Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sturgis - here we come!

I know I haven't been posting much - just trying to get my life in order so that we can take off on vacation. And leave the kids behind! (now that's scary!) But . . . you gotta trust they'll figure it out sooner or later - right? But will they "hand water the dead spots that appear in the lawn", or "turn off the lights", or "don't run the a/c all day", and "don't leave crumbs on the counter or we'll get ants". Probably not. Sigh. I just keep telling myself "It will survive Karen - quit micromanaging!"

So off we go!!! Off to South Dakota! Then Colorado! New adventures around every corner. Lots of AWESOME monsoons ahead of us! Lots of antique stores! Lots of history! Lots of good times with friends! YAY!

I'll post along the way whenever we have a connection. Take care!

We are outta here!



Friday, July 24, 2009

Where Bloggers Create Party

Well I am so excited about today's "Where Bloggers Create" party. I think this is a wonderful idea and thank you to Karen at My Desert Cottage for coming up with such a fun idea!

I've had my own space for almost a year. I kind of repossessed my kids Bonus Room upstairs since - at the time - neither were living with us any more. When our youngest moved back home he looked at me and said "Mom - there is just waayyyy too much pink in this house now." I had to laugh, because the room is green, just with some pink accents. But I do admit, slowly but surely, my little creative touches are appearing all over the house.

In addition to scrapbooking, which is what lead me down this road to begin with, I've discovered I love mixed media art, I love working with paper, I am looking forward to making some wonderful jewelry, I love antiquing and thrift shopping looking for treasures to make new again. Totally am in love with Vintage, working with vintage fabric, paper, ribbon and lace. I had the extreme pleasure of attending Kim Caldwell's "An Artisitic Affaire Printemp" and am soooo looking forward to attending the Fall event too. I love learning new things!

When I painted the room in January, it came out a little brighter than I expected - but figured all of my stuff would cover it up. Well . . . it didn't, so am planning on repainting it again this fall, to a more subtle apple green. This is just a little too bright, even for me!! But I do have a fun time in here. It makes me GRIN!!!!! It just makes me happy!

Enough words - here is my space. I just love it.

Come on in! Pardon the doggie gates. Since I began all of this,
I get to doing something and lose track of the time,
and the dogs - and BOY! can the two of them get into mischief!!!

I have my sewing machine on one side in this area.
It isn't really "in" my space, but close enough.

Here we are! Is it bright enough for ya? :)

If you turn to the left after you walk in - you'll see my little
sitting area. I love it when my husband brings the laptop up and
plunks down right there and we talk and work together.

To the left of that is the built-in cabinetry I use for storage and such.
My Cricut is over here and just some fun things I love to look at.
I am kind of a visual person - I love having things
out so I can see them. I use lots of glass jars and such
for storage of things.

Love to decorate my file folders!

I think my antique sheet music looks pretty rolled
and tied with pretty ribbon in a pretty container.
Got the container at Home Goods
Deadly store. Just deadly!

Some antique ledger paper and vintage wrapping paper.
I always find myself hoarding the good stuff!
I need to get over that!

Go ahead! Have a seat! In front of you is a
little end table I use as a coffee table.


I've placed some of my favorite things on top of it.

The silver thimbles were my Mom's.

Some of the fun things I've collected over my lifetime
on the shelves above the loveseat.

So further into the room . . .
what's in the armoire? FABRIC!!! Lots of it!!

Like I said - it started out as just scrapbooking . . .

And then EXPLODED! (who knew?)
I love my vintage and antique bottles, and buttons and pearls.

OK, I know this table is goofy looking.
It used to be our coffee table, until I took the
legs off and put counter height ones on.
I was supposed to paint them white,
but . . . who has the time?
I'd rather PLAY!

The work table is a real mess right now.
You caught me packing up for vacation next week.
The pink containers are stamps I will take along.
(we have a motorhome)

My new tote that I'm packing too! LOVE IT!!!

These are two little stands I found to keep my favorite rubber stamps in.

Found this quilt coverlet in a local antique store
and decided to use it for a valance.

Love pink! Love toile! I'm happy!

The Amish dolls were my Moms.

I surround myself with things I love and treasure.

Sometimes, I luck out on Ebay! I found these vintage charms . . .

I found these old drawers at the thrift store,
scrubbed and painted them and now just LOVE them.
I need to make a new sign . . .
My inspiration board. LOTS of sentimental things are on this.

Ribbons and lace - bits and pieces - vintage and new/used.

A little bit of my bling I've collected. I'll find something to use it on.
I have another bag of it under the table. :)

Inspiration at a glance! My kids!

On around . . .

This is pretty much where I stand. Occasionally I sit.
The tables are all at counter height, because
I just am not comfortable sitting and working.
I know - weird.

My little mobile we made at An Artistic Affaire.
Phoo phoo and now sentimentle -
I love it.

Finally, my computer is right in the next room, with a nice view!
Here is where I actually BLOG! LOL

Thank you everyone for joining me on my little
tour of my creative space. I can't wait to meet you
and see your special little places in the world!
And again - thanks to Karen for hosting this great event!

And that is my quick (HA!) condensed version (LOL)
of my creative space.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Oh my gosh! I am so excited!! Now this is my kind of party!!!!!

Karen over at My Desert Cottage is having a
"Where Bloggers Create" party!
Now is this me or what?

I am having a H#*!*@#*@!! of a time getting her link to post!
So I have the picture down there on my side bar, but it won't take you anywhere.
(I am so sorry Karen!) But she is on my bloglist - so go there!

So for those of you with or without creative spaces who just want to see where other's work their magic and have a ball, make sure you visit her blog this Friday and plan on staying a while! By the looks of how many women are signed up - it is going to be just FABULOUS!!!!