) But they sure are cute!

All I have done so far today is set the kitchen table with my spring dishes. Yes, I have different sets for different times of the year. (I know, sick.) 
But I have already confessed to being a dish-a-holic!

My center piece. It's a platter and a honey jar with a little spring arrangement. It is so bright and colorful that it just makes you smile when you look at it.

Oh and my wine cart! It makes me smile too! 

Please share your favorites with me! 
I love peeking in everyone's homes and seeing what they have and how they put it all together.
I'll finish up tomorrow, and post the rest then.
For now I need to go run some errands . . . it just never ends!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!



Dwightbecker said... always were super organized. I'm very jealous of that trait. Thanks for the chuckle about being up there in the rafters with no light. Glad you had your camera. I would have freaked. Garages are dark!!! I love your spring dishes!! Come decorate my house would ya?? Love ya, Connie

Connie said...

I didn't see that Dwight was logged into google. It was me who left the last comment not Mr. B. Connie

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
Glad to see you are just busy and not sick. You are very brave to go up in the attic alone. I used to do things like that when I was I would be afraid I would get stuck up there and no one around to hear me yelling. Love how you have everything organized (and love your red car). The Easter decor is adorable. I've been shopping too...