Sunday, April 5, 2009

Books, Bling and An Artistic Affaire Printemps

I know everyone knows the feeling of finding a "treasure". My friend Joy and I went to an estate sale the other day. It was packed - there were so many people crowded in there that you couldn't move . . . you know the feeling. But then you find a treasure, and then another one. And you walk out the door beaming like the sun. Now they may not be treasures to everyone else, but - they are to me. Here's some of what I found!

Aren't these sweet? They were in a box, pushed way under a table. I was so excited. 
$4 for all 8 pieces.

Close up. . . 

These decanter stoppers! All 3 for $3! YAY!

This pretty glass bottle. $2. I mean - who could pass that up?

Then Friday we went into the designers shop where I used to work. She was having her spring sale. It's kinda pricey, but I knew I would find things I just had to have. Her florals are like none other.  So I splurged a little in there.

A strawberry cake candle and a cute little spring flower for my scraproom. (Hmmm. Don't like that name - it's turned into so much more than that. I think I'm changing it to my "scrapudio". Hmm - going to have to change the sign - sounds like a project ahead . . .)
And then to finish the day, we went to another little boutique in Claremont. DEADLY DECISION! I could spend all day and all my money just on her assortment of books. (Have I mentioned that I love books?)  Here is some of what I took home from that little adventure.

The book called Apromisms is just too cute. The kitchen linen book is a plethera of knowledge of vintage linens; their history, how to identify, care for, store, clean etc. Just a wealth of information. And the "Home Sewn" is 30 patterns and instructions on how to make different sewing projects for your home. For someone like me who has the desire but not necessarily the "off the top of my head knowledge or expertise" this looks like fun!

A page from Apronisms. It is very cute!

A quick peek at a page from the Vintage Linens book. 

A peek at the Home Sewn book.
All the patterns are included!

All in all I'd say I've had a good time shopping lately. Now it's time to settle down and start 
working on some things! 

And finally - My friend Joy has been trying to talk me into going to an all day "craft class".  I wasn't sure . . . I've never attended one of these "affairs" before. She has attended several all around the country. But she talked me into it by taking me to their website and showing me what we'll be "creating". OH MY!!!

I am so excited because I have finally signed up to go to An Artistic Affaire Printemps at the end of May. Kim Caldwell is hosting it. It is an all day workshop where they pamper you with food and tea, all in a beautiful setting, all the while having 3 outstanding artists teach you how to make beautiful creations they have designed, all personalized just by you. Imaginations gone wild! Amy Powers, Kristen Robinson and Michelle Legler will share their talents and creative thoughts with all of us all day long and I am going to be in Heaven! I cannot wait! Go to Kim's blog at and click on the button and check it all out. Then you'll see why I am so excited. 

For now, I'm off to play! Have a great week everyone! 



Dawnie said...

I love everyone one of those! I like going to estate sales to. Lately the ones we've been going to havent been that great. normally around my area, they are way overpriced and alot of junk.

Those plates and cups are adorable. the bottles I would use for my bath products.

Shellmo said...

I love those plates w/ the cup holders - perfect for a tea party w/ some treats!

~CC Catherine said...

Karen, what super finds! I wish I could have been with you...what a great day! And, super prices! I've got to find some of those sales! ;) The event you're going to in May, where is that held? That would be divine! ;) Be Blessed...and read, read, read those new books! You are so precious! ;) ~CC Catherine

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
You found some great things at the sale. I can hardly believe the great prices too. I love the glass bottle, and $2...thats a steal. I would love to go to the all day crafting party. That sounds like you will have a good time.
Those decanter stoppers are really neat too.

EllynAnne said...

Willie Nelson playing to my writing this comment - too divine! Hey! I'm the author of the books you just picked up, and I thank you so much for sharing Apronisms and The Kitchen Linens Book with your visitors. Please pop over to my website and enter the FABULOUS (not-a-content) GIVEAWAY! The 6 prize packages are seriously wonderful.
Tie one apron, of course!

Joyce said...

I love the dessert plate set... I have trouble saying no to dishes : )

Your all day crafting sounds awesome-you'll have to post pics of your creations.

Happy Monday!

kel said...

Very cool stuff!! I'm jealous!

prof en retraite said...

Hi Karen...Well, we are obviously fellow grape entusiasts, because I LOVE your grape plates and I also loved your story about buying the grape forks! I have been known to stalk people at Goodwill to see if they put back what they seem hesitant about....hey, he (she) who hesitates is lost, huh? Have a great week...Debbie

Christine said...

Take me with you next time! You really found some wonderful things at some fantastic prices! I found some fun things the other day while at the Thrift store looking for silk ties but noting like what you scooped up here. I hope you post your eggs here...I want to see them!

Connie said...

I have those same milk glass plates and cups. My MIL gave them to me. What fun you had! Connie

Cynthia said...

You did just fabulous my friend! What great and beautiful buys. Those books look great too, have a great week. Cindy

The Shabby Queen said...

Hi Karen,Thank you so much for stopping by my blog..I just figured out how to even read comments today!lolo..I stumbled upon them..still learning about all this blog world.It really meant so much that you took the time. :) its nice to meet you!
and yes we do have alot in commom..lolo..I love dishes too..I have a set of those white snack trays w/the cups :)I have a couple of other sets too...all day maybe a tea party w/all them!..well thats what I have said to myself everything I bought a set! :)...its so funny about your glass toppers..I have a bunch of them I just put in a martini glass...and just havent taken a pic yet..along with so many other
~Have a blessed day, Shonna

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Karen,
You found some beauties allright!
I just love the dishes and the crystal bottle.
I'll bet the candle smells amazing too.

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.
~Melissa :)

A Hint of Home said...

I have the very same plates with the matching cups. You'll love using them for teas and such. Thanks for stopping by. I fear I didn't make clear on my The dishes are real on the table. The paper goods were for dessert.