Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Cloche Party!

I'm excited about this one!

Marty over at A Stoll Thru Life is hosting a party this Friday. A Cloche Party - (or Apothecary jars if you have those) and it should be VERY fun!  I can't wait! Zip on over to her blog if you have any questions. 

I just this year started collecting all of my Cloches, and love the way they look.

So join in on the fun!!!



~CC Catherine said...

Hey Friend, I'm still alive! Lots happening in my world...the type that shatters the glasses. I'm trusting in the Lord...and am glad to be back and visiting you! Thanks for being faithful to stop and say hi on my recent posts. I would post, but didn't have the emotional energy to visit anyone. So...I hope to be back more often in the next weeks. Hugs! ~CC Catherine

Melissa Miller said...

Yippee! I'll be there with a triple post tomorrow night.
First time I've done that one...:)

Have a wonderful evening.
~Melissa :)

Theresa said...

I'll go look! Have a blessed day!

Cindy said...

Hi Karen,
That is so sweet of you!!! I love that pic of you in your profile! What is that white stuff behind you? HeHe, Hugs, Cindy

Kammy said...

Hey Karen,
Just caught up on your blogging...love those peonies...we do grow them in Colorado but,don't have a Trader Joes....I love that store !
Hugs ~ Kammy
p.s. which flight will you be on ? LOL !

diana said...

i'm glad you explained what a cloche was. i had never heard that term before. should be an interesting party and i'll be sure to check it out.

Shellmo said...

I've never heard of a cloche but I like the way it looks in that photo you posted! Seems like a beautiful decoration!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit! I will stop in tomorrow and see your cloches...sounds like fun!