Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Campers!

Yeah, yeah I know what most of you will say after you read this post. 
"That isn't camping. It's RVing." But we started out camping, so I still call it that. And we still stay in "campgrounds". And yes, RV parks too. We began in the back of a mini-truck YEARS ago, and slowly moved up the chain. From the back of a covered mini-truck, to a van, to a new tent trailer, to a new - liteweight travel trailer, to a used Class C motorhome, to a new Class A motorhome, to another new Class A motorhome. 

1997 - Time out - sold it. No time for camping. We bought a mobile home in an RV park in Lake Havasu and couldn't afford both. Plus - we were traveling all over North America to watch the boys play hockey. So settled for a small toy hauler so Dad and the boys could still do the dirt bike riding thing. 

Several years later -  Bought a bigger toy hauler. Then three years ago sold Havasu (whew!) and bought . . . the Coach! 

And I am one happy camper! Now that we don't have to worry about school schedules, life is good and we take off every single chance we get. Which brings me to why I'm posting this.

WE ARE OUTTA HERE!!!!  Heading up to Big Bear Lake for a long weekend with 2 of our favorite couples, Joy & Dale and Sheryl & Duane, who also have Coach's and Jeeps. Oh my goodness, we just have the best time together! I cannot wait! Mark is treating me to a beautiful Lakefront spot for my birthday. Yup - Saturday is the day. I am now officially in the 2nd half of the century of my life. (Geez! Did I say that?) I must say - 51 is soooooo much easier than 50! 

Anyway - I thought I'd show you the main reason why my husband AGREED to buy this house. It took me TWO YEARS and probably hundreds of homes that I looked at. He made some pretty hard stipulations, but when I saw this one I knew I had him!!! He wanted: 4 car garage, workshop, lots of parking,  RV parking, gated community, single story. (well, I missed that last one but we both agreed it's good exercise!)

This is our home. End of the cul-de-sac. 
And on the right is why we are "happy campers".

And even though we left our pool behind at our old house
 (which I miss DREADFULLY)
we now have this, and I must admit, 
it is pretty darn nice to have our Coach right outside the back door.

View of the side yard

Out the back door and turn right . . .

It is so nice to have it right here to load. 
And being in earthquake country - we know we have 
power, water, food and shelter if "the big one" ever does hit.

If you had turned left out the back door, you would've seen this . . .

and this is our other side yard. 
The entire retaining wall is covered in Jasmine and 
it is real close to BURSTING into bloom! 
I can't wait because the smell . . . it's just like Heaven!

This is where all the yard is . . . yup need to water - AGAIN!

And on around the corner is where we need to 
install a patio out of the dining room french doors . . . 
Whenever we aren't off enjoying our rig and our Jeep!


Come on Mom, let's GO!!!!

Now who could ask for more than those two cute little faces?

I will take pictures of our lovely weekend and share them with you next week. For now, need to finish getting packed . . .  See ya from the other side of 50! (hehehe)

Have a great weekend everyone! 



Shellmo said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Have a wonderful trip! Your 2 doggies are adorable!

Shanda said...

Aww man, it looks so beautiful where you live. Happy Birthday and I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy your friends. Drink some wine and kick back abit. If you all ever travel through Missouri, I hope you will let me know and will stop in for a visit. We are only 20 miles off I-70.

Love your doggies, I bet they are real sweet hearts. I have always wanted a dog like that.

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday to You!!!! I hope you have a great time this weekend. Seeing your RV makes me miss our motorhome...the 5th wheel we have just doesn't compare.
I love your home and your yard. It is beautiful. Nice being on the cul-de-sac too.
Thanks for sharing, Karen.
PS Cute pic of the dogs all ready to go.

Calming Scents said...

Happy Birthday! You lucky girl you....what a beautiful home and a beautiful RV. I know the fun you have in it. We just have an old trailer we head up to on weekends in the summer and we love that. Have a great time.

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Karen! What a beautiful home and gardens you have! I am a year ahead of you so I have some practice on this fifty thing. Kind of sucks hey. Oh girl, you have a lovely B-day week-end, I wish I could blink my eyes and come visit you. Some day maybe. The RV looks so nice and I bet you so enjoy it. Hugs and B-Day Wishes, Cindy

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

You have a beautiful house and motor coach. . . you lucky lady you.

And HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday to you too! This is MY big year, I'm turning 50 in October. Flying into Vegas to see Cher. That's what this Sher wants to do so it's what hubs is doing for me ;)



Cathy said...

Happy Birthday!!! Your home is Cali!!! I like your idea of camping...I never really learned how to rough it so that would suit me just fine!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!!


P.S. Your puppies look so they were posing!!!

~CC Catherine said...

Happy Early Birthday Karen! My soon to be 51 year young BUD! ;) What a cool trip you're on this weekend! And..your home and outdoors is absolutely lovely! The camper is SOME HOME, I'd love it too! Seriously, who would not enjoy taking weekends or ANY TIME with that cool camper! LOVE IT! Have a SUPER B'Day girlfriend! Ciao for now~ ;) ~CC Catherine (50 is fabulous)

Melissa Miller said...

That's me wanting to move into your STUNNING home!
Can I please?
It is amazing Karen!
You are a blessed family.

Have a wonderful trip and Happy 51st Birthday!
You look gorgeous ansd very young my friend.

About the followers...
I have been asked before how I get so many comments and followers and to be honest I have no idea.
The only thing I can say for sure is that I comment...ALOT. Must be my big ole' Southern mouth.
LOL! I talk too much...:)

Thanks for entering my RED giveaway. Good Luck!
~Melissa :)

linda said...

We're doing the same thing this weekend but heading to Santa Barbara. Our friends just bought a new "rig" and want to go somewhere to figure out all of the bells and whistles. It should be alot of fun.

We will be RVing in Big Bear in September. Have you ever camped at Sorrento (I may have spelled it wrong). A group of us camped there last Sept and loved it so much that we plan on going back again this Sept.

You are soooo lucky you can park the rig at your house. We have RV parking on the side of our house but the overhang from the roof is in the way so we have to pay for storage. It's a pain but we don't have a choice. How nice to be able to just load it at your leisure!

Have a great time with your friends and especially, have a great birthday! Can't wait to read all about it.

Connie said...

Happy early Birthday my friend! I will be joining you at the end of the year. Love the motorhome and am envious you are going out to enjoy yours. We are taking a trip to the beach in June and am looking forward to that. Enjoy your weekend. Your dogs are precious! Still remember Chloe and how she used to lay beside me on the couch. She was so spoiled!!!

H A P P Y B I R TH D A Y!!!

Love ya, Connie

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Hi Karen...nice to meet you!

Your Harley is adorable! To be honest, he is much prettier than my poor Gizzy was. What a sweet, sweet expression he has!

Thanks for your kind & thoughtful comments about the loss of my Gizzy. I have already gotten another shih tzu puupy & he helps a lot but sometimes a thought of Gizzy sucker-punches me in the heart. He will alwasy be missed.

Shonna @ The Shabby Queen said...

Ohhhh Girl! I cant get away from your blog.! lolol...Your home is so huge and so beautiful! My hubby would love the 4 car garage :) and the side for the RV. He has an old rv that is in purump? Cant spell it..anyways we pay storge on it. we just dont have any room here..and if we could have it with us..He could work on it and fix it up..I would like it to sit on a little property we have in NV.So we wouldnt have to pay that monthly storage...oh well one of these days!..anyways..your home is gorgeous!!Enjoyed all your pics!XOXO